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Newspaper Editorial: “Facts in black, white” October 15, 2006

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Why not just go ahead and call me an Uncle Tom and a sellout? Why bother with trying to put a new coat of paint on the same old personal attacks by saying that I am “demeaning black people,” that I’m the “black Ann Coulter” and a turncoat against the cause of racial progress for black people in the United States?

That’s a sampling of the nastiness flying at me since I wrote a book that holds today’s civil-rights leaders accountable for serious problems inside black America. I’ve suggested that many poor people are capable of helping themselves by graduating high school, keeping a job and having children when they’re married and ready to be parents.

It is easier to attack me than to deal with some hard facts.

One hard, unforgiving fact is that 70 percent of black children are born today to single mothers. This is at the heart of the breakdown of the black family, the cornerstone of black life for generations. Some of these children without two parents may turn out just fine, but most add stress to the lives of their grandparents, neighbors, police and teachers who have to take up the slack for absent or bad parents.

It is easier to attack me than to deal with the hard fact of a dropout rate now at about 50 percent nationwide for black and Hispanic students. The average black student who gets a high school diploma today is reading and doing math at an eighth-grade level. Even with a diploma, that young person is ill-prepared to compete for entry-level jobs or for a college degree.

In an era of global economic competition – when it is harder to find a job, pay the rent and afford health insurance – there is little room to argue with the fact that it is a national crisis to find so many children of any race failing in school. But it is especially disturbing that so many of those children are black and Hispanic; they have the added burden of being people of color in a society in which race remains a real factor.

And what about the tragic fact of a 25 percent poverty rate among black Americans? That’s more than twice the 12 percent national poverty rate and more than triple the poverty rate among whites.



Black On Black Crime Growing In Memphis July 29, 2006

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It’s a subject most people don’t like to talk about, but many in the African American community say black on black crime in Memphis is out of control.

“I hate to hear breaking news cause I always think who got killed this time,” said Hickory Hill homeowner Freddie Askew.

What angers Freddie Askew even more is that the number of African American victims keeps piling up.

“Jim Crow didn’t destroy us, racism didn’t destroy us, it is us destroying us,” said Askew.

Already this year, Memphis has seen 91 homicides. A breakdown shows 89% of the victims are Black. And 84% of those accused of murdering the men, women and children, are also African American. 96% of the suspects are male.