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Hispanics vs. Blacks: The Battle For “Preferred Minority” Status February 8, 2007

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by La Shawn Barber

As someone who loathes government-mandated race preferences, I look forward to years of laugh-riot fun as preference-loving blacks and Hispanics duel it out, fighting each other over government goodies.

I recently learned about a case involving a black cop named Kenneth A. Boyd in Wilmington, Delaware who claims he was passed over for promotion because he’s black.

Boyd alleges that police chief Michael J. Szczerba promoted an undeserving Hispanic instead. Oh, why does this sound familiar? According to The News Journal, Szczerba “fostered a diverse police force,” which is code for skin-color preferences. Only in this case, the Negro wasn’t the “preferred minority.”

A preferred minority group is one that is ostensibly under-represented in certain jobs, schools, etc. Asians also are a minority group, but they are not “preferred,” particularly as far as college admissions are concerned, because they tend to be overrepresented. In fact, admissions for Asians may be suppressed in order to conform to liberals’ notions of a proper racial balance. U.S. Commission on Civil Rights member Peter Kirsanow writes:

Asian Americans, though only four percent of the nation’s population, account for nearly 20 percent of all medical students. Forty-five percent of Berkeley’s freshman class, but only 12 percent of California’s populace, consists of Asian-Americans. And at UT-Austin, 18 percent of the freshman class is Asian American, compared to three percent for the state… President Clinton worried that, without preferences, “there are universities in California that could fill their entire freshman classes with nothing but Asian-Americans.”

Blacks have always been THE preferred minority group, but those days are coming to an end. Cases like Boyd’s are only the beginning of the battles between Hispanics and blacks for preferred minority status. Hispanic groups are already urging the federal government to hire more Hispanics. Incidentally, whites are becoming a minority group in states like Texas and California. Will they one day become a preferred minority?

With illegal aliens working on the cheap, look for more stories about blacks crying,”Hispanic racist!” If for no other reason than Hispanics are supplanting them as “preferred,” blacks should be speaking out against amnesty-for-illegal-aliens the loudest.



State To Probe PSU Discrimination Complaints January 24, 2007

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A state civil rights commission will review discrimination complaints against Penn State University to see if there is a pattern of bias on its campuses.

Human Relations Commission executive director Homer Floyd said Wednesday that he was directed to look into the complaints during an agency meeting on Monday in Harrisburg.

Penn State spokesman Bill Mahon said that about 100 complaints have been filed to the commission against the school in the last five years, with three cases having “adverse rulings” against the university. The commission gets about 40,000 complaints a year.

“Three adverse rulings over five years before an agency that says it is getting over 40,000 complaints a year … does not represent a pattern to this university,” Mahon said Wednesday.

Commission chairman Stephen Glassman told the Centre Daily Times, which first reported the internal review, that the number of complaints against Penn State was “significant.” Complaints came from several minority and protected groups, and from multiple Penn State locations, he said.


Justice Department Finds Racial Disparities in Domestic Violence Rates December 31, 2006

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MSNBC currently has an article in reference to the Justice Department’s report which covers the domestic violence rates between 1993 and 2004. However, one of the most disheartening aspects of the report is that racial disparities are evident within it.


Domestic violence rates fell sharply between 1993 and 2004, the Justice Department said Thursday, noting that American Indian women and native Alaskan women are far more likely to be victimized than whites and other minorities.


Stevens said police have been less successful responding to and deterring abusive behavior in some minority communities, where racism and cultural differences can keep reporting rates low.

Over the 12-year reporting period, about 18 out of every 1,000 American Indian and native Alaskan women were victimized — a violence rate three times higher than among white women.
Black women were more likely than white women to be abused but the study also found that they were more likely to report their abuse to the police than white women.

Women in their early 20s and women who were divorced or separated had the greatest risk of being abused, the study found. Violence was also more common in low-income households.

Asian males, white males and the elderly reported the lowest rates of partner violence.

There are some surprising facts about domestic violence that can be seen at EndAbuse.org

Also for those readers that may not have it, the national domestic violence hotline number is:  1-800-799-SAFE (7233)

C.a.r.d {Citizens Against Racism and Discrimination} Source: MSNBC

NO: Schools teach students wrong lesson on discrimination December 5, 2006

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In 2000, Seattle public school officials told nearly 100 minority students in the eighth grade they couldn’t attend the high school of their choice. There was only one reason for the decision: the students’ skin color. They weren’t white.

For 200 white students, the news was the same: they couldn’t go to the high school of their choice because of their skin color.

Despite decades of advancement in our country on civil rights, some government officials wrongly insist that people should be judged on the color of their skin. In Seattle, despite racially diverse neighborhoods and schools, officials took it upon themselves to decide that certain schools weren’t “white” enough or “minority” enough.

The school district and hundreds of other school districts around the country do so in the name of “diversity,” a nice word that attempts to gloss over the wrong lesson for our children. If we don’t want our children to judge people based on the color of their skin, why are educators doing just that?

