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Berea touted as model for nation – Affirmative action for the poor May 28, 2007

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Berea College — and its emphasis on providing a college education to those who don’t have the means to pay for it — should become a model for the rest of the country, renowned scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. told the school’s graduates yesterday.The nation needs an economic bill of rights, guaranteeing access to a safe, good education, affordable health care and a place to live, said Gates, a Harvard professor of African-American studies and a cultural critic.

He challenged the 245 graduates to do better than his generation.

“Will you have the will to insist that the Berea ideal becomes the American ideal?” he asked.

Gates noted that Berea, which was founded in 1855, was the first interracial college in the south. He said the school has been a model for the rest of the country ever since.

The college, which admits only low-income students and does not charge tuition, awarded Gates an honorary degree of humane letters. Jean Fairfax, a civil rights leader who began her career at Kentucky State College, now Kentucky State University, was also awarded an honorary degree.

An economic bill of rights would have the effect of affirmative action for the poor, Gates said. Race-based affirmative action provided a way for blacks to enter the middle class, and he was one of those who benefited, Gates said.



Duke Lacrosse Rape Case: Trying to get the ‘Black’ vote? May 3, 2007

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The question is will this outcome affect Jesse Jackson’s scholarship offer for the accuser?

He said he is waiting until the woman is “strong enough” to meet with him for prayer, and so he can formally offer her a scholarship. He said the offer stands, regardless of the outcome of the case.

Solidarity predicts end of affirmative action May 3, 2007

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A Johannesburg metro police campaign to recruit white, coloured and Indian members could be part of the slow death of affirmative action, the trade union Solidarity said on Thursday.

The scrapping of affirmative action — and discrimination against young white people — at entry-level is “a rapidly growing trend”, said Solidarity’s deputy general secretary, Dirk Hermann.

Apart from the Johannesburg metro police, several mining houses and large businesses are actively recruiting white people at lower levels, he said.

“This means that affirmative action is slowly dying from the bottom up.”

Solidarity saw the move as the first step in a process of exempting young people from affirmative action.

However, Hermann said it should not only be scrapped at the lower levels of the labour market, but throughout.

At the moment — in the metro police — minorities are being given the message that they are being recruited, but should not expect promotion.


Caucasophobia — the Accepted Racism April 6, 2007

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From globalpolitician.com :

I had written much of this essay more than a year before I finally decided to post it online. A couple of personal experiences brought me onto the subject of non-white racism. I hesitated to post it, mainly because I instinctively dislike writing about anything related to race. I was brought up that way. Partly, I also convinced myself that I was first and foremost against Islam, and that writing about skin color would only complicate this fight.

However, after thinking about it for some time, I find that none of these arguments hold true. I am tired of ideological censorship. Western nations can never mount a defense against Muslim immigration if this is always dismissed as “racism.” But above all, if you believe that non-white racism exists, it is actually immoral not to deal with the problem and its victims. I am convinced that not just non-white, but also anti-white racism, are real and underestimated phenomena.

In London, an elderly driver who had a heart attack careered into a bus. Here you had a dying man, people trying to save him and police trying to clear the scene. Meanwhile, black youths at the scene just wanted to fight the cops. They shouted, ‘Who cares — it’s just a white man’.”


Affirmative action ‘a new form of apartheid’ in South Africa March 6, 2007

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It is becoming increasingly clear that some in the African National Congress want to ensconce affirmative action as a permanent measure and thus enforce a new form of apartheid, the Freedom Front Plus (FF+) said on Tuesday.

The party intends asking the International Labour Organisation (ILO) to pay urgent attention to its complaint about affirmative action, handed to the ILO’s Pretoria office on Youth Day last year, FF+ spokesperson Willie Spies said.

The complaint specifically deals with the fact that affirmative action in South Africa is increasingly being given a permanent nature, and that the position is being worsened through often-repeated populist statements in this regard by Labour Minister Membathisi Mdladlana.

“Mdladlana has this past weekend once again made the news when he said affirmative action will never be phased out in South Africa, but to the contrary will be sharpened.”

Spies said that going by Mdladlana’s past statements, it is clear he not only condones black-against-white prejudice, but even encourages it. “The ILO should take note of Mdladlana’s reckless actions in this regard.”


