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Company Owner Suspected Of Discrimination March 2, 2007

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Anita Ivanesic, as the Pinki company owner, is suspected of committing felony of racial discrimination by allowing sugar packets with the character of Adolf Hitler printed on them, as well as anti-Semitic content.

Prosecution believes that the 35-year-old woman should be questioned, as well as a larger number of witnesses during the inquest.

As the Jutarnji list daily writes, the Pozega State Attorney’s office will decide on the charges after the inquest is finalised.

CARD {Citizens Against Racism and Discrimination} Source: javno.com


Swastika ban left out of EU’s racism law January 30, 2007

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GERMANY will not push during its presidency of the European Union for an EU-wide ban on the swastika and will leave it up to member states to decide whether to punish people who deny that the Holocaust happened, Berlin said yesterday.

Germany had said it wanted to harmonise rules throughout the 27-member bloc for dealing with Holocaust deniers and for punishing displays of the Nazi symbol, banned in Germany and several other states.

But, setting out plans for an EU-wide anti-racism law, it said it would not seek to prohibit “specific symbols such as swastikas”.

It would also not try to push all EU states to say it is a crime to deny that six million Jews were exterminated during the Second World War.

Member states could decide not to make the denial of the Holocaust a crime “where the conduct is of a kind unlikely to incite to violence or hatred,” the draft showed.


Unlikely source of racism spurs Jews January 28, 2007

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Growing complaints about Israel-bashing, plus Jews being increasingly compared to Nazis during political rallies, has spurred the Anti-Defamation League to hold its first-ever conference on how people can protect themselves against anti-Semitism — from the liberal left.

Anti-Semitism is increasingly seen and heard at liberal events, organizers say, including at anti-war rallies, at labor meetings and even on college campuses. It’s making participation uncomfortable for Jews, who have historically been Democrats.

“We heard from so many people who feel ostracized and alone and don’t really know what to do with this problem,” said Jonathan Bernstein, director of the ADL regional office in San Francisco. People shouldn’t “have to pick between being Jewish and whatever worthwhile cause.”

Sunday’s conference in San Francisco focuses on the problem and teaches coping strategies. The event, which is expected to sell out, will offer talks ranging from “Emphasizing What’s Right in Israel” to “On the Spot Responses to Hurtful Language.”

However, while hateful speech is odious, some critics say groups like ADL are muffling debate by branding almost all criticism of Israel as anti-Semitic.

“It’s like saying anyone who attacks U.S. foreign policy is un-American,” said Saul Kanowitz, an activist with ANSWER, which organizes anti-war rallies. ANSWER stands for Act Now to Stop War and End Racism.


Ex-Klan Chief At Holocaust Conference December 13, 2006

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Iran hosted a gathering of various representatives from France, the US and around the world who claims that either the Nazi holocaust never occurred, or it was exaggerated. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said similar things several times.

Former politician and Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke traveled to Iran for the conference and according to the Iranian Foreign Ministry said the gas chambers in which millions perished actually did not exist. Nazila Fathi of the New York Times reports that Robert Faurisson, an academic from France, said in his speech that the Holocaust was a myth created to justify the occupation of Palestine, meaning the creation of Israel.

The meeting was called a “scholarly conference” in an editorial by the Indianapolis Star until “until one considers the source.” The conference was the “brainchild” of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who has called the Holocaust a myth and Israel’s existence illegitimate.

The conference, dubbed the “Review of the Holocaust: Global Vision”, is being attended by attended by rabbis and other observers, who will listen out of necessity but ought to be the ones most listened to, according to the Star. The editorial says that the Iran government and others wish to challenge Israel’s behavior toward the Palestinians, which is essentially what this affair and Middle Eastern Holocaust denial are about, they should argue state policy and spare us the transparent injection of bigotry against a people.

Michele Norris of National Public Radio (NPR) says there are two conferences on the Holocaust taking place today with two very different “aims” and in two very different places. The other conference is in Germany where it is illegal to deny the holocaust ever existed.


Nazi Action Banned in Moscow November 3, 2006

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Moscow’s powerful Mayor Yuri Luzhkov said on Tuesday he had banned a march in the Russian capital planned by far-right groups on November 4 to prevent another show by neo-Nazi groups and racists, Reuters said.

National Unity Day, which last year officially replaced the traditional November 7 anniversary of the 1917 Bolshevik revolution, marks the 1612 defeat of invading Polish troops by poorly clad and barely armed Russian irregulars.

But the holiday, meant to demonstrate the unity of Russia’s multiethnic nation, last year degenerated into a show of ultra-nationalist groups who marched through Moscow and other cities with swastikas and greeted each other with Nazi Germany’s salute “Heil Hitler!”

“I have taken a decision to ban the so-called ’Russian march’,” a stern-looking Luzhkov said in a weekly question-and-answer session with Muscovites shown on several television channels.

