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Tory MP denies ‘racist’ accusation November 28, 2006

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A Tory MP who seemed to suggest that “more criminals are black than white”, today strongly denied that he is racist.

Bob Spink reportedly made the claim in an email exchange with one of his constituents in Castle Point, Essex.

He was asked: “Are you saying that a lot more criminals are black than white – or that there are more black people in jail than white because they are stopped more often?”

Mr Spink then reportedly replied: “The former, and that’s what people don’t seem to like. But I didn’t enter a beauty contest when I became an MP!!!!”

He insisted that the way the comments, reported in the Daily Mirror, had been portrayed was “disingenuous” and “politically mischievous”.

He said: “In fact, I was simply repeating to my constituent the answers that the Home Secretary had put down to me in the House of Commons.



‘Mean’ student sends prank racist e-mail to Disney World November 13, 2006

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An Aberdeen student almost cost a friend a job by sending a racist e-mail in her name after an argument, a court has heard.    Samantha Mitchell, 20, used her friend’s password to send the e-mail. Mitchell asked Disney World if the victim would be working with any black people during a summer job, and said she did not want to be touched by them.

Sentence on Mitchell, who admitted using the password without permission, was deferred at Aberdeen Sheriff Court. Fiscal depute Mhairi Morrison told the court: “The accused had sent the e-mail from the computer address to another friend and also Disney World in Florida.

“During March the complainer received a call from a representative of Disney World informing her that as a result of the e-mail she was no longer suitable for employment.


Discriminatory Preferential Treatment In Court For High-School Football Players August 21, 2006

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Two teenagers who pulled a stunt last winter that left a man physically disabled and his friend brain-damaged will each spend 60 days in juvenile detention, but not before they finish the upcoming high-school football season. Judge Gary F. McKinley told a standing-room-only crowd in his courtroom yesterday that he knows his decision to allow standout Kenton High School athletes Dailyn Campbell, 16, and Jesse Howard, 17, to play sports before serving their sentences will be unpopular.

Five deputies were on hand during the sentencing hearing in Hardin County Common Pleas Court, and McKinley told the emotional crowd that he would hold anyone who had an outburst in contempt.

“I’m cutting you somewhat of a break here, and the court will get criticized for this,” McKinley told Campbell.

The retired Union County juvenile court judge assigned to hear the cases said he had waffled when trying to decide whether to delay any sentence until after football season.

“I shouldn’t even be doing this,” he told Campbell, a junior quarterback for the Kenton Wildcats, who won state titles in 2001 and 2002.

At those words, more than a dozen relatives of the two who were injured in the prank began to sob. Campbell’s mother and stepfather, sitting behind the victims’ families, looked relieved.


Jim Welker Sends Another E-Mail: ‘Black Culture’ July 25, 2006

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A state lawmaker who has already apologized after forwarding an e-mail criticizing black hurricane victims is under fire for sending another, similar message.

Rep. Jim Welker, R-Loveland, sent an e-mail to reporters Wednesday with an article titled “‘Black Culture’ Blamed for Hurricane Katrina Woes,” attributed to the Rev. Grant Storm. The article said blacks’ culture instilled a mentality of entitlement.