Virginia apologizes for role in slavery February 25, 2007

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Meeting on the grounds of the former Confederate Capitol, the Virginia General Assembly voted unanimously Saturday to express “profound regret” for the state’s role in slavery.

Sponsors of the resolution say they know of no other state that has apologized for slavery, although Missouri lawmakers are considering such a measure. The resolution does not carry the weight of law but sends an important symbolic message, supporters said.

“This session will be remembered for a lot of things, but 20 years hence I suspect one of those things will be the fact that we came together and passed this resolution,” said Delegate A. Donald McEachin, a Democrat who sponsored it in the House of Delegates.

The resolution passed the House 96-0 and cleared the 40-member Senate on a unanimous voice vote. It does not require Gov. Timothy M. Kaine’s approval.

The measure also expressed regret for “the exploitation of Native Americans.”


Glen Beck and Bill O’Reilly afraid to speak to Blacks? February 11, 2007

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Zimbabwe’s White Farmers Face Government Land Grab in Attempt to Ethnically Cleanse the Country February 7, 2007

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The last remaining white farmers in Zimbabwe are resisting a government deadline for them to leave their land. Many of the 400 farmers had until the weekend to hand properties over to new black owners or face prosecution.

But the Commercial Farmers Union (CFU) has advised members to resist – saying arrest and prosecution is their only way of getting a hearing in court. Zimbabwe’s food production has plummeted since land reforms that saw thousands of white-owned farms seized.

A government deadline for almost all the remaining farms to be transferred lapsed on Saturday. But CFU official Emily Crookes said the farmers hoped they would be allowed to stay on to harvest their crops – as President Robert Mugabe has promised. “Some farmers are still a bit anxious about what the future is going to be,” she told AFP news agency.


Total Media Blackout On Long Beach Halloween Hate Crime Attack February 6, 2007

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There has almost been a total media blackout on the Long Beach Halloween hate crime attack story. When considering stories such as “Michael Richards’ Racist Rant,” “Mel Gibson’s Drunken Anti-Semitic Tirade,” “Duke Rape Case” and “Black Kids Sent to the Back of Bus” made huge national headlines for months, it is simply inexcusable that the mainstream media is turning a blind eye to this story about this violent and racist attack. Here is some of the limited coverage of the story:


Pleasantville school official alleges reverse racism by school board January 31, 2007

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A longtime school district official is suing the Board of Education for alleged reverse discrimination, claiming the board puts race above qualifications in its hiring practices. Ben Mora, who is white, claims the board has “demonstrated a clear pattern of discrimination against Caucasians and in favor of minority candidates for key administrative positions over approximately the last 15 years,” according to the lawsuit filed last week.

Mora is currently the district’s director of funded programs.

“They’ve been looking past objective qualifications, including the minimum legal requirements, and hiring people who aren’t qualified for these positions based, apparently, on their skin color,” said Clifford Van Syoc, who is representing Mora. “It’s wrong. It’s unlawful.”

None of the past five superintendents has been white, and the district went 15 years before hiring a white candidate as a principal at any of its schools, the suit claims.

Board President Jayson Adams said he has not seen the suit, but defended the board’s hiring practices, saying there is no discrimination. “If there’s an accusation of reverse discrimination in the school district, overall the highest-paid administrators are not minorities,” he said.


Opposition call for Justice minister to resign over refusal to appoint White judges January 28, 2007

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Opposition parties have called for the resignation of Justice Minister Brigitte Mabandla, and accused her of racism and of sabotaging the judiciary for her refusal to appoint white male acting judges in the Free State to fill temporary vacancies.

The Democratic Alliance, Freedom Front Plus and the Inkatha Freedom Party warned yesterday that Mabandla’s refusal will further serve to hamper the sound administration of justice and lead to further backlogs in the Free State court.

Mabandla’s ban on the appointment of white judges in the Free State, which was reported earlier this week, sent shockwaves through the opposition, with the DA’s Justice spokeswoman Sheila Camerer accusing her of putting “politicking around transformation issues ahead of sound justice administration”.

The IFP’s Justice spokesman Koos van der Merwe said yesterday that Mabandla has demonstrated, through the ban, that she is racist and that she has no regard for the judiciary.

“This is not the first time that racism has reared its ugly head in the appointment of judges,” Van der Merwe said in a statement.