“I ask Muscovites to be vigilant,” he said. “If we allow our state to be split on ethnic or interconfessional grounds, if we allow religious wars, then I am afraid this will be the end of Russia.”

Russia, which lost around 30 million people fighting Nazi Germany and its allies in World War Two, has seen a surge in racism in recent years.


37 Serbian soccer fans arrested for racism October 15, 2006

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The group, wearing white hoods, chanted Nazi slogans at a black player during Saturday’s first division match between Borac and Vozdovac in Cacak, police said Sunday. Vozdovac won 1-0.The match was interrupted for 10 minutes because of the chants, Nazi salutes and a banner which read that Borac’s Zimbabwean player Mike Tamvanyeri “must leave because you are not welcome.”

Twenty-nine Borac fans were released Sunday after spending a night in jail, while eight were kept in detention facing charges of “spreading racial hatred at a sports venue,” police said.

Borac coach Radovan Curcic said he was shocked by the fans’ behavior, and added that Tamvanyeri was “feeling bad because of all this.”


Fan racism could lead to Croatia’s exclusion from European Championship October 10, 2006

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We previously reported on this here. Now it seems that these acts by a few individuals could impact the country’s chances of entering the 2008 European Championship. Featured story follows below:
GENEVA Any more racist behavior by Croatian fans could lead to the country’s exclusion from the 2008 European Championship.


UEFA issued the warning Tuesday ahead of Croatia’s qualifier against England on Wednesday.


“The sanctions range from a fine to points deduction to exclusion from the competition,” UEFA spokesman William Gaillard said. “It’s clear that second-time and third-time offenders are not going to be treated at all the same way as a first-time offender.”


And Croatian fans are repeat offenders.


In August, 200 Croatian fans formed a giant human swastika during Croatia’s 2-0 friendly win at the Armando Picchi stadium in Italy. Many also gave Nazi salutes.


The fans claimed to have been incited by the jeering of Croatia’s national anthem and the waving of flags of the old communist Yugoslavia. Croatia fought a bloody war for independence in 1991-95.


Racism In Soccer: Croatian Fans Form Human Swastika In Italy August 18, 2006

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Croatia’s victory over World Cup winners Italy has been marred by the racist behaviour of their travelling fans last night.

During the warm up match ahead of the EURO 2008 qualification in Livorno, a group of Croatian fans created a human swastika in the stands while making nazi salutes.

Photographic and video evidence sent to the Football Against Racism in Europe (FARE) network shows a group of more than 60 fans in the Croatian section of the Armano Picci stadium positioning themselves to form a swastika.

The FARE network has sent a report to the FIFA and UEFA disciplinary committees to ask for immediate action.

Kurt Wachter, from Austrian FARE partner, FairPlay-VIDC said:

“The photos and video footage that have been sent to us clearly show the Croatian fans forming a human swastika. These kind of actions are highly organised and illustrate that football must continue to intensify it’s work against racism.


Norway ‘Nazi cartoon’ irks Israel August 17, 2006

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Israel’s ambassador to Norway has complained to press regulators about a cartoon showing Israeli PM Ehud Olmert as a Nazi concentration camp commander. Miryam Shomrat told the BBC the caricature in Oslo’s Dagbladet newspaper went beyond free speech.

Ms Shomrat said it would be open to prosecution in some European countries.

Dagbladet’s editor said the caricature was “within the bounds of freedom of expression,” according to Norway’s NRK state broadcaster.

Ms Shomrat made the official complaint to the Norwegian Press Trade Committee following the publication of the cartoon on 10 July.

In an interview with the BBC’s Europe Today, she said however that her protest could not be compared to the outcry in the Muslim world over the publication in a Danish newspaper of cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed.

Lars Helle, Dagbladet’s acting editor-in-chief, said the newspaper was taking the complaint seriously.


Israel Passes Nazisque Racial Marriage Law August 6, 2006

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In approving an effective ban on marriages between Israelis and Palestinians this week, Israel’s Supreme Court has shut tighter the gates of the Jewish fortress the state of Israel is rapidly becoming. The judges’ decision, in the words of the country’s normally restrained Haaretz daily, was “shameful”.

By a wafer-thin majority, the highest court in the land ruled that an amendment passed in 2003 to the Nationality Law barring Palestinians from living with an Israeli spouse inside Israel — what in legal parlance is termed “family unification” — did not violate rights enshrined in the country’s Basic Laws.


Fox News analyst compares Israelis to Nazis July 19, 2006

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WorldNetDaily July 19, 2006

 “Saying the Israelis pulled out of Lebanon is like saying the Nazis pulled out of Moscow,” he said. “They invaded Lebanon. They invaded Gaza. They take homes and then they give them back. And they expect some type of great recognition.”

Bevelacqua acknowledged he had business interests in Lebanon – a company that employed 30 people. His Fox News biography says he works with the WVC3 Group in Reston, Va., an elite security group that provides homeland security services, support and technologies to government and commercial clients. (more…)