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Christian students ‘facing discrimination’ November 25, 2006

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Christian students at many British universities are facing “considerable opposition and discrimination”, church leaders have claimed.

Bishops from the Anglican and Catholic churches say students’ rights of “freedom of expression, freedom of belief and freedom of association” have been violated by student guilds who have changed their anti-discrimination provisions.

In a letter to The Times, which cites guilds at Exeter, Birmingham and Edinburgh as examples, they condemn the practice as “intolerant and unlawful” and call upon all Christian unions currently suspended by student associations to be “reinstated with full rights as a student society forthwith”.

The letter has been signed by numerous church officials, including the former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey of Clifton, and The Right Rev Crispian Hollis, Roman Catholic Bishop of Portsmouth and lead Bishop of Higher Education.

Other senior figures from groups such as the Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship and the Christian Medical Fellowship have also added their signatures.



Norway ‘Nazi cartoon’ irks Israel August 17, 2006

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Israel’s ambassador to Norway has complained to press regulators about a cartoon showing Israeli PM Ehud Olmert as a Nazi concentration camp commander. Miryam Shomrat told the BBC the caricature in Oslo’s Dagbladet newspaper went beyond free speech.

Ms Shomrat said it would be open to prosecution in some European countries.

Dagbladet’s editor said the caricature was “within the bounds of freedom of expression,” according to Norway’s NRK state broadcaster.

Ms Shomrat made the official complaint to the Norwegian Press Trade Committee following the publication of the cartoon on 10 July.

In an interview with the BBC’s Europe Today, she said however that her protest could not be compared to the outcry in the Muslim world over the publication in a Danish newspaper of cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed.

Lars Helle, Dagbladet’s acting editor-in-chief, said the newspaper was taking the complaint seriously.


UK Freedom of Speech Based on Race: Free Speech Affirmative Action August 10, 2006

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Earlier we brought you the story about how the racist principal of affirmative action was applied to the freedom of speech by a U.S. court judgement. Now it appears that this idea is also being applied in the UK’s House of Lords, as they will decide what is “grossly offensive” based on: “the standards of an open and just multi-racial society” and “taking account of their context and all relevant circumstances.” As well as, they stated that “The test is whether a message is couched in terms liable to cause gross offence to those to whom it relates.” Which seems very reminiscent of what the U.S. court said when restricting free speech based on race, religion, and sexual orientation. The story follows below:
A man who ranted and shouted in telephone calls to his MP should have been convicted for using racist terms that were “grossly offensive”. The offence is a necessary limitation on everyone’s right to freedom of expression, the House of Lords has ruled.