“We vividly remember how advocate Geoff Budlinder SC, a staunch ANC supporter, was refused an appointment as a judge simply because he is white. We also remember the words of Judge Cachalia, referring to the lack of skills of judges, when he said: ‘our chickens are coming home to roost’.” (more…)

Century 21 Denies Discrimination Allegations January 28, 2007

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A Detroit-area franchisee of Century 21 real estate has denied allegations of racial discrimination. It’s an update to a story we first brought you on 6 News a 11.

The National Fair Housing Alliance filed a federal lawsuit against Century 21 Town and Country. It alleges that agents showed African-American homebuyers homes in primarily black neighborhoods, and white homebuyers in primarily white neighborhoods. Franchisee owner John Kersten says his office strongly opposes racial steering or discrimination, and has an “excellent record of supporting fair housing.”

C.a.r.d {Citizens Against Racism and Discrimination} Source: WLNS.com

‘End mine racism’ at Modikwa January 26, 2007

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Members of the National Union of Mineworkers at Modikwa Platinum in Limpopo began striking on Friday morning to demand an end to racism at the mine, the union said.

“We’re outside the mine… there are more than 2000 miners (striking),” said union spokesperson Onis Serothwane on Friday.

Modikwa Platinum mine management, however, said it was confident the dispute with striking workers would be resolved through discussions.

Francis Petersen, a spokesperson for the mine in Johannesburg, said the mine was meeting with Num on Friday.

“That meeting as far as I know has already started today (Friday)… I am positive that there will be some agreement,” he said.

Petersen said discussions included wage agreements. He would not specify any details.

Tools downed

He said management had met with Num prior to the strike to discuss a list of demands. Some issues were not agreed upon while the resolution of others could not be implemented immediately.

Johannesburg-based Num spokesperson Mike Fafuli said strikers had “downed their tools” at 6am on Friday.

In a media statement issued at noon on Friday, he said the union was striking against discrepancies caused by racism in the company.

“Their gripe is the aggravating wage gap between black and white miners and the refusal of the mine management to accede to wage demands that are viewed as helpful in alleviating the wage discrepancy along racial lines.”


SAYAR’s Anti-Racism Website Proves To Be Racist January 24, 2007

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A anti-racism website that is being linked to by digg.com and other big peer submitted news websites lately is unfortunately racist itself. The website by ‘Students and Youth Against Racism‘ published an article called “WHY DO RACISTS HAVE LOW IQs?” Yet, in this article they use the racist ideology that all racists are exclusively White/Caucasian and then resort to using distinctly racist statements. We believe the best way to demonstrate this organizations true racist beliefs is to quote directly from their website. The following are all quotes from SAYAR’s website:

Many studies have explored the psychology of racism and the familial and social backgrounds of racists. Some interesting generalities can be extracted from these studies, including the fact that racists tend to be conservatives, conformists, Republicans, and hypochondriacs. The high incidence of conservatism, conformism, and Republicanism are all related phenomena. That is, one would expect a conformist to be a conservative, and a conservative to be a Republican, and a Republican to be a conformist, etc. But, why would they tend to be hypochondriacs? Perhaps they blame their body parts for imaginary illnesses in the same way they blame parts of society for imaginary social illnesses.

The arguments of racism have been demonstrated time and again to be illogical and irrational. For example, racists claim that so-called white people are “superior” to so-called black people. Ignoring for the moment the inability of science to draw a sharp line between those who are subjectively considered to be white and those who are subjectively considered to be black, lets consider the claims of superiority by racist supremacists. As we look around us in America today we see a country full of diversity in which American blacks and other citizens of non-European descent excel in all the arts and sciences, in all aspects of business, in all political arenas, and in all athletics and other social activities. From our military commanders, to our religious and political leaders, to our star athletes both Olympic and professional, to our fastest-growing independent businesses, and in all genres of the entertainments fields — art, music, acting, directing, film-making, etc. — we witness a growing disproportionate dominance of non-whites, and this in spite of centuries of oppression and the continued denial of equal opportunities. Their successes are undeniable and ubiquitous, and yet the racists of our times act as if they are completely blind to this manifest proof that superiority of whites is a dying mirage.


