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UN Special Envoy to visit war-ravaged Darfur February 7, 2007

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UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Darfur and his African Union (AU) counterpart will conduct a joint mission to Sudan next week as part of their efforts to revive the stalled peace process in the war-torn region.

Mr Jan Eliasson and the AU’s Mr Salim Ahmed Salim will travel on Monday to the capital, Khartoum, and to Darfur itself for talks with the Government and leaders of the rebel groups.
The rebel groups did not sign the Darfur Peace Agreement (DPA) in May last year.

The UN Mission in Sudan (UNMIS) announced the six-day mission on Tuesday as Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told the Security Council that obtaining a cessation of hostilities is urgent because unacceptable delays are preventing humanitarian help from reaching millions of victims.

Following his recent trip to Africa, where he discussed Darfur with AU leaders at their summit in Addis Ababa, Mr Ban warned Council members that slow progress on this issue cannot be tolerated.

“No more time can be lost. The people of Darfur have waited for far too long,” said UN spokesperson Michele Montas, quoting from Mr. Ban’s remarks.

Mr Ban said he had discussed with the Council his “very useful and constructive” recent meeting with Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, when they talked about plans for a hybrid UN-AU peacekeeping force in Darfur.

He said he expects a “positive and clear” response soon from Mr Bashir to a letter he sent last month outlining the details of the hybrid force, its command structure and funding.



Genocide in Darfur Page Complete January 13, 2007

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Our Genocide in Darfur page is now complete.  We have tried to both be thorough and complete in the facts, as well as, to the point.  Now you can quickly educate yourself or a friend about the ongoing genocide in Darfur.  We also plan on updating this page with the latest news so you can be aware of the what is currently transcribing in Sudan in the future.

[Link] Genocide in Darfur

New UN chief pledges attention to Darfur January 3, 2007

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UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon started his first day on the job on Tuesday by promising immediate attention to the crisis in Darfur but backing off traditional UN opposition to capital punishment.

Ban, a former South Korean foreign minister succeeding Kofi Annan of Ghana, was greeted by a UN honor guard and then went to a UN meditation chapel to honor fallen peacekeepers.

Asked about the weekend execution of Saddam Hussein, Ban, 62, told reporters the former Iraqi leader was responsible “for committing heinous crimes and unspeakable atrocities against the Iraqi people and we should never forget the victims of these crimes.”

But he said, “The issue of capital punishment is for each and every member state to decide” in conformity with international law. South Korea has the death penalty although it is considering abolishing it.

However, his special representative in Iraq, Ashraf Qazi, released a statement saying that the world body “remains opposed to capital punishment, even in the case of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide.”

Ban said the crisis in Sudan’s Darfur region was “very high on my agenda” and he would meet with his special envoy Jan Eliasson of Sweden on Wednesday morning and had already spoken by telephone with him.


The Damned of Darfur December 13, 2006

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A HALF-million dead in Darfur; 2.5 million refugees – not counting the corpses lost in the sands or terrified survivors in hiding. Surely, the world will act? No. The world talks. While the militias kill – and years pass. The United Nations looks away – its signature gesture when human rights are violated.

Welcome to the triumph of global hypocrisy.

Europe wrings its hands – as Europe always does – but declines an invitation to the dance. After all, “responsible” governments can’t play fast and loose with another state’s sovereignty. No dictator or president-for-life would be able to get a decent night’s sleep.

So Sudan’s Islamo-fascists continue to kill with impunity.

Our own left mourns theatrically for Darfur’s dead – but no one has formed a new Lincoln Brigade to take on Sudan’s Muslims fanatics. And the uncomfortable fact that Arab Muslims are slaughtering black Muslims goes ignored. It doesn’t fit the left’s comfortable worldview.


Another aid agency expelled from Darfur November 16, 2006

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Sudan has expelled a respected international refugees agency in the latest sign of a crackdown on aid operations in the war-torn province of Darfur. The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) was accused in the state media of inciting the 2.5 million people in camps not to return home.

Sudan denies obstructing aid workers but NGOs have become increasingly concerned that they are being barred from Darfur. Another refugee agency, the Norwegian Refugee Council, announced last week that it was pulling out of Darfur, accusing the Sudanese authorities of making it “impossible” for them to carry out their work.

