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Discrimination debate: Women-only hotel floors May 18, 2007

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When a hotel sets aside a floor and a lounge for women only, is it discrimination or good business?

As TODAY co-host Matt Lauer discovered, it might be both, depending on whom you ask.

“It is discrimination,” said Los Angeles attorney Gloria Allred. “You are excluding men from the lounge. Are we going to have male-only lounges as we used to have? No. What we want are equal rights. Not more rights, not less rights, but equal rights.”

“Of course it’s for the bottom line,” countered Donny Deutsch of CNBC’s The Big Idea. It’s also a great idea, he added. “They’re in the business of helping and serving their customers. This is catering to women’s needs. It’s hospitality. What is wrong?”

The discussion was sparked when the new Marriott hotel in Grand Rapids, Mich., said it will set aside its 19th floor for women only. For an extra $30 a night, women will get such amenities as special hair dryers and toiletries.

They also get a women-only lounge where they can enjoy a drink without worrying about men hitting on them.