Congressional Black Caucus: Whites Not Allowed January 24, 2007

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As a white liberal running in a majority African American district, Tennessee Democrat Stephen I. Cohen made a novel pledge on the campaign trail last year: If elected, he would seek to become the first white member of the Congressional Black Caucus.Now that he’s a freshman in Congress, Cohen has changed his plans. He said he has dropped his bid after several current and former caucus members made it clear to him that whites need not apply.

“I think they’re real happy I’m not going to join,” said Cohen, who succeeded Rep. Harold Ford, D-Tenn., in the Memphis district. “It’s their caucus and they do things their way. You don’t force your way in. You need to be invited.”

Cohen said he became convinced that joining the caucus would be “a social faux pas” after seeing news reports that former Rep. William Lacy Clay Sr., D-Mo., a co-founder of the caucus, had circulated a memo telling members it was “critical” that the group remain “exclusively African-American.”

Other members, including the new chairwoman, Rep. Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick, D-Mich., and Clay’s son, Rep. William Lacy Clay, D-Mo., agreed.

“Mr. Cohen asked for admission, and he got his answer. … It’s time to move on,” the younger Clay said. “It’s an unwritten rule. It’s understood. It’s clear.”

The bylaws of the caucus do not make race a prerequisite for membership, a House aide said, but no non-black member has ever joined.

Rep. Pete Stark, D-Calif., who is white, tried in 1975 when he was a sophomore representative and the group was only six years old.

“Half my Democratic constituents were African American. I felt we had interests in common as far as helping people in poverty,” Stark said. “They had a vote, and I lost. They said the issue was that I was white, and they felt it was important that the group be limited to African Americans.”


Tackling welfare’s racial gap January 23, 2007

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Counties are under pressure to get more black and American Indian families off of assistance or risk losing a chunk of federal money.

Sixteen counties across Minnesota have resolved to get more black and American Indian families off state welfare this year.

It’s a goal that may sound surprisingly blunt, but public agencies call it staggering in its complexity. Not only are black and American Indian families hugely overrepresented on welfare rolls, but recent studies show those groups, overall, also remain on public assistance longer than whites, Asians, Hispanics and Somali immigrants.

In suburban counties, officials say the growing number of low-income minorities migrating from urban areas has added a sensitive racial dimension to an old challenge of meeting the needs of the poor.

“The goal that the state has given us is that African-Americans and Native Americans should be doing as well as everyone else,” said Ruth Krueger, who directs Dakota County’s Department of Employment and Economic Assistance.

“Our overarching goal is to get everyone off welfare,” she said. “We don’t want to find that there is one group that is being left behind on that.”

And there’s little time. Millions of dollars for needy families could be at stake.

The U.S. Deficit Reduction Act signed into law last year requires that states get half of family-welfare recipients involved in jobs or job-related programs for at least 30 hours a week or they risk losing a share of federal help. Currently, about a third of Minnesota’s welfare families meet that goal.

To calculate progress, the law no longer provides states with credit for families that have moved off welfare entirely.

If Minnesota’s numbers don’t improve by 2009, the state could lose $13.5 million of the $267 million it receives from the federal government each year to help poor families make ends meet.


Case Alleges Discrimination and Disenfranchisement Against Whites January 17, 2007

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JACKSON, Miss. A government witness has testified that Noxubee County Democratic Executive Committee Chairman Ike Brown and his associates exploit racial tensions, using fraud and racial slurs to disenfranchise minority white candidates and voters.

The testimony came today (Wednesday) in the federal government’s first use of the Voting Rights Act to allege racial discrimination against whites.  Theodore Arrington, a political science professor at the University of North Carolina and expert witness for the Justice Department, says the situation in Noxubee County was similar to the disfranchisement of black voters in the racially segregated South of the past.

Arrington says Brown and his associates do not uphold the law and customs that prevent bias and fraud in the administration of the Democratic primary, which is tantamount to elections in Noxubee County.  The government alleges Brown and others allow unqualified black candidates to run in Noxubee County elections.


Nanny Hunt Can Be a ‘Slap in the Face’ for Blacks December 31, 2006

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Last month, Jennifer Freeman sat in a Chicago coffee bar, counting her blessings and considering her problem. She had a husband with an M.B.A. degree, two children and a job offer that would let her dig out the education degree she had stashed away during years of playdates and potty training.But she could not accept the job. After weeks of searching, Ms. Freeman, who is African-American, still could not find a nanny for her son, 5, and daughter, 3. Agency after agency told her they had no one to send to her South Side home.