Most aid agencies working in Darfur have been forced to scale down their activities in recent months as the Sudanese government has sought to prevent their movement.


AU to Deploy More Troops in Darfur November 10, 2006

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The African Union says it is stepping up efforts to rally support for the floundering Darfur Peace Agreement. The peace deal between the Sudanese government and one faction of the Sudan Liberation army has failed to reduce violence in Darfur.

African Union Commissioner for Peace and Security, Ambassador Said Djinnit, told reporters in Khartoum on Friday that the AU is determined to improve its impact in the war-torn region.

Djinnit said the African Union Mission in the Sudan (AMIS) will deploy an additional six battalions of troops and 500 police officers to Darfur.

“It is the African Union’s determination to strengthen the staff of AMIS in all its components,” he said. “We are in the process of assessing the staff of AMIS to give them more options and more strength to implement the DPA.”

Critics of the African Union charge that its cash-strapped mission cannot adequately protect Darfuris.

Late last month, scores of civilians, including 27 children, were killed in brutal attacks by militias known as Janajweed. When the United Nations accused Sudan of failing to disarm the Arab militias, Sudan denied the charges and has since increased restrictions on the press in Darfur, refusing to grant travel permits to foreign journalists.


Racial discrimination against whites in South Africa October 7, 2006

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After years of black Africans fighting racism in South Africa, now white students there are claiming that the government is discriminating against them. And now, they’ve decided to protest in an unusual way.

Students in Pretoria blacken their faces to protest what they see as the lower status of whites in modern South Africa. The group of eleven then registered as Africans with the South African department of labour said that it gives them a better chance of gaining employment.

Ernst Roets, student leader, said: “People are being driven to the point where they say well, we have no option left. We can’t get a job in South Africa. We are being discriminated against. We have to leave the country and see whether we can make a living for ourselves somewhere outside.”

The students have appealed to everyone born in the South Africa to register for employment as African, rather than other options viz. white, coloured or Indian.


Security Council Expected to Vote Tomorrow in Darfur August 31, 2006

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The Security Council is set to vote tomorrow on a draft resolution outlining the establishment within months of a United Nations peacekeeping mission in Sudan’s strife-torn and impoverished Darfur region.

Ambassador Nana Effah-Apenteng of Ghana, which holds the Council presidency for August, told reporters today after consultations among Council members at UN Headquarters in New York that he expected the draft resolution would be adopted at a meeting tomorrow.

Mr. Effah-Apenteng said such a vote would not mean the Council is “shutting the door” on continued negotiations with the Sudanese Government, which has stated several times that it is opposed to any UN force taking over from the current African Union (AU) mission in Darfur.


South Africa’s Genocide: It’s not crime – it’s WAR August 17, 2006

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The history of the Black African Liberation Struggle against colonial powers has always involved a guerilla strategy of attacking “soft targets” such as isolated farmsteads, bombing civilian public places and churches, politicizing the rural population by way of terrorizing them and branding non-compliants as sell-outs and traitors before brutally executing them in full view of their families and friends.
The tools to used to effect such “Struggles” have in every instance prolifically featured the use of the ubiquitous AK 47. This is a weapon of war – it is an assault rifle, the only purpose of which is to be used in warfare for the killing of human beings. It is not a gardening tool or a spanner (wrench) it is a weapon of war – period.
Direct confrontation with the security forces of the day was to be ruled out as much as possible as this invariably resulted in the annihilation of the entire “Liberation” unit. As such the “Liberation Struggle” was marvelously efficient in every aspect of its operation when it came to slaughtering and coercing unarmed civilians and a spectacular failure when encountering armed trained security forces that could fight back with devastating ferocity.
In SA the “Liberation Struggle” was declared successful with the advent of 1994 and the installation of the ANC Government and was deemed to have ceased in order to commence with “Nation Building” of the Rainbow Nation.
However, it is apparent that the “Liberation Struggle” continued with the removal of White Farmers in Zimbabwe resulting immediately in Zimbabwe becoming a basket case and millions of refugees flooding over the border into South Africa in search of a better life due to South Africa’s apparently better economy.
As Zimbabwe collapsed, the plunder, pillage, murder, and human rights violations of Robert Mugabe were benignly regarded from South Africa by Thabo Mbeki who explained away his stance as one of “Quiet Diplomacy”


Israel’s Ethnic Weapon? July 26, 2006

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Israel is reportedly developing a biological weapon that would harm Arabs while leaving Jews unaffected, according to a report in London’s Sunday Times.The report, citing Israeli military and western intelligence sources, says that scientists are trying to identify distinctive genes carried by Arabs to create a genetically modified bacterium or virus.


