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‘Elderly’ drivers seek freedom from DMV ageism May 8, 2007

Posted by C.A.R.D in age limit driving, Card, Citizens Against Discrimination, Discriminate, discrimination against the Elderly, DMV, DMV discrimination, driving discrimination.
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Once an adult, twice a child, the old wives’ wit goes. If you live long enough, you might be unfortunate enough to leave this world the way you entered it: needing diapers.
Most senior citizens do their best to maintain as much of their freedom and dignity as they can until that unhappy helpless moment arrives. They don’t need meddlesome legislators to drive them to dependence prematurely.
Besides, what constitutes “elderly” anyway? Recently I was forced to ponder this burning baby boomer’s question and decided that it really boils down to a matter of perception.
I heard a report of “an elderly woman’s” body being found after a fire. She was 60. Sixty is elderly? Sure, if you are a 20-something television copywriter; not if you are a 50-something columnist.
Still, young marketers in this youthful, health-conscious era try to sell us on an “active adult” image in which 60 is the new 40, 50 is the new 30 and so on. Then reality bites, usually when you can’t get your achy bones out of bed in the morning. Or you figure out on your own that it’s best to avoid driving at the height of rush hour. Age, they wistfully argue, is nothing but a number.
But that magic senior number, set at 75 by the District’s Department of Motor Vehicles, is just plain arbitrary.