On Dec. 4, the U.S. Supreme Court will have a chance to tell school officials around the country that it is morally wrong — and unconstitutional — for them to discriminate against students based on their race.

The court will hear two cases brought by concerned parents from Seattle and Louisville, Ky., who objected to their children being turned away at schoolhouse doors simply because their skin was the wrong color.


Minority contracting up since affirmative action abolished November 14, 2006

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — Governor Jeb Bush says the state’s spending on contracts with businesses owned by minority group members and women has nearly tripled since he abolished affirmative action nearly eight years ago.

A record 761-point-2 million dollars was spent with certified minority and female-owned contractors in the last budget year, which ended June 30. According to the governor’s office, that’s 497 million dollars — or 189 percent — more than for the 1998-99 budget year.

The spending total includes 135-point-3 million dollars in contracts with African Americans, 158-point-8 million dollars with Hispanics, 45 million dollars with Asian Americans, 11-point-2 million dollars with American Indians and 410 million dollars with non-minority women.

Bush in 1999 did away with affirmative action programs for state contracting and university admission that gave minority group members a race-based edge and replaced it with his “One Florida” initiative.

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The hidden white victims of racism November 12, 2006

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Last week’s horrifying trial of three Asians is part of a worrying trend, says Brendan Montague
No one who saw Angela Donald giving her dignified statement that “justice had been done” outside the High Court in Edinburgh as the racist murderers of her 15-year-old son were jailed last week could feel anything but sympathy. For Margaret Massey there was more, though — a sense of fellow-feeling and anger.

Kriss Donald was snatched off the street by an Asian gang and subjected to a terrible ordeal: beaten, stabbed, doused in petrol and set ablaze. Massey’s son Lee, a rugby player, was also the subject of a racially motivated attack when he was set upon by a gang of Iraqi asylum seekers “out looking for someone” to hurt.

He and two friends were stabbed in a car park in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, in October 2003. Lee was then thrown into the air and suffered devastating brain injuries when one of the gang used a car to run him down. Three years later he has not fully recovered.

Massey still feels aggrieved that — in her view — the police inquiry was hindered by political correctness because officers feared that reporting that a white man had been so brutally attacked by asylum seekers would further fuel racial tensions following several such brawls in the area.

“The police didn’t charge 13 members of the gang even though I believe there was some evidence,” she says.

“If our Lee had run over one of the Iraqis he would have been arrested right away and sent to prison for the rest of his life. The police are nervous when white people are attacked. In this area this is happening more and more often.”


Reverse discrimination gets another look October 27, 2006

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Update: Proposal two has now passed, please check out our other articles about it:
Victory Against Racism and Discrimination! Michigan Voters Approve Proposal 2
Legal Experts: Michigan’s Proposal 2 likely to hold up
Time travel, long a staple of science fiction, has so far amounted to nothing more than a fantasy. But anyone interested in paying a visit to the past may soon get the chance. On Nov. 7, voters in Michigan will decide on a ballot initiative banning racial preferences in the public sector, and if it passes, opponents say, it will put the state back into the Dark Ages.

Proposal 2 represents a reaction to the University of Michigan’s use of racial double standards in selecting its students. In 2003, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the preferences used in undergraduate admissions were unconstitutional but those used for law school admissions were not. The court said it was OK to favor minority applicants–and discriminate against whites–in order to promote diversity, as long as the school wasn’t too blatant about it.

The outcome didn’t satisfy losing litigant Jennifer Gratz, who was rejected despite credentials that would have virtually assured admission to a black or Hispanic applicant. She organized a campaign to put affirmative action to a referendum. The resulting measure, similar to one passed in California in 1996, would amend the state constitution to bar the use of racial or gender preferences by public universities and government agencies.

If it passes, no one would be penalized or rewarded for their skin color or sex. That was the point of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Today, though, colorblind policies are denounced as a form of oppression.

The critics foresee the direst of consequences if Proposal 2 becomes law. The Michigan Catholic Conference invokes memories of Jim Crow while warning that the measure would kill or cripple “any program in Michigan that aims to create access for women and minorities.” The University of Michigan says that it would no longer be able to “pursue the educational benefits of a diverse student body.”

But Proposal 2 does not deny access to anyone–it merely mandates that everyone be assessed according to criteria (grades, test scores, personal accomplishments, and so on) other than race or sex. The measure also wouldn’t prevent universities from promoting diversity by favoring students from poor families, or children who have overcome special challenges, or kids from high schools where few graduates go on to college.

At the University of California at Berkeley and at Los Angeles, California’s most selective state schools, the percentage of students qualifying for need-based federal aid has risen sharply since 1996. In socioeconomic terms, those campuses have become more diverse, not less. But in Michigan, the concept of diversity begins and ends with race.

The claim that women would suffer without special help in college admissions is a particularly outlandish invention. At Berkeley and UCLA, women increased their numbers after gender-based preferences were scrapped.

