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Reno judge warns: No “circus” in Walgreens discrimination case January 13, 2007

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A Nevada judge who will rule on a Texas man’s discrimination lawsuit against the Walgreens drug store chain warned lawyers on both sides Friday she won’t allow them to turn the case “into a circus.”

The Washoe County district court judge also said she’s not inclined to allow the company to bring up a 25-year-old felony conviction of the lead plaintiff, Bruce Johnson, and ruled preliminarily that Johnson cannot wear a political button in court that reads “Someone Paid the Price” – a reference to past civil rights leaders.

Meanwhile, at a news conference outside the courthouse, Johnson unveiled his new Web site – http://www.stopallthediscrimination.org – that he said will give other victims of discrimination a way to share their stories around the world.

“There is no reason we should still be fighting racial discrimination in 2007,” Johnson said.

Johnson, 43, and three other African Americans from Houston filed the suit against the Deerfield, Ill.-based Walgreen Co. in June 2003 after they say they were discriminated against at a store in downtown Reno.



Black Activists Criticize Use of Taxpayer Funds to Buy New NAACP Headquarters January 1, 2007

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Members of the black leadership network Project 21 are critical of the District of Columbia City Council’s vote to give the NAACP $3.5 million in taxpayer money to relocate the NAACP’s headquarters from Baltimore to the nation’s capitol. The NAACP is not a revenue-generating industry and does not pay the full range of DC taxes due to its nonprofit status, Project 21 members say, and also point out that the economic revitalization cited by proponents may actually hurt poor black Washingtonians. “Given the District’s precarious financial state and its trouble with education and transportation budgets, it’s outrageous to use taxpayer money to subsidize the NAACP’s relocation,” said Project 21 Fellow Deneen Moore. “Instead, the NAACP should rely on the support of its donors to pay for its expansion and relocation.”

The NAACP moved to Baltimore in 1986 when it could no longer afford New York City office space. If approved by its board of directors in February, the group will move from its current 50,000 square-foot building to a more than 200,000 square-foot campus in the economically-depressed Anacostia neighborhood. Anacostia Gateway LLC is prepared to sell the group a 63,000 square-foot building for $25 million, $3.5 million of which would be paid for with District taxpayer funds.


When Racists Meet December 2, 2006

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We are all by now familiar with the putrid and ugly racist rant that comedian Michael Richards (“Kramer” off Seinfeld) engaged in recently at a Los Angeles comedy club.

That Richards’ sick behaviour should be condemned and that the comedian owes an apology to black people in general and to the individuals he verbally assaulted in particular — and perhaps even to the nation at large — is a given. What remains intriguing and tragic, of course, is the selective indignation and double standards that continue to exist in this nation in regards to racism and the expected apologies for it.
When white people engage in racism, social pressures of all kinds arise to force into endless mea culpas and compensations. In the case of apologies, that should certainly be the case. But the same social phenomenon, curiously, does not arise when racial minorities perprtrate racial hate, either against each other or against white people. Connected to this reality is the bizarre development of Richards apologizing to, of all people, Reverends Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson — two notorious racists.

Richards called Sharpton to apologize and also apologized to Jackson on Jackson’s radio show.

It says something about black leadership in this country that its current “leaders” include two racists like Jackson and Sharpton. So Richards, in one sense, is stuck in the awkward predicament of trying to get his apology out to black people through the extremely limited avenues open to him. But it remains significant that our media and social critics have not caught the outrageous nature of this dynamic.

While it is abundantly clear that Richards owes apologies of various kinds — no comparable pressures exist in our society that demand apologies from the likes of Jackson and Sharpton for the pernicious racial hate that they have engaged in over the years.

Let us recall Jackson’s and Sharpton’s own monopoly on racial hate:

In Sharpton’s case:

In the midst of the 1991 Crown Heights riots, the good Reverend referred to Jews as “diamond merchants.”


NAACP’s President, Bruce Gordon, Makes Racist Comments On CNN’s Lou Dobbs Show October 3, 2006

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[Bruce Gordon]

This site has reported in the past on the blatant racism within the NAACP toward Blacks. Yet, it still came as a shock to many viewers from around the country when the president of the NAACP, Bruce Gordon, was caught on national television making racist comments on the Lou Dobbs show. Bruce Gordon said:

Once again, the fact is that while we might not see the blatant type of lynching from trees that we once upon a time did see, the fact of the matter is there are 21st century kinds of lynchings that happen.

There’s a tenant in Stillwater, Oklahoma, who was killed at point blank range by his landlord. And that landlord — obviously, a white landlord, a black tenant — was acquitted by an all-white jury.


Black On Black Crime Growing In Memphis July 29, 2006

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It’s a subject most people don’t like to talk about, but many in the African American community say black on black crime in Memphis is out of control.

“I hate to hear breaking news cause I always think who got killed this time,” said Hickory Hill homeowner Freddie Askew.

What angers Freddie Askew even more is that the number of African American victims keeps piling up.

“Jim Crow didn’t destroy us, racism didn’t destroy us, it is us destroying us,” said Askew.

Already this year, Memphis has seen 91 homicides. A breakdown shows 89% of the victims are Black. And 84% of those accused of murdering the men, women and children, are also African American. 96% of the suspects are male.


NAACP: Racist to blacks July 22, 2006

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The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is interested in “advancing” the cause of blacks.

Well, some blacks, anyway. But not all blacks; only those who toe the NAACP’s political line get NAACP “support” and praise.

Like “women’s rights” groups who, ironically, defended President Bill Clinton when his trysts with Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers and Monica Lewinsky were made public, the NAACP is also picking and choosing — hypocritically — the “causes” it will take up on behalf of blacks.