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McBeth faces Fifa racism inquiry May 28, 2007

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John McBeth faces a Fifa investigation days before he is due to be made Britain’s new Fifa vice-president. A new ethics committee will investigate McBeth, who stands accused of racism after allegedly suggesting African and Caribbean associations were corrupt.

He also said he had won the Fifa vote because other nations hate England.

McBeth will step down as Scottish Football Association president on Friday but the Fifa post will remain vacant during the investigation.

It is now possible that McBeth may not have the opportunity to take up his new role with Fifa.
That would see the home nations holding another election to find the person to succeed Scottish lawyer David Will, who is retiring after 17 years with Fifa.
In his interview with a number of the Sunday newspapers, McBeth described Fifa president Sepp Blatter as a “tricky customer”.

He went on to claim some Africa representatives have different ethics from the British “fair play” attitude.

“I know two or three (at Fifa) whom I’d want to count my fingers after shaking hands with them,” he said.

“If I come across corruption, I have to expose it. I must try to stay true to my beliefs and hope I don’t get seduced.

“By and large, the four British countries know what fair play is and when we are stepping out of line.

“But, as soon as you hit Africa, it’s a slightly different kettle of fish. They’re poor nations and want to grab what they can.
“I presume the Caribbean is much the same – they just come at it in a different way.”