As more blacks move up the economic ladder, one fixture — some would say necessity — of the upper-middle-class income bracket often eludes them. Like hailing a cab in Midtown Manhattan, searching for a nanny can be an exasperating, humiliating exercise for many blacks, the kind of ordeal that makes them wonder aloud what year it is.

“We’ve attained whatever level society says is successful, we’re included at work, but when we need the support for our children and we can afford it, why do we get treated this way?” asked Tanisha Jackson, an African-American mother of three in a Washington suburb, who searched on and off for five years before hiring a nanny. “It’s a slap in the face.”

Numerous black parents successfully employ nannies, and many sitters say they pay no regard to race. But interviews with dozens of nannies and agencies that employ them in Atlanta, Chicago, New York and Houston turned up many nannies — often of African-American or Caribbean descent themselves — who avoid working for families of those backgrounds. Their reasons included accusations of low pay and extra work, fears that employers would look down at them, and suspicion that any neighborhood inhabited by blacks had to be unsafe.

[Link] Read the rest of the article at The New York Times

Is Howard University Racist? December 21, 2006

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A college graduate that is applying to law school has sent us some interesting information from the law school applications that they are filling out. We are going to in the following days look more at the possibly racist nature of these law school applications, however, today we would like to share just a few of the facts about Howard University School of Law. To begin with Howard University’s student body is made up of according to U.S. News & World Report:

4 % White

3.8% Asian-American

6.9% International Students

0.7% American Indian

0.0% Mexican-American

2.7% Other Hisp-American

2.2% Unknown

79.8% African-American

Now the irony is that the District of Columbia, where the school is located is made up of according to quickfacts.census.gov:

37.4% White

3.0% Asian-American

0.3% American Indian

8.5% Hispanic / Latino

57.7% African-American

Also this is in contrast to the national averages of:

67.4% White (Non-Hispanic)

4.2% Asian-American

1 % American Indian

14.1% Hispanic / Latino

12.8% African-American

So it can be seen that based on this data on national averages all racial groups are underrepresented at Howard University except for the African-American group.

Which goes against what Howard University’s admission application states that they are committed to helping minorities. Now it could be argued that this discrepancy is based on academic merit and not racial bias, yet, Howard University is a Tier 3 law school according to U.S. News & World Report. This means that it is not in the top 100 law schools that make up the first and second tiers, but it is also not in the worst classified law schools in Tier 4. So the question remains, how is it that other law schools in Tier 3 do not follow these same unequal statistics. Perhaps the answer to this question can be answered from the following statements from Howard University’s application: [Click on picture of the application below for full-size view]


Supreme Court to Rule on Assigning Schools Based on Race of Student December 4, 2006

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WASHINGTON — Kathleen Brose is a Seattle parent whose daughter was denied a seat at the local high school in 2000 because she is white. Former teacher Pat Todd is in charge of deciding where students in Louisville, Ky., attend public school, using race as one of several criteria.
Todd and Brose are at the center of a school desegregation debate set for Monday morning before the U.S. Supreme Court that could affect what rules districts may use to keep schools integrated. Parents of white students in both districts are suing to overturn racially driven student assignment systems they say illegally force children to enroll in public schools they don’t want to attend simply because of skin color.
With fewer school systems under court-ordered desegregation, some have adopted looser rules that allow parents some freedom to choose schools as long as there’s enough room and racial balance is met. The justices’ ruling, expected this spring, will shape what local governments can do to ensure integration more than half a century after the watershed Brown v. Board of Education case.
“If the court rules (against both plans), it will be a reversal of historic proportions,” said Theodore Shaw, president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People’s Legal Defense and Educational Fund.
Both sides are using the legacy of the Brown case to buttress their arguments.
Supporters of the Louisville and Seattle plans say the 1954 ruling was supposed to end racial isolation by outlawing the “separate but equal” standard. Opponents, including the Bush administration, say Brown sought to make sure no child is discriminated against because of race.

Brose said her daughter applied to attend the high school nearest to her home, not only because of its proximity, but because it had an orchestra program. Instead, the district assigned her to a high school twice as far away without an orchestra program or any of her middle school friends.