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Chinese Restaurant Passes Out Racist Fliers April 6, 2007

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Tucson AZ, A local Chinese restaurant is getting complaints about bad taste – not from its food, but from its advertising. The restaurant’s owner says it’s meant as a joke, but some members of Tucson’s Asian-American community are not laughing.

Eggrolls Etc. is a Chinese food delivery and take-out restaurant. It distributed advertisement fliers on the East side that read, “Every order is delivered via rickshaw by first generation Chinese immigrants… We really should charge more for delivery, old Chinamen are getting expensive these days.”

“I was actually shocked when I read the advertising,” said Marie Hanna, Board President of the Pan-Asian Community Alliance. “This is a stereotype that really cannot be tolerated.”

The Pan-Asian Community Alliance plans to send a complaint letter to the restaurant owner. Similar letters have already been sent by the Tucson Chinese Association as well as the Chinese American Citizens’ Alliance. The letters say, in part, “… humor is never an excuse to deride any person or culture… we would like to see the offensive advertising immediately stopped… the ads are very offensive, insulting, and hurtful…”

The owner of the restaurant, Mike Reynolds, says the ad is not intended to be offensive.”This isn’t meant to degrade by any means the Chinese community or any kind of Asian heritage,” Reynolds said.



Male chauvinism has a secret source: it’s women October 28, 2006

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People have been doing a lot of talking about sexism in light of elections coming up where people have said this or that candidate is sexist or that a comment someone made was sexist. So, when I ask people what they mean by sexist, for the most part they define it as “the patriarchy stereotyping women and holding them back.” Fine – patriarchy, at some points, holds people back. I get it.

But something new is happening. I feel, as hard as the genders have fought to gain equality, sometimes we’re our own worst enemy. We fight so hard against discrimination by The Man – and yet, we put each other down.

Girls say things about other girls that would be unacceptable for a guy to say about a girl. Girls criticize each other on things that a lot of guys don’t even notice – hair, weight, clothes, sexual practices and groups they belong to. How can one rant about men objectifying women when one may have done that very same thing within the past week?


Sexual harassment of men revealed July 18, 2006

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A hidden world of sexual harassment, with female managers exploiting their power over men in the office, has been unveiled by a new government survey.

Despite the common stereotype of the male executive putting pressure on his secretary, two in five victims of sexual harassment are men, the study found.

A quarter of the men questioned in the Department of Trade and Industry survey reported being pestered by a client whom they also felt obliged to please.

According to the Equal Opportunities Commission, 8 per cent of calls to its sexual harassment helpline are from men, even though research shows male victims are less likely than women to complain. It insists that male complaints should be taken just as seriously. ‘It affects both women and men, causing stress, health problems and financial penalties when they leave their jobs to avoid it,’ said Jenny Watson, chair of the EOC.