There is not much doubt that Proposal 2 would reduce the number of black and Latino students at the University of Michigan, the flagship public institution. But in California, the top schools have not become replicas of Ole Miss, circa 1960. The biggest gainer has been another racial minority–Asian-Americans.


Blog Entry: “Reverse” Racism/Sexism October 23, 2006

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 Racism is a horrible facet of out society but reverse-racism is just as negative.

By reverse racism (or even reverse-sexism) I refer to when a person or group that is a part of a minority is shown favoritism and “assisted”. For example, I am on a board that gives out money to student organizations at my college. A black student group came in and the chair and the other board members gave them more money than we would have if they were a non-minority group. We also made things easier for them. This happened because the board was tired of getting discrimination charges piled against it.


Neb. tries to oust trooper linked to KKK August 27, 2006

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Robert Henderson was not fired as a state trooper because he belonged to the Ku Klux Klan and another white supremacist group, authorities said. Instead, he was ousted because he could not uphold public trust while participating in such groups, they said.

An arbitrator disagreed, ordering the State Patrol to reinstate Henderson within 60 days and pay him back wages. The state went to court Friday to keep him off the force.

“The integrity of Nebraska’s law enforcement is at risk,” Attorney General Jon Bruning said at news conference in Lincoln. “The Constitution does not require law enforcement to employ anyone tied to the KKK.”

In a summary of the causes for firing Henderson in March, the State Patrol said membership in the KKK “seriously compromised” Henderson’s ability to do his job.

Henderson and the state troopers union appealed and, under its contract, went to binding arbitration, to get his job back.


Racism claims build over Survivor August 24, 2006

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The Survivor television show’s latest ploy – dividing US contestants along ethnic lines – drew charges of racism, but scored a major publicity success weeks before the season’s first episode was to air.

Now in its 13th season on CBS, the programme featuring contestants stranded in obscure parts of the world chose to tackle the race issue, producers said, after it had been criticised for having too many white contestants.

The US network said on Wednesday contestants “will initially be organized into four tribes divided along ethnic lines – African-American, Asian-American, Hispanic and White – before merging in a later episode.”

This year’s CBS series premieres on September 14 and was shot on the Cook Islands in the South Pacific.

“I think at first glance when you just hear the idea, it could sound like a stunt,” Survivor host Jeff Probst said on a CBS morning news show. “But that’s not what we’re doing here.”

“We’ve always had a low number of minority applicants … apply to the show. So we set out and said, ‘Let’s turn this criticism into creative for the show,”‘ he said, adding that it fit Survivor’s mission of being a “social experiment”.


Coed Citadel Still A Work In Progress August 14, 2006

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Ten years ago, The Citadel threw open its doors to women after a protracted, heated legal fight. On Saturday, a new class of 650 freshmen — including about 40 women — arrive. But the challenge of bringing women into the once all-male cadet corps isn’t over. Some male cadets and alumni still don’t like the idea.

“There will always be pockets of people who don’t want a coed school,” said Nancy Mace Jackson, the college’s first female cadet graduate.

Tara Woodside, a junior from Salem, N.J., was in grade school when Jackson arrived on campus.

“There are some guys who are skeptical at first,” Woodside said. “But once a woman proves herself, they are your biggest supporters.”

One of the biggest difficulties is attracting more women, who now make up 6% of the cadet corps. During the past decade, 129 female cadets have graduated, and this year there will be nearly 130 women among the college’s almost 2,000 cadets.


Is Racism the Main Reason for Underperformance? August 4, 2006

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Forty-five percent of America’s 5-year- olds are Black or Hispanic. By most economic, educational and social indicators, these two communities are not performing to standards that will keep America prosperous and at peace with itself.

American students generally face educational challenges, but there is every reason to specifically examine minority underperformance. Blacks and Hispanics are not succeeding in numbers great enough to keep America competitive. I am increasingly convinced the key to prosperity for black and Hispanic America lies mostly in their own hands and by their own efforts. The search for racial justice must be broadened to look inward.

Yes, racism and discrimination still exist. But are they the only reasons for minority underperformance? We are overdue for an honest dialogue on race and ethnicity, and white America must participate. We are all in the same geographic boat sharing the same great country.


Pontiac Agrees to End Hiring Quotas July 31, 2006

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The Justice Department and the city of Pontiac have agreed that the city will end a practice designed to hire and promote more women and minorities in its Fire Department.

Under the consent decree, the city will offer jobs, promotions, back pay or seniority to four white males deemed to have been unlawfully denied or delayed opportunities as a result of the policy.

Critics on Monday condemned the unusual decree, which still faces final approval, as evidence of a desire by the Bush administration to dismantle affirmative action. Proponents say it ends a form of discrimination that was particularly obnoxious because it was practiced by government.

The agreement comes amid a fierce debate in Michigan over a ballot initiative that would ban such affirmative action policies. State voters will decide in November whether to ban the use of race as a factor in university admissions and government hiring.