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Fired black dean claims discrimination January 4, 2007

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MADISON, Wis. — Once seen as a leader who could bring diversity to the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, a former dean fired for financial mismanagement has filed a federal discrimination lawsuit claiming he was ousted because he’s black. Lee Jones argues in the lawsuit in U.S. District Court that top university officials singled him out for the audit that unfairly criticized him and cost him his career in higher education.

University officials have denied his allegations of racism and said Jones’ own actions are to blame for his downward spiral from a young black scholar nationally known for motivational speaking to a disgraced ex-dean.

Jones was the first of two black deans to allege discrimination at UW-Whitewater.

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She got pregnant. Then she got fired. Was it coincidence? December 10, 2006

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TAMPA – Angela Cyhaniuk sat numbly in a back room of the Victoria’s Secret at Westfield Citrus Park mall as conversation swirled around her.

Just three months before, her bosses labeled her work as the store’s manager “exemplary” and “flawless.” Now the same people who had praised her were telling her she was fired.

She was accused of falsifying the payroll. But Cyhaniuk says she was convinced the real reason for her termination was the baby she was scheduled to deliver in October – and the leave that would keep her home during the Christmas rush.

“They had told me my pregnancy was going to be a problem,” Cyhaniuk said. “Those were the words they used.”

She left the store that day – June 6, 2004 – in a daze. She was 51/2 months pregnant and jobless. But she didn’t want to give up without a fight.

Cyhaniuk contacted the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that week and joined the growing number of women alleging pregnancy discrimination. Between 1992 and 2003, the number of complaints nationwide rose nearly 40 percent, from 3,385 to 4,649, according to the EEOC.

Experts say there could be multiple explanations for the increase, from the growing number of mothers in the workplace to a lack of education among employers.

Many women, like Cyhaniuk, are simply more aware of the law and are willing to go to court if they believe they have been discriminated against.

“I felt like they murdered my career,” she said. “I didn’t want to let them get away with murder.”


AIDS policy for workplace on the cards November 27, 2006

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MUMBAI: In what is being seen as a landmark initiative in fighting discrimination against people living with HIV/AIDS, the state government is set to announce a workplace policy to safeguard their interests. The policy—which will be the first of it kind to be adopted by a state in the country—is likely to be discussed in the coming Nagpur session.

“The workplace policy will ensure that no employee can be refused a job, denied a promotion, transferred or dismissed only because he/she is HIV positive,” said state health minister Vimal Mundada on Monday, adding that the government would implement the policy in all its offices and would call upon the private sector to adopt the model.

State health secretary Dr V S Singh, who was also present, said: “A person’s HIV positive status would have to be kept confidential and he would have to be allowed to work so long as he is medically fit. Punitive action will be taken for any violation,” he said.


Discrimination lawsuit to go to trial: Did Dekalb County try to create a “darker administration?” November 26, 2006

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A federal appeals court has ruled that a race discrimination lawsuit against top officials in DeKalb County can go to trial.

The two-year-old suit alleges that DeKalb officials replaced white employees with black ones in parks management to create a “darker administration” that better reflects the county’s racial makeup.

U.S. District Court Judge William Duffey ruled Nov. 21 that a jury will weigh on two current and two former county employees’ claims that they were treated with hostility and were forced to resign or were wrongfully terminated.

DeKalb County Chief Executive Officer Vernon Jones, executive assistant Richard Stogner, parks director Marilyn Boyd Drew and assistant administrator Morris Williams deny the lawsuit’s allegations. The judge dismissed Joe Stone, DeKalb’s human resources director, from the suit.

The suit was filed by three whites _ Becky Kelley, Michael Bryant and John Drake _ and one black, Herbert Lowe, who says he was fired because he would not discriminate against white managers.


Man sues ex-employer, claiming discrimination because he is white November 18, 2006

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COLORADO SPRINGS (AP) – A former maintenance and construction company manager is suing his one-time employer – alleging the company discriminated against him because he is white.

Steven Pagel’s federal lawsuit claims that Aspen Diversified Industries removed whites from management jobs, replaced them with Hispanics, and allowed derogatory comments about whites.

The lawsuit also claims Aspen Diversified tried to demote him, then fired him after he accused another manager of improperly offering discounted work for family and friends.

Company officials declined comment. Two people who had management positions there at the time Pagel worked there denied his allegations.

A trial date is expected to be set at a conference, tentatively scheduled for December 22nd.

Aspen Diversified is an affiliate of the Pikes Peak Behavioral Health Group, and offers jobs in maintenance, construction, furniture assembly and other services to disadvantaged and disabled workers.

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Woman wins anti-Christian discrimination case November 17, 2006

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SAVANNAH, Mo. – Three years after she was fired for refusing to work on Sundays, Connie Rehm has won back her job on the staff of this small town’s public library, and her employers have received a costly education in employment rights law.

No less a legal team than the same Florida attorneys who represented the parents of

Terri Schiavo

— the brain-damaged woman at the center of last year’s right-to-die case — took up Rehm’s cause, suing Rolling Hills Consolidated Library on a claim of religious discrimination.

A federal jury found in her favor after a three-day trial in May, and last month she was reinstated on a judge’s order to the staff assistant job she had held for 12 years before her religious practice and the library’s adoption of Sunday hours collided in 2003.

To Rehm, a 54-year-old former junior high school math teacher who still attends the Lutheran church where she and her husband were married 34 years ago, the outcome of her case is a victory for any employee whose conviction against laboring on the Sabbath is tested by workplace demands.

“A middle American, mild-mannered, small-town library person — I attribute to the Lord a great sense of humor for having picked me for this test,” Rehm mused in an interview at her home in rural Savannah, a northwest Missouri town of 4,900.

Though claims of religious discrimination are growing in number, they were only a tiny segment — just 3.1 percent — of the slightly more than 75,000 complaints filed last year with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

The agency is a sort of legal gatekeeper, weeding out baseless claims and attempting to resolve those that seem to present genuine violations of the Civil Rights Act.

Rarer still are religious discrimination cases that wind up in a courtroom. When, as in Rehm’s case, the EEOC determines that a violation did occur, both sides typically prefer settlement to arguing their positions before an unpredictable jury.


Neb. tries to oust trooper linked to KKK August 27, 2006

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Robert Henderson was not fired as a state trooper because he belonged to the Ku Klux Klan and another white supremacist group, authorities said. Instead, he was ousted because he could not uphold public trust while participating in such groups, they said.

An arbitrator disagreed, ordering the State Patrol to reinstate Henderson within 60 days and pay him back wages. The state went to court Friday to keep him off the force.

“The integrity of Nebraska’s law enforcement is at risk,” Attorney General Jon Bruning said at news conference in Lincoln. “The Constitution does not require law enforcement to employ anyone tied to the KKK.”

In a summary of the causes for firing Henderson in March, the State Patrol said membership in the KKK “seriously compromised” Henderson’s ability to do his job.

Henderson and the state troopers union appealed and, under its contract, went to binding arbitration, to get his job back.


‘Terrorist’ slur costs star TV job August 11, 2006

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Former Australian Test player Dean Jones was sacked as a commentator on Monday after referring to South African Muslim batsman Hashim Amla as a “terrorist”.

Jones, who admitted making the comment and apologized, was on a TV team covering the second Test between Sri Lanka and South Africa in Colombo.

According to a statement issued by Cricket South Africa on Monday, viewers heard Jones say, “the terrorist has got another wicket” when Amla took the catch that dismissed Kumar Sangakkara.