Shocking images of “Gifts from Israeli Children”: The Indoctrination of Israeli Children July 19, 2006

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Global Research July 19, 2006

Israeli children sign bombs, as ‘gifts’ to the Lebanese children:

Below are disturbing pictures of Israeli children sending gifts of hatred to their Arab counterparts in what is a systematic method of teaching children to kill others. These pictures were taken at a heavy artillery position near Kiryat Shmona close to the Lebanese border.

The victims:

“Jewish people of Israel re-enact the horrors of their German oppressors” July 15, 2006

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The Invasion of Gaza
Roger van Zwanenberg

The Israeli ongoing invasion of Gaza brings to a head many of the issues that have been fermenting for some time. If it was not clear before, it ought to be clear now, that the Israeli domination of the Palestinian people is a domination of a Totalitarian character. The present invasion, by hugely superior military forces of land, sea and air, on a comparatively unarmed people, cannot be justified by any criteria, legally or morally. That our own British government fails to raise an eyebrow, and that the so called International community does nothing, is a slur on us all of a level that shames our so called democracies. Israel is creating the conditions for a massive famine as the rest of the world looks on and does nothing. This is totalitarianism in action.

The problem is this: Israel is supposed to be a country this is for all the Jewish people a land of refuge where Jewish people will never allow themselves to be destroyed again. To achieve these noble aims the people and government of Israel has ethnically cleaned the land twice, in 1948 and 1967. Israel is now attempting to do so again, through the theft of more land and water resources, through the erection of the Wall, and now through the invasion of the people of Gaza.

This is an ongoing tragedy of huge proportions happening right before our eyes. It is an affront to all human dignity and sensibility. The justification produced by the Israeli media is not worth the time of day, it is all so paper thin. Why should a people who have suffered so deeply themselves impose a new level of suffering on a people who had nothing whatsoever to do with the Holocaust. The most awful aspect of the present Totalitarian regime in Israel is the ultimate innocence of the Palestinian people.

I should add here that I’ve been involved in Israel and Palestine for over 40 years. As a very young man, I learnt the art of “radical” political analysis from a 6 month stint in an Israeli Kibbutz. I was born into a Christian family with deep Jewish roots; all my first cousins were and are deeply Jewish. Mine is a family with deep fault lines everywhere, enough to make me a person deeply involved in the tragedy being played out in the Middle East.

Trained psychoanalysts can explain the actions of Israel better than I. The British have a huge responsibility, which is never admitted. Britain gave away a piece of land in 1948 which was not theirs to give. Israel could have behaved very differently after 48 and at any time thereafter. They could have realized the indignity of what they did in 48 and made an attempt to build up the people of Palestine along with themselves. Never an easy job, of course, but through it much of the hatred that has now built up over 60 years would have been dissipated.

As it now stands the goal of a safe home for all Jews is further away than ever. The Greater Middle East policy of the USA is now Israels only hope of achieving this goal. And it is now clear that such a policy can be carried out only by inflicting untold suffering across the Arabic world. The Arab world divided against itself in 1920 and then further divided in 1948. It has never been allowed by the external Imperial powers to unite, as with the European Union, into a single political entity with its own Central Bank and free trade between all its parts. Instead only buffer States like Jordan, weak States like Syria, and old rich States closely allied to Western interests have been allowed to exist. If one or the other of these States seems to become too powerful they are invaded.

The Arab world has, in short, been consistently undermined in its Development while Israel has been encouraged to become the dominant military State in the region. Israel and its people are now behaving with impunity, just like the State of Germany did in prosecuting the final solution. We are schooled in the belief that we must say “never again!” to such barbarity. But Israel knows that all the surrounding states are too weak to intervene. As we watch with horror the invasion of Gaza, we all feel our helplessness. All the fine words, how the horrors of the Holocaust must always be remembered, are quickly forgotten by the world’s governments as the Jewish people of Israel re-enact the horrors of their German oppressors—the horrors that their mothers and fathers underwent 60 or more years ago.

