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Racist attacks kill 44 in Russia in Jan-Nov – human rights report December 28, 2006

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MOSCOW. Dec 26 (Interfax) – Over 400 people were injured in racist
attacks, largely involving skinheads, in January-November 2006 in
Russia, human rights activists say.
“No less than 439 people have been injured, of which 44 died,” says
the Sova analytical center’s report on ethnic extremism in Russia. The
report was presented in Moscow on Tuesday.
According to the Sova report, in autumn 2006 over 27 cases of
vandalism were committed against monuments to the victims of the Great
Patriotic War (WW II) and facilities belonging to religious faiths. In
the past autumn, ten Jewish, six Muslim, and five Orthodox sites were
The report’s authors say prosecution of ethnic hatred crimes has
“In autumn 2006, at least eight sentences that took into
consideration this motive were pronounced. In January-November 2006 no
less than 25 such sentences were pronounced, and 80 people were
convicted under these. These results are considerably better than last
year’s results when, according to our data, 15 sentences were pronounced
on 55 people,” the report says.

[Link] Read the rest of the article at Interfax 


Racist Latino gang members targeting African-Americans in attacks December 20, 2006

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There has been a spike this year in racist attacks by Latinos against Blacks in the Valley area:

CANOGA PARK – Racial tension that percolated in Los Angeles County jails this year has boiled over to San Fernando Valley streets, where Latino gang members are targeting African-Americans in random attacks.

Blacks have been the targets in nine of 12 attempted-murder cases reported since July in the Canoga Park area, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

“The people getting shot are the guy walking down the street; they’re innocent victims,” said Lt. Tom Smart of the West Valley’s Gang Impact Team. “They don’t appear to have any gang membership or affiliation.”

The attacks are evidence of racial tension that started in Los Angeles’ diverse neighborhoods, shifted to the county jails and is now spreading

to the relatively safe West Valley. Two inmates have been killed and scores of others injured this year in racial brawls at Los Angeles County jails.

“We believe it’s an outgrowth of some conflict we’ve seen in the county jail system where there have been fights along race lines,” said Deputy Chief Michel Moore, the Valley’s top cop. “We believe gang members are targeting others and vice versa.”

Blacks were targeted this year in 14 of the West Valley’s 23 reported hate crimes.

Read the rest at LA Daily News

C.a.r.d {Citizens Against Racism and Discrimination} Source: LA Daily News

The Damned of Darfur December 13, 2006

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A HALF-million dead in Darfur; 2.5 million refugees – not counting the corpses lost in the sands or terrified survivors in hiding. Surely, the world will act? No. The world talks. While the militias kill – and years pass. The United Nations looks away – its signature gesture when human rights are violated.

Welcome to the triumph of global hypocrisy.

Europe wrings its hands – as Europe always does – but declines an invitation to the dance. After all, “responsible” governments can’t play fast and loose with another state’s sovereignty. No dictator or president-for-life would be able to get a decent night’s sleep.

So Sudan’s Islamo-fascists continue to kill with impunity.

Our own left mourns theatrically for Darfur’s dead – but no one has formed a new Lincoln Brigade to take on Sudan’s Muslims fanatics. And the uncomfortable fact that Arab Muslims are slaughtering black Muslims goes ignored. It doesn’t fit the left’s comfortable worldview.


Racism blamed for football fan killing November 24, 2006

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Racism is being blamed for post-football match violence in Paris that led to a police officer shooting a fan dead and seriously injuring another. It appears that a plain clothes West Indian officer came to the rescue of a French supporter of the Israeli team who was being attacked by rival fans. The policeman is said to have fired after dozens of Paris St Germain supporters then turned on him. The officer and Tel Aviv fan then took refuge in a McDonalds restaurant.

French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy explains the chain of events. “It seems that a Tel Aviv club fan was being followed by dozens of individuals, some of whom were shouting “death to Jews” which is naturally unacceptable,” he says.

An investigation into the killing has been launched.


Racist gang murder Pakistani taxi driver November 23, 2006

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An Asian taxi driver who was murdered in a revenge attack on July 22 this year, was hurled racist abuse by his assailants, it has been learnt.

Forty two year old Mohammad Parvaiz was hit with stones, dragged from his vehicle and beaten and kicked to death while responding to what he thought was a normal fare.

The jury at the Leeds Crown Court, which is hearing the case, was further told that the six member white teenage gang used racist language during the attack after luring him down a cul-de-sac.

A witness overheard one of attackers shouting “you f*****g Paki b******” during the attack, while another allegedly boasted to a friend after the assault: “I wonder if I’ve got Paki juice on the bottom of my shoes?”

According to the Daily Mail, the father-of-three suffered a fractured skull and jaw, broken ribs and brain damage during the assault and was pronounced dead in hospital.


O.J. Simpson Says Cancellation Was Prompted by Racism November 21, 2006

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ORLANDO, Fla. – O.J. Simpson reacted angrily yesterday when he learned that News Corporation had decided not to broadcast two, one-hour interviews with him or to publish the how-to book he had written about the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman.

Hurling his golf club in disgust, the one-time football great said, “Black man can’t get no justice in this country. If I had written a book about how I would murder Whitney Houston and some brother who was doing her, nobody would have said a damn thing; but because I described how I would have killed two white people, the man comes down on me for being uppity.”

Mr. Simpson’s book, a satirical novel called If I Did It, Here’s How It Happened, was scheduled to hit bookstores November 30. The publisher, ReganBooks, is an imprint of HarperCollins, which is owned by News Corporation. Coincidentally the head of ReganBooks, Judith Regan, conducted the two one-hour interviews with Mr. Simpson. Those interviews would have aired November 27 and 29. In yet another coincidence the Regan-Simpson interviews would have been broadcast on the Fox network, which is owned by News Corporation.

