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Solidarity predicts end of affirmative action May 3, 2007

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A Johannesburg metro police campaign to recruit white, coloured and Indian members could be part of the slow death of affirmative action, the trade union Solidarity said on Thursday.

The scrapping of affirmative action — and discrimination against young white people — at entry-level is “a rapidly growing trend”, said Solidarity’s deputy general secretary, Dirk Hermann.

Apart from the Johannesburg metro police, several mining houses and large businesses are actively recruiting white people at lower levels, he said.

“This means that affirmative action is slowly dying from the bottom up.”

Solidarity saw the move as the first step in a process of exempting young people from affirmative action.

However, Hermann said it should not only be scrapped at the lower levels of the labour market, but throughout.

At the moment — in the metro police — minorities are being given the message that they are being recruited, but should not expect promotion.



More police racism claims in South Africa December 18, 2006

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JOHANNESBURG – Another 21 white, coloured and Indian policemen have come forward with instances of “a deliberate and orchestrated strategy” to drive them out of the SAPS.

The incidents will be put into a supplementary report on “new racism” in the police service compiled by Centurion-based civil rights initiative AfriForum, established by the trade union Solidarity.

The first report was handed to the Human Rights Commission last week.

“Various new sources from all over the country have come forward after the publication last week of AfriForum’s comprehensive report, in which the conclusion was reached that members of the police trade union, Popcru, are heading this strategy against non-black police service members.

“We will compile a supplementary report containing the new incidents as well as any others we receive before year end,” AfriForum chief executive Kallie Kriel said.

“SA can ill afford this in light of ongoing high crime levels.”

Popcru spokesman Boiki Tsedu reiterated their standpoint, made previously, that there was no campaign whatsoever.

He said Popcru called on Solidarity to “resist the temptation to make such statements”.


C.a.r.d {Citizens Against Racism and Discrimination} Source: Citizen.co.za

British Indian woman slams racism case against ING bank December 1, 2006

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London, Dec 1: A British Indian woman working in a London bank is demanding over 100,000 pounds in compensation alleging that she has been a target of racism while at work.

Meena Sagoo, 42, has alleged that her boss in ING Services Ltd referred to her and a male colleague as the ‘Kumars At No. 42’ after the popular TV comedy show of the same name, according to reports.

“I was sitting in an open-plan office and a Sri Lankan male colleague was there too. Richard came up to us and said, ‘Do you realise what we call you two? We call you The Kumars At No 42.’

“I did not think it was very amusing but I had only just joined and did not dare say anything,” a report in the Evening Standard quoted Sagoo as saying.

Sagoo, a vice president in the bank with a 80,000 pounds-a-year salary, said that managing director Richard Mutter also called another British Indian worker, Brij Bharati, as ‘Bhindi Bhaji’ after the popular Indian dish.


DoJ chief tagged a ‘racist’ over South Asian profiling order November 29, 2006

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ACTIVISTS who will hold their own activities parallel to the 12th ASEAN Summit in Cebu City have called Justice Secretary Raul Gonzalez a “racist” over his instructions to profile citizens from South Asia.

Milo Tanchuling, secretary general of the Freedom from Debt Coalition (FDC), which is part of the 2nd ASEAN Civil Society Conference, told INQ7.net in a phone interview on Monday: “It is embarrassing for a DoJ [Department of Justice] secretary to make such uncivilized comments [on feeding activists to sharks]. He does not understand civil society’s role in trying to bring forth the people’s issues in a forum as limited as the ASEAN. His statement on South Asians, identifying them as terrorists, is simply racist.”

Gonzalez had instructed the Bureau of Immigration to strictly monitor and profile all Pakistanis, Afghans, and Indian nationals.


Attorneys begin gathering witnesses in American Indian farmers’ federal discrimination lawsuit November 10, 2006

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BISMARCK, N.D. – Attorneys for American Indian farmers and ranchers are gathering information and witnesses for a discrimination case against the federal government.

Attorneys planned to meet Thursday near Fort Yates near the South Dakota state line to collect data for the lawsuit, which was filed in 1999. The lawsuit alleges the U.S. Department of Agriculture discriminated against native Americans in the granting of loans beginning in 1981.

The lawsuit was granted class-action status in 2001. It alleges the USDA denied or delayed loans, or did not approve enough money to keep farms afloat financially.

The case, Keepseagle vs. Johanns, formerly Veneman, refers to Fort Yates rancher George Keepseagle and Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns. Ann Veneman was agriculture secretary when the lawsuit was filed.


