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Black Activists Criticize Use of Taxpayer Funds to Buy New NAACP Headquarters January 1, 2007

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Members of the black leadership network Project 21 are critical of the District of Columbia City Council’s vote to give the NAACP $3.5 million in taxpayer money to relocate the NAACP’s headquarters from Baltimore to the nation’s capitol. The NAACP is not a revenue-generating industry and does not pay the full range of DC taxes due to its nonprofit status, Project 21 members say, and also point out that the economic revitalization cited by proponents may actually hurt poor black Washingtonians. “Given the District’s precarious financial state and its trouble with education and transportation budgets, it’s outrageous to use taxpayer money to subsidize the NAACP’s relocation,” said Project 21 Fellow Deneen Moore. “Instead, the NAACP should rely on the support of its donors to pay for its expansion and relocation.”

The NAACP moved to Baltimore in 1986 when it could no longer afford New York City office space. If approved by its board of directors in February, the group will move from its current 50,000 square-foot building to a more than 200,000 square-foot campus in the economically-depressed Anacostia neighborhood. Anacostia Gateway LLC is prepared to sell the group a 63,000 square-foot building for $25 million, $3.5 million of which would be paid for with District taxpayer funds.



Indians challenge use of ‘Redskins’ name August 15, 2006

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American Indians have filed a new legal challenge to the Washington Redskins’ trademark, contending the NFL team’s name is racially offensive, speakers at the Native American Journalists Association national convention said Friday.

A petition to cancel the trademark was filed Friday with a board of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in Washington.

“There is no compromise with racism,” Suzan Shown Harjo, president of the Morning Star Institute, said at the conference. The institute is a Washington-based non-profit organization that advances Indian causes.

“Power concedes nothing,” she said. “You have to go in and make change happen.”

The patent office’s Trademark Trial and Appeal Board backed a similar petition filed in 1992. That decision was overturned on appeal, but the door was left open for another attempt to invalidate the trademark, Harjo said.


Malaysia Rejects Bid To Stop Discrimination System August 15, 2006

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Malaysia said it would reject any bid to have their system of discrimination in favor of ethnic Malays canceled.

Malaysia and the United States are now in the process of negotiating a free trade pact which will cover Malaysian government procurement awarding profitable contracts to Malays or bumiputera.

The country’s Trade Minister Rafidah Aziz said that Washington knew Malaysia’s necessity to keep its policies for Malays, who comprise about 60 percent of the population, as its sovereign right.

“If government procurement in transparency is what is required, no problem. But if anybody, the U.S. or anybody, wants to impinge upon our rights to put forward or to implement a particular type of policy, that’s no go,” she told AFP.


DC Sniper’s Plan: Kill six whites a day for 30 days July 19, 2006

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One of the two snipers who murdered 10 people in a killing spree that terrorised Washington has revealed their plans to kill hundreds of children, policemen and rescue workers in an attempt to shut down cities across the country.

John Allen Muhammad, 45, and his accomplice, Lee Boyd Malvo, 21, brought America’s capital to a standstill in 2002 as they picked off white targets at petrol stations and shops in the city’s prosperous suburbs.

Malvo testified that Muhammad, driven by hatred of America because of its “slavery, hypocrisy and foreign policy” and his belief that “the white man is the devil”, planned to kill six whites a day for 30 days.

Malvo alleged that Muhammad had said: “We are going to go to the Washington DC area and we are going to terrorise these people.”

They then intended to move to Baltimore for stage two of their campaign, to shoot a policeman and then blow up explosives at his funeral.

More explosives would target the ambulances that would then rush to the funeral. Another plan to kill three busloads of schoolchildren was thwarted because the pair were arrested when Malvo fell asleep while keeping watch at a Maryland petrol station.

Muhammad’s ultimate plan, Malvo testified, was to indoctrinate 140 young homeless men at a Canada compound who would “shut things down” in cities across America, unless they received £5 million.

Malvo had originally confessed to being the man who pulled the trigger because, as the younger defendant, he was likely to escape the death penalty. He has now admitted only one killing.

The other murders were allegedly carried out by Muhammad, who crawled into the back of their converted blue Chevrolet and shot the victims as they filled their cars with petrol, did their shopping or waited at bus stops.

The attacks left the Washington suburbs transfixed with terror. People knelt down by their rear wheels to pump petrol or sprinted into shops from their cars to avoid the snipers.

Muhammad had treated Malvo like an adopted son, but now the two have turned on each other in a dramatic courtroom confrontation as Muhammad, acting as his own lawyer, cross-examines his former accomplice.

Malvo’s cross-examination, which began on Tuesday, continued yesterday before a court in Rockville, Maryland, outside Washington.

“I think he’s a coward,” Malvo said of the man he had called his father, before turning to him in court and calmly saying: “You took me into your house and made me a monster. You fed me, you clothed me and you made me your child.”

Malvo further testified that Muhammad wanted him to shoot pregnant white women. At one moment, he even had a pregnant woman in his sights in a fast-food restaurant.

“I just couldn’t take the shot,” said Malvo. Between asking questions of his old protégé, Muhammad watched calmly, his chin resting on his hand, as Malvo, on the verge of tears, revealed the full gruesome extent of their plans.

In each attack, Malvo, on look-out duty, gave the order to fire to Muhammad who lay in the back of the car,

pointing his rifle through a hole cut above the rear number plate. When there were no witnesses, Malvo gave the signal to shoot, saying: “You got a go.” Muhammad has been convicted of murder in Virginia where he is on Death Row and is now on trial for six of the killings in neighbouring Maryland.

Muhammad claims that both men are innocent of the six murder charges, while Malvo has already pleaded guilty, accepting six life sentences without parole.

Maryland prosecutors wanted a second trial in case the Virginia conviction is overturned on appeal.


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