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Racist Latino gang members targeting African-Americans in attacks December 20, 2006

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There has been a spike this year in racist attacks by Latinos against Blacks in the Valley area:

CANOGA PARK – Racial tension that percolated in Los Angeles County jails this year has boiled over to San Fernando Valley streets, where Latino gang members are targeting African-Americans in random attacks.

Blacks have been the targets in nine of 12 attempted-murder cases reported since July in the Canoga Park area, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

“The people getting shot are the guy walking down the street; they’re innocent victims,” said Lt. Tom Smart of the West Valley’s Gang Impact Team. “They don’t appear to have any gang membership or affiliation.”

The attacks are evidence of racial tension that started in Los Angeles’ diverse neighborhoods, shifted to the county jails and is now spreading

to the relatively safe West Valley. Two inmates have been killed and scores of others injured this year in racial brawls at Los Angeles County jails.

“We believe it’s an outgrowth of some conflict we’ve seen in the county jail system where there have been fights along race lines,” said Deputy Chief Michel Moore, the Valley’s top cop. “We believe gang members are targeting others and vice versa.”

Blacks were targeted this year in 14 of the West Valley’s 23 reported hate crimes.

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Racist gang shave off Sikh teenager’s hair November 16, 2006

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LONDON (Reuters) – A gang of youths cut the hair of a teenage Sikh boy during a racist attack in Edinburgh, police said on Wednesday.

The 15-year-old boy was walking through a park on Tuesday evening when four white youths subjected him to a tirade of racial abuse, Lothian and Borders police said.

They then attacked him, punching and kicking him to the ground, loosening a bandana he was wearing around his head.

The youths then cut his hair before running away.

Sikh men do not cut their hair, for religious reasons.

“This was an extremely distressing attack on a young member of our community, who has been left traumatised by this incident,” a police spokesman said.

Police forces across the country say there has been an increase in attacks on ethnic minorities since last year’s suicide bomb attacks in London carried out by four British Islamists.

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The hidden white victims of racism November 12, 2006

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Last week’s horrifying trial of three Asians is part of a worrying trend, says Brendan Montague
No one who saw Angela Donald giving her dignified statement that “justice had been done” outside the High Court in Edinburgh as the racist murderers of her 15-year-old son were jailed last week could feel anything but sympathy. For Margaret Massey there was more, though — a sense of fellow-feeling and anger.

Kriss Donald was snatched off the street by an Asian gang and subjected to a terrible ordeal: beaten, stabbed, doused in petrol and set ablaze. Massey’s son Lee, a rugby player, was also the subject of a racially motivated attack when he was set upon by a gang of Iraqi asylum seekers “out looking for someone” to hurt.

He and two friends were stabbed in a car park in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, in October 2003. Lee was then thrown into the air and suffered devastating brain injuries when one of the gang used a car to run him down. Three years later he has not fully recovered.

Massey still feels aggrieved that — in her view — the police inquiry was hindered by political correctness because officers feared that reporting that a white man had been so brutally attacked by asylum seekers would further fuel racial tensions following several such brawls in the area.

“The police didn’t charge 13 members of the gang even though I believe there was some evidence,” she says.

“If our Lee had run over one of the Iraqis he would have been arrested right away and sent to prison for the rest of his life. The police are nervous when white people are attacked. In this area this is happening more and more often.”


Hispanic Gang Members Guilty of Hate Crimes Against Blacks August 3, 2006

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Four members of a Hispanic gang were convicted of conspiring to use violence to push blacks out of their neighborhood, after federal prosecutors targeted the gang with laws normally used to prosecute white supremacist groups.All four were found to have caused the death of a black man shot while parking his car in 1999 and a man shot while standing at a bus stop in 2000 in the largely Hispanic city of Highland Park, east of Los Angeles, California.


Aryan Brotherhood Leaders Convicted of Murder July 30, 2006

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Four leaders of the Aryan Brotherhood prison gang are convicted on charges of murder, conspiracy and racketeering. The verdict, delivered in a In Santa Ana, Calif., courtroom, was hailed as a victory for federal prosecutors.

The charges are part of an ongoing effort to curb the group’s violent and racist activities behind bars.

Two of the four gang members, Barry Mills and Tyler Bingham, could get the death penalty. The other two defendants may receive life sentences.