Sen. George Allen’s Racial Slur: Macaca? Makaka? Macaque? or Mohawk? August 16, 2006

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This story is quite amazing in the fact of how much media attention it has garnered. Regular readers of this site know that politicians and public officials make racist and offensive statements regularly. However, this particular one is being featured on all the major news reports. Where as, most stories are ignored completely by the mainstream news. There seem to be two interesting facts surrounding this story: first, after watching many of the news reports of this story, it is very clear that Shekar Ramanuja Sidarth is letting his hair grow back where it was shaved; as in the first reports and interviews with him show his hair at least on the sides as much shorter. We are unsure if this is to make it seem less plausible that George Allen was referring to his ‘mohawk’ hairstyle or for other reasons. The second interesting part of the story is the story that the media is not reporting; that being the anti-Semitic fliers that Jim Webb himself put out earlier (Link). One thing is certain with both candidates in this campaign: it’s politics as usual.

Update: We have received many emails in regard to this article and there is an alternate explanation to what macaca/makaka/macaque was intended to mean. This alternate explanation is explained in the following news clip:

But then on Aug. 11, Sen. George Allen, R-Va., by stringing some syllables together, made up the name, “macaca.” A name that is very similar to the name the Allen family calls his niece, Maka. (Allen is known for his penchant of nicknaming friends, family and staff. His head of fund-raising is referred to as “Java,” due to her incredible energy level. His wife, Susan, he calls “chicory,” because her eyes are the same color as the chicory flower. His Listening Tour driver is called “king of the road,” and the list goes on.)
In what seemed an attempt at humor, and not knowing the name of the cameraman that Webb had sent to film Allen’s every move and utterance, Allen called the man, “macaca.”

This ignited a firestorm of media speculation. The Washington Post and other media outlets found this word in another language, on another continent. According to ABC’s “Nightline” one Tunisian history expert said it was a derogatory term used hundreds of years ago. Regardless, a word that had no meaning on this continent was defined as racist and pinned on Allen.

The cameraman, S.R. Sidarth, claimed to be offended. Allen apologized, and Allen’s detractors had the opening they needed to drive the media into a feeding frenzy by playing the race card.

It had already been reported that Allen wore a Confederate flag lapel pin as a kid in high school, and later displayed the flag in his office and home. That story didn’t have legs, as these were old claims and Allen’s record of promoting a level playing field for all people regardless of race, ethnicity or religion was well documented. But macaca put fresh blood in the water and the media sharks circled, hungry for the killer story.


The featured stories follows below:

A volunteer of Indian descent working for Democrat Jim Webb’s U.S. Senate campaign said Monday he felt insulted when Sen. George Allen called him a name that sounded like “Macaca” during a rally in western Virginia.S.R. Sidarth, 20, spent last week following Allen’s “listening tour” and filming the appearances for the Webb campaign, which distributed a video clip of Friday’s appearance to reporters.


Immunity for Racist American Indian Corporations? July 18, 2006

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A white construction worker is suing two Colville tribal corporations, contending that racial slurs by American Indian co-workers caused him to quit his job.

Tribal attorneys say that Christopher Wright’s employer, as a tribal entity, is entitled to sovereign immunity and cannot be sued in state court.

Arguments in the case were heard Tuesday before the state Supreme Court in Olympia. It is the first time in more than 25 years that the high court has heard a tribal sovereign immunity case. A ruling is likely months away.

Wright’s case hinges on convincing justices that tribes’ immunity unfairly shields tribal for-profit corporations doing off-reservation work.

They “can be just running around the state and just not following the law,” said Wright’s attorney, Breean Beggs. “They can be polluting, they can be manufacturing products that are dangerous, and you can’t do anything about it, under their theory.”

Tribal attorneys insist that the Colville corporations are immune to state suits.

Tribal attorney Michael Griffin told the high court that Wright is welcome to file his case in tribal court in Nespelem.

“The tribal court is wide open to litigants like Mr. Wright,” said Griffin, a lawyer for the Colville Tribal Enterprise Corp. “If Mr. Wright invokes the jurisdiction of the tribal court, he will be heard.”

Beggs said Colville tribal law is unclear about whether a non-Indian can sue the tribe in such a case.

Wright, a pipe layer, took a construction job in Oak Harbor in 2002 replacing a water system at Navy housing on Whidbey Island. His employer was the Colville Tribal Services Corp.

The company is one of 14 business enterprises run by the Colville Tribal Enterprise Corp.

Wright contended that one co-worker “constantly spat on me when I was working in the ditch below him and shouted things at me like ‘You’re my white bitch.'”