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Genocide in Darfur

What do you know about the Genocide in Darfur?

An estimated two million people, mostly black Africans whose villages have been attacked by the Arab Janjaweed militia, have fled their homes.

Khartoum denies accusations it is backing the militias to put down an uprising by Darfur’s rebel groups in 2003.

There are currently 7,000 African Union (AU) troops in Darfur but the violence has continued, amid arguments about whether the UN should take control of the peace force.

Meanwhile, the Irish aid agency Goal has become the latest aid agency to pull its international staff out of Darfur because of the violence.

Goal chief executive John O’Shea said they had no choice but to take the “difficult decision” after 13 aid workers had been killed in the past six months and several Goal vehicles hijacked.

“It is clear that the international community does not rate the lives of the 4 million in the region desperately in need of protection by the international community,” he said.

Source: BBC

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