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Racist webmaster gets 6 months for hate propaganda January 24, 2007

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A notorious Montreal-based white supremacist whose body is covered in racist tattoos was sentenced Tuesday to six months in jail for willfully promoting hatred on a website he created.

Jean-Sébastien Presseault built and managed a website that featured racist and anti-Semitic music, documents, literature and cartoons available for download, including songs with titles such as “Skin is Black, You Make Me Sick.”

Before he was arrested in 2003, Presseault’s U.S.-based website received hundreds of thousands of hits, and material was downloaded from it more than 300,000 times, according to Montreal police.

Presseault has been in custody since June 2006, when he pleaded guilty to willfully promoting hatred, after he was picked up by police for uttering threats against the judge hearing his case.

On Tuesday, Quebec judge Martin Vauclair concluded Presseault, now 30, is a racist and violent man, and rejected the defence’s request for a more lenient sentence to be served in the community.



White Supremacist Busted on Child-Porn Charge January 11, 2007

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A leader of the white supremacist movement was arraigned today on charges of possession of child pornography and witness tampering after being arrested by FBI agents Thursday night at his home in Charlottesville, Va.

Kevin Alfred Strom, founder of the National Vanguard white supremacist group, was considered the leading intellectual of the movement since the death of William Pierce, the author of the notorious “Turner Diaires.”

Strom was arraigned in U.S. District Court in Charlottesville, charged with the two counts, and is currently being held at a facility in the city. According to the indictment, he allegedly possessed or attempted to possess “multiple images of child pornography” on his computer’s hard drive.

Strom was also charged with witness tampering, which involved physically assaulting and mentally intimidating a witness to his criminal activity.

Last July, Strom took a leave of absence from National Vanguard, citing “family and health matters” and saying that he had “made mistakes, sometimes serious ones,” according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks white supremacist activity.

“After the death of Pierce, Kevin positioned himself to take over the leadership of the National Alliance,” says Mark Potok, the editor of the SPLC’s “Intelligence Report.” “But he wasn’t in the same position as Pierce and he didn’t get the same respect. He was a wannabe and he was considered something of a wimp by other supremacists.”


Racism prompted neo-Nazi attack and sexual assault November 15, 2006

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The violent attack on a Hispanic teen who was beaten and then sodomized with a plastic pipe was fueled by the racist beliefs of a skinhead 18-year-old who viciously assaulted the boy, a prosecutor said today.

“He’s a neo-Nazi. He espouses beliefs by violent white supremacist groups,” prosecutor Mike Trent said in his opening statement in the trial of David Henry Tuck.

Tuck is charged with aggravated sexual assault in the attack on the 17-year-old boy who spent more than three months in a hospital recovering from his injuries. The other defendant, 17-year-old Keith Robert Turner, is set to go to trial next month.

Defense attorney Chuck Hinton did not give an opening statement.

Trent told jurors the attack occurred at an April party in the Houston suburb of Spring, where people drank and took drugs, including marijuana, Xanax and cocaine. After a girl at the party said the Hispanic teen tried to kiss her, the girl’s brother hit him, he said.

“Then Mr. Tuck decided to take matters into his own hands and teach (the victim to) never do that again,” Trent said. “What commenced was a horrific assault.”


Iowa authorities consider punishing man for racist fliers October 20, 2006

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WATERLOO, Iowa (AP) — Police and city officials are considering reprimanding a man who spread racist fliers across downtown Waterloo last weekend.

The man, who police and city officials would not identify, may have violated a local ordinance that prohibits the placing of fliers on public property without a permit, city officials said. Police are also investigating whether distributing the fliers constitutes a hate crime under state and local laws.

“We are exercising our own First Amendment right, and that’s to speak back,” Waterloo Mayor Tim Hurley said at a news conference Thursday. “It absolutely does not portray what this community is about.”

The fliers — which were filled with anti-immigration remarks and racist statements targeting blacks — were placed on vehicles in downtown on Sunday. Pictures of guns were also included on the fliers.

Resident Byron Washington said the message brought back memories of 1955 and the race-motivated killing of a black teen in Mississippi. He said he began removing the fliers on Sunday and called police when he was confronted by the man.

“My innocence was destroyed at the age of 5 years old … with the death of Emmett Till,” Washington said. “I’m not going to let that happen to my grandchildren.”

No charges have been filed against the man, though police said they are investigating whether he broke any laws.

“The department takes this very seriously,” said Waterloo Police Chief Tom Jennings.

Jennings said the fliers appear to have been printed from neo-Nazi and white supremacist Web sites.

Several community and government leaders gathered at the news conference to denounce the fliers and those who would spread such messages.

“What this amounts to is terrorism,” Washington said. “It is no different from what al-Qaida does.”

Some expressed concern that the pictures of guns on the fliers promoted violence against minorities.

Evansdale Mayor John Mardis condemned the fliers and touted the economic vitality that blacks and European and Mexican immigrants bring to the area.

“Immigration to this community has been a godsend,” Mardis said. “More than that, they have added to the complexity and the beauty of the culture we have.”

Waterloo Human Rights Director David Meeks said residents should report similar fliers to the police. “Then trash it,” he added.

“We can’t ignore them,” Meeks said. “We can’t sit on the sidelines because then it looks like we tolerate them.”

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Neb. tries to oust trooper linked to KKK August 27, 2006

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Robert Henderson was not fired as a state trooper because he belonged to the Ku Klux Klan and another white supremacist group, authorities said. Instead, he was ousted because he could not uphold public trust while participating in such groups, they said.

An arbitrator disagreed, ordering the State Patrol to reinstate Henderson within 60 days and pay him back wages. The state went to court Friday to keep him off the force.

“The integrity of Nebraska’s law enforcement is at risk,” Attorney General Jon Bruning said at news conference in Lincoln. “The Constitution does not require law enforcement to employ anyone tied to the KKK.”

In a summary of the causes for firing Henderson in March, the State Patrol said membership in the KKK “seriously compromised” Henderson’s ability to do his job.

Henderson and the state troopers union appealed and, under its contract, went to binding arbitration, to get his job back.


Hispanic Gang Members Guilty of Hate Crimes Against Blacks August 3, 2006

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Four members of a Hispanic gang were convicted of conspiring to use violence to push blacks out of their neighborhood, after federal prosecutors targeted the gang with laws normally used to prosecute white supremacist groups.All four were found to have caused the death of a black man shot while parking his car in 1999 and a man shot while standing at a bus stop in 2000 in the largely Hispanic city of Highland Park, east of Los Angeles, California.