The incestuousness nature of this arrangement—not to mention the widespread public revulsion at the thought of Mr. Simpson banking a three-point-five-million-dollar advance from ReganBooks—led News Corporation to put a fork in the Simpson media campaign.


Racism and race crime redefined: no longer a black and white issue November 8, 2006

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Kriss Donald was killed by three Asian men in a racist attack

Racism was once defined as “prejudice plus power” – a definition which, in a British context, has tended to exclude all but the white population.

However, the “racist murders” of Kriss Donald in Glasgow in 2004 and Ross Parker in Peterborough in 2001, young white men killed by Asians, demonstrate how society has been forced to redefine racism.

It was, of course, the murder of a young black man, Stephen Lawrence, which changed the debate about race crime in Britain.

The inquiry which followed redefined a racist incident as any “which is perceived to be racist by the victim or any other person”. It is, therefore, a largely subjective crime – and one which has proved extremely difficult to prove beyond reasonable doubt.

The statistics reflect that subjectivity, but they also reflect a belief right across the spectrum in multicultural Britain, that people are attacked because of the colour of their skin.


The Qana Massacre July 31, 2006

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A powerful video has been released about the Qana Massacre.

Please note: the video contains disturbing images of dead children.

Black On Black Crime Growing In Memphis July 29, 2006

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It’s a subject most people don’t like to talk about, but many in the African American community say black on black crime in Memphis is out of control.

“I hate to hear breaking news cause I always think who got killed this time,” said Hickory Hill homeowner Freddie Askew.

What angers Freddie Askew even more is that the number of African American victims keeps piling up.

“Jim Crow didn’t destroy us, racism didn’t destroy us, it is us destroying us,” said Askew.

Already this year, Memphis has seen 91 homicides. A breakdown shows 89% of the victims are Black. And 84% of those accused of murdering the men, women and children, are also African American. 96% of the suspects are male.


Lebanon and Israel: Death Toll July 24, 2006

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At Least 372 Dead in Lebanon, 34 in Israel

More than 408 people have been reported killed in Lebanon and Israel since fighting broke out July 12 between Israel forces and Hezbollah guerrillas.



France: Fears of Anti-White Racism July 20, 2006

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The accidental death of a gendarme (French policeman) on the Caribbean island of Saint-Martin has plunged France into a new spasm of race-related angst after his widow claimed that youths refused to help after he was hit by a speeding motorcycle and later gloated at the death of a white.

With feelings already running high after the brutal murder in Paris of the young Jewish man Ilan Halimi, the events surrounding the death of 31 year-old Raphael Clin on February 12 have stoked fears of a festering anti-white hatred among the country’s black and Arab populations.


Middle East news roundup July 15, 2006

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Here are some of the new stories about the Middle East conflict:

Ahmadinejad compares Israel to Hitler

TEHRAN (AFP) – Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad compared
Israel’s military strikes on Gaza and Lebanon to tactics used by Adolf Hitler against Jews during World War II.
“Their methods resemble Hitler’s. When Hitler wanted to launch an attack, he came up with a pretext,” Ahmadinejad said during a speech in Tehran.
“Zionists say they are Hitler’s victims, but they have the same nature as Hitler,” he said.
The ultraconservative president has already called for Israel to be “wiped off the map” and described the Holocaust of six million Jews as “a myth.”


Vatican condemns Israel for attacks on Lebanon

The Vatican on Friday strongly deplored Israel’s strikes on Lebanon, saying they were “an attack” on a sovereign and free nation.

Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Angelo Sodano said Pope Benedict and his aides were very worried that the developments in the Middle East risked degenerating into “a conflict with international repercussions.”

“In particular, the Holy See deplores right now the attack on Lebanon, a free and sovereign nation, and assures its closeness to these people who already have suffered so much to defend their independence,” he told Vatican Radio.


Israel gives Syria ultimatum

London-based Arabic language newspaper Al-Hayat says Israel gave Syria 72 hours to stop Hizbullah’s activity, bring about release of kidnapped IDF troops. ‘Israel will not end military activity until new situation created that will prevent Syria, Iran from using terror organizations to threaten its security,’ newspaper quotes Pentagon official as saying


Israel killed at least 32 civilians on Saturday, including 15 children, in air strikes

Israel killed at least 32 civilians on Saturday, including 15 children, in air strikes meant to punish Lebanon for letting Hizbollah guerrillas menace the Jewish state’s northern border.

Israel’s bombing of Lebanese roads, bridges, ports and airports, as well as Hizbollah targets, is its most destructive onslaught since its 1982 invasion to expel Palestinian forces.

An Israeli missile incinerated a van in south Lebanon, killing 20 people, among them 15 children, in the deadliest single attack of the four-day-old campaign launched by Israel after Hizbollah captured two of its soldiers and killed eight.

Police said the van was carrying two families fleeing the village of Marwaheen after Israeli loudspeaker warnings to leave their homes.


Link via BBC

Lebanon calls for cease-fire under U.N.

Neither side showed signs of backing down from the conflict, which erupted Wednesday when Hezbollah captured two Israeli soldiers in a cross-border raid. As civilian deaths mounted, diplomatic efforts to end the crisis had yet to get off the ground.

In an emotional televised speech, Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Saniora called on the
United Nations to broker an immediate cease-fire to end Israel’s land, sea and air offensive against Lebanon.