Just as Nazi Germany could not survive for long, so too, a brutal Israel, brutalizing her own and all the surrounding people, cannot survive for long. As things stand, I cannot see how that demise will come about. But the acts of evil we are now witnessing cannot last without having deep and lasting effects on all of us.


Some Israelis contemplate low-grade ‘genocide’ for Palestinians July 15, 2006

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A interesting article from 2003 asking if ethnic cleansing/genocide is being carried out in front of our eyes:

One way to cover up a crime is to find a benign term that hides the violence and cruelty of the act. Such is the case with “transfer,” an idea increasingly being put forward in Israel as a solution to conflict with the Palestinians.

Transfer conjures up images of a worker reassigned to a new office, or a slip allowing a rider to change buses for free. But transfer of the Palestinians would be nothing less than ethnic cleansing.

The main public proponents of this have been on the far right of Israeli politics, such as the Moledet Party, which refuses to recognize Palestinian rights. But in a poll earlier this year, 46 percent of Israelis supported transfer of Palestinians out of the Israeli-occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip, while 31 percent favored transferring Israeli Arabs out of the country.

As Israeli author Tanya Reinhart argues in her new book “Israel/Palestine: How to End the War of 1948,” there has long been planning for “the second half of 1948” by some Israeli politicians, including Prime Minister Ariel Sharon.

The phrase refers to the 750,000 Palestinians who fled or were driven from their homes during the 1948 war, which ended with Israel controlling 78 percent of Palestine that existed under the British Mandate (compared with 56 percent under the U.N. partition plan in 1947). Now some Israelis ponder whether can they take 100 percent.

A military campaign to achieve that had been unthinkable, but many now believe that under the cover of a U.S. war against Iraq, Israeli soldiers would be free to finish the job.

I say “finish,” because a slow ethnic cleansing is already under way, primarily through the systematic destruction of the Palestinian economy; when people cannot make a living, many will leave. A study for the U.S. Agency for International Development released in August showed that one-fifth of Palestinian children were malnourished, due to dramatically lowered Palestinian incomes and disruptions of food distribution because of the tightened Israeli occupation.

Life for Palestinians means constant harassment at checkpoints. Olive trees, central to agriculture there, are bulldozed by Israeli troops who claim they provide cover for snipers. Palestinian homes are demolished, supposedly because Palestinians built on their land without appropriate permits, which Israel will not give them. This fall the residents of the Palestinian village Yanun chose to leave rather than continue to endure the property destruction and assaults from Israeli settlers from nearby Itamar.

As Effi Eitam of the right-wing National Religious Party has put it, if Palestinians find “the situation so hard and so dangerous that they prefer to move to some other part of the world,” well, he will shed no tears.

The plan appears to be working. According to the Jerusalem Post, by August last year about 80,000 Palestinians had left the West Bank and Gaza, a 50 percent increase over last year.

If this ethnic cleansing–either the slow version or expulsion by Israeli soldiers–is successful, another term may come into play: genocide. The crime of genocide is generally associated with mass killing, but international law defines genocide as acts intended “to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial, or religious group.” One of the five types of acts is “deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part.”

Creating conditions “so hard and dangerous” that they drive people off their land is a way to eliminate the Palestinian people. Not all the Palestinians need be killed; once completely dispersed in other countries, they will cease to be a recognizable group that could press a claim to that land.

Is the world ready to accept that kind of genocide as a solution to the conflict?

No doubt the world is not; for years there has been a consensus on a diplomatic settlement that calls on Israel to withdraw from illegally occupied territory in return for peace. The key is whether the United States will allow it.

For years the United States–which supplies Israel with diplomatic support, military assistance, and at least $3 billion a year in economic aid–has backed Israeli power and called it a “peace process.” Unless we demand that our government press for peace rooted in justice, this process will be the end of the Palestinian people.

ROBERT JENSEN, a journalism professor at the University of Texas at Austin, is the author of “Writing Dissent: Taking Radical Ideas from the Margins to the Mainstream.”


The Silent Genocide in South Africa Against White Farmers July 11, 2006

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A sad story that is not talked about in the news; the racist genocide against white farmers in South Africa that are murdered because of their skin color as the world ignores them.

What happened to “Never Again”?

A news report covering the genocide:

Part 1

Part 2

Another news report covering this issue: