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Glen Beck and Bill O’Reilly afraid to speak to Blacks? February 11, 2007

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NYPD Challenges Sharpton’s ‘Stop and Frisk’ Racism Allegations February 9, 2007

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Political activist Al Sharpton is contemplating a class-action lawsuit against the New York Police Department over alleged race-based stop and search practices, but the police say the data shows that stops were proportionate to the crimes they were investigating.

Comparisons in crime and stop-and-search statistics for two neighboring precincts, police say, call into question the accusations of racism.

Following the release of figures showing that more than half of the people stopped and frisked by police in the city in 2005 were black, Sharpton said the procedure disproportionately and unfairly targets blacks and Hispanic in New York City.

Records indicate that 55 percent of the more than 508,000 people stopped and searched that year were black, and nearly 30 percent were Hispanic.

The New York Civil Liberties Union also expressed outrage at the NYPD figures, saying blacks were five times more likely to be searched than whites.

“In 1998, stop-and-frisk data prompted the Attorney General to conclude that the NYPD was engaged in racial profiling under the Giuliani administration,” said the group’s executive director, Donna Lieberman.

“Now, once again, we’re seeing what appear to be massive racial disparities in the department’s stop-and-frisk practices. We need to analyze this data to determine whether the department is again engaging in racial profiling,” she added.

Sharpton, who unsuccessfully sought the Democratic presidential nomination in 2004, announced that his civil rights organization, the National Action Network, would begin collecting names of New Yorkers who believe they have been victims of NYPD racial profiling. He has yet to announce if and when he will file a lawsuit.

But data compiled by the NYPD and the Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB) shows a correlation between the number of felony crimes, locations, and the population breakdown in the relevant parts of the city.


Hispanics vs. Blacks: The Battle For “Preferred Minority” Status February 8, 2007

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by La Shawn Barber

As someone who loathes government-mandated race preferences, I look forward to years of laugh-riot fun as preference-loving blacks and Hispanics duel it out, fighting each other over government goodies.

I recently learned about a case involving a black cop named Kenneth A. Boyd in Wilmington, Delaware who claims he was passed over for promotion because he’s black.

Boyd alleges that police chief Michael J. Szczerba promoted an undeserving Hispanic instead. Oh, why does this sound familiar? According to The News Journal, Szczerba “fostered a diverse police force,” which is code for skin-color preferences. Only in this case, the Negro wasn’t the “preferred minority.”

A preferred minority group is one that is ostensibly under-represented in certain jobs, schools, etc. Asians also are a minority group, but they are not “preferred,” particularly as far as college admissions are concerned, because they tend to be overrepresented. In fact, admissions for Asians may be suppressed in order to conform to liberals’ notions of a proper racial balance. U.S. Commission on Civil Rights member Peter Kirsanow writes:

Asian Americans, though only four percent of the nation’s population, account for nearly 20 percent of all medical students. Forty-five percent of Berkeley’s freshman class, but only 12 percent of California’s populace, consists of Asian-Americans. And at UT-Austin, 18 percent of the freshman class is Asian American, compared to three percent for the state… President Clinton worried that, without preferences, “there are universities in California that could fill their entire freshman classes with nothing but Asian-Americans.”

Blacks have always been THE preferred minority group, but those days are coming to an end. Cases like Boyd’s are only the beginning of the battles between Hispanics and blacks for preferred minority status. Hispanic groups are already urging the federal government to hire more Hispanics. Incidentally, whites are becoming a minority group in states like Texas and California. Will they one day become a preferred minority?

With illegal aliens working on the cheap, look for more stories about blacks crying,”Hispanic racist!” If for no other reason than Hispanics are supplanting them as “preferred,” blacks should be speaking out against amnesty-for-illegal-aliens the loudest.


Bizarre Marin cab ride prompts charge of anti-Black racial discrimination February 7, 2007

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SAN RAFAEL, Calif. A San Rafael restaurant manager filed a racial discrimination claim against a cab company after a taxi driver allegedly locked him in his cab and drove him to jail because he thought he was a fare scofflaw.

Lawyers for Michael Orange, 29, filed the complaint against Marin Yellow Cab on Tuesday with the state’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing.

Orange said he hailed the cab outside a San Rafael bus station in June and asked to be taken home. Instead, the cab driver locked the doors, made a quick U-turn and headed in the opposite direction.

“I’m locked in the car – he’s not telling me what’s going” on, Orange said. “This isn’t just some drive like ‘Driving Miss Daisy.’ This guy is really whipping me around.”

The driver pulled up in front of the Marin County Jail and told Orange, who is black, that he “fit the profile” of a man who had skipped out on two earlier fares. He could either pay the fare in advance or talk to sheriff’s deputies, the driver told him.


Zimbabwe’s White Farmers Face Government Land Grab in Attempt to Ethnically Cleanse the Country February 7, 2007

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The last remaining white farmers in Zimbabwe are resisting a government deadline for them to leave their land. Many of the 400 farmers had until the weekend to hand properties over to new black owners or face prosecution.

But the Commercial Farmers Union (CFU) has advised members to resist – saying arrest and prosecution is their only way of getting a hearing in court. Zimbabwe’s food production has plummeted since land reforms that saw thousands of white-owned farms seized.

A government deadline for almost all the remaining farms to be transferred lapsed on Saturday. But CFU official Emily Crookes said the farmers hoped they would be allowed to stay on to harvest their crops – as President Robert Mugabe has promised. “Some farmers are still a bit anxious about what the future is going to be,” she told AFP news agency.


MIT Professor Begins Hunger Strike Over Denied Tenure February 7, 2007

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An African American MIT professor has begun a hunger strike to protest the university’s decision to deny him tenure. He claims the move is based on racism.

James Sherley is a stem cell scientist who says he’s spent two years trying to get MIT administrators to reverse a decision not to recommend his tenure.

Sherley ate breakfast Monday, then began his hunger strike.

He waited outside the office of MIT provost Rafael Reif for several hours in a peaceful protest.

He says he’ll continue his hunger strike “as long as it takes” for MIT to acknowledge that racism played a role in the decision to deny him tenure.

MIT officials say less than half of its junior faculty members are granted tenure. Chancellor Phillip Clay maintains racism played no role in the decision.

CARD {Citizens Against Racism and Discrimination} Source: WCSH6.com

New York City Council Considers N-Word Ban February 6, 2007

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Update: Related Story:
New York bans ‘nigger’ slur: Eroding free speech in America?

A city politician wants to see the n-word abolished. On the first day of Black History Month, Queens Councilman Leroy Comrie yesterday introduced a resolution calling on New Yorkers to shun the racial slur.

“It’s my hope this resolution will spark a dialogue in all communities and begin to move our society, especially in our entertainment culture, toward a place where the n-word is simply unacceptable to be used in any context,” Comrie said.

Among supporters was Deputy Mayor Dennis Walcott, who said, “I’m a black man who is someone who is just offended anytime I hear the n-word. No matter who uses the word, it’s totally unacceptable. It’s a word that should be banned from our language altogether.”


Black-on-white Halloween attackers get probation, house arrest February 4, 2007

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In a decision that shocked both sides – and left the prosecutor in tears – a Los Angeles County judge yesterday released four black teens to their parents to serve 60 days of house arrest for the severe beating of three young white women on Halloween night. The attack on Laura Schneider, 21, Michelle Smith, 19, and Loren Hyman, 19, which occurred in in the Bixby Knolls section of Long Beach, was carried out by a large group of black teens – as many as 30, according to reports. The upscale neighborhood is known for lavish Halloween displays and has long attracted crowds.

Ten teens were charged in the attack. All maintained their innocence throughout the trial. Juvenile Court Judge Gibson Lee [ (562) 491-6159  (dept. 246) ] found nine of them guilty last month.

“Perhaps the only thing worse than suffering 13 facial fractures was seeing my friend Laura lying on the ground lifeless,” Hyman told the court earlier this week, as victim-impact statements were offered before sentencing.

Schneider suffered a concussion after being struck by a skateboard when someone yelled out a racial slur.

Hyman, who was scheduled to have 4 1/2-hour facial reconstruction surgery yesterday, sustained multiple fractures in her nose and around her eye.

“I hope they’re still in jail when our injuries are finally healed,” Schneider said.

Both asked for “the harshest punishment possible” for the nine minors, saying they had done nothing to provoke the beatings and have been scared to leave their homes ever since.

But the sentences for the first four of the defendants issued yesterday were far from harsh. Instead of the nine months in probation camp Deputy Dist. Atty. Andrea Bouas had requested for three of the teens, Gibson sentenced them to probation until age 21, house arrest for 60 days and 250 hours of community service.


Editorial: Super Bowl should be about accomplishments, not race February 4, 2007

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By: Wes Blevins

When Lovie Smith’s Chicago Bears beat the New Orleans Saints, and when Tony Dungy’s Indianapolis Colts defeated the New England Patriots, the two men became the first black head coaches to advance to the Super Bowl in the game’s 41-year history.

And it didn’t take long for the media to take notice.

Not one minute after Colts quarterback Peyton Manning took a knee to seal the AFC Championship, CBS’ Jim Nantz gushed over the fact that not one, but two African-American coaches have finally made it to the nation’s grandest sporting event. And get this – one of them is going to win!

Every major sports Web site featured a column on the momentous occasion.

ESPN’s John Clayton wrote, “The NFL has been waiting 41 years for the first African-American head coach to patrol the sidelines at a Super Bowl. Now there will be two, and one will be the winner. Actually, the nation will be the winner in this one.”

Sports Illustrated columnist Jeffri Chadiha joined in the celebration as well.

“You have to understand this isn’t merely about the Super Bowl,” he wrote. “It’s about a cultural shift. It’s about progress.”


Racism behind Texas Mayor’s N-Word Ban? February 4, 2007

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From Mel Gibson’s anti-Semitic rant, to Michael Richard’s racist tirade, to the anti-gay slurs voiced by Grey’s Anatomy star, Isaiah Washington, the question on my mind has been, “Where did all of that hatred come from, and what, if anything, does it say about the state of America’s melting pot?”

It is against this backdrop that Brazoria, Texas mayor, Ken Corley, who is 62 and white, recently sought to outlaw use of the “N-word” in his town of 2800 (about 10 percent of whom are black). Under the proposed law, users of the N-word would be fined $500.

Eventually, the mayor announced he was dropping the proposal altogether — which was a very sound decision from a legal perspective. As ugly as the N-word is, the ordinance would have been in direct conflict with First Amendment protections of free speech, and a competent court would certainly have thrown it out.


AK Steel pays $600,000 to settle racism charge February 4, 2007

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By Anya Sostek, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

AK Steel will pay several black employees a total of $600,000 to settle charges of condoning racist threats and displays at its plant in Butler.

The “hostile work environment” in the Butler facility included nooses, Nazi graffiti, racial slurs and Ku Klux Klan videos, according to a lawsuit filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

A spokesman for AK Steel said the actions violated long-standing harassment policies, and denied that the company looked the other way. “In the interest of judicial expediency, we agreed to the settlement, although we deny the allegations,” said Alan McCoy. “The alleged behaviors were not condoned.”

Gerald Patterson, a black employee of AK Steel, died after filing the initial complaint with the EEOC against the company in 2003. The $600,000 will be split among his estate and seven other black workers at the plant.


Mississippi Man Arrested in Killing of 2 Blacks in ’64 January 28, 2007

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ATLANTA, Jan. 24 — A 71-year-old man was arrested Wednesday in Mississippi on federal kidnapping charges stemming from the 1964 killing of two black teenagers who were tied to trees, whipped and drowned.

The suspect, James F. Seale, a former crop-duster, was indicted in Jackson and taken into custody in the southwestern Mississippi town of Roxie, not far from where the two young men were seized.

The charges against Mr. Seale, some seven years after the Federal Bureau of Investigation reopened the case, are the latest in a string of prosecutions of racially motivated slayings from the 1950s and ’60s. While virtually all the prosecutions so far have proved successful, investigators have long warned that every passing year makes it more difficult to build a case.

Many of those killings became nationally infamous, like the murder of three civil rights workers — James Chaney, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner — portrayed decades later in the movie “Mississippi Burning.” But like dozens of lynchings in that era, the deaths of the two victims in this case, Henry H. Dee and Charles E. Moore, both 19, were far more obscure.

The discovery of their bodies, in the Old River near Natchez, Miss., attracted attention mainly because it was initially thought that they might be those of two of the three missing rights workers, who, as the nation looked on, were being sought by federal agents, dozens of volunteers and 400 Navy sailors.

Still, the Federal Bureau of Investigation took on the case, and in November of 1964 Mr. Seale, the son of a chapter leader of the White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, and another man, Charles Marcus Edwards, were arrested. They were never prosecuted, in part because fear of Klan retribution prevented witnesses from stepping forward. According to the case file, however, Mr. Edwards told F.B.I. agents that he, Mr. Seale and others had beaten the men but that they were alive when he left them.


Century 21 Denies Discrimination Allegations January 28, 2007

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A Detroit-area franchisee of Century 21 real estate has denied allegations of racial discrimination. It’s an update to a story we first brought you on 6 News a 11.

The National Fair Housing Alliance filed a federal lawsuit against Century 21 Town and Country. It alleges that agents showed African-American homebuyers homes in primarily black neighborhoods, and white homebuyers in primarily white neighborhoods. Franchisee owner John Kersten says his office strongly opposes racial steering or discrimination, and has an “excellent record of supporting fair housing.”

C.a.r.d {Citizens Against Racism and Discrimination} Source: WLNS.com

‘End mine racism’ at Modikwa January 26, 2007

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Members of the National Union of Mineworkers at Modikwa Platinum in Limpopo began striking on Friday morning to demand an end to racism at the mine, the union said.

“We’re outside the mine… there are more than 2000 miners (striking),” said union spokesperson Onis Serothwane on Friday.

Modikwa Platinum mine management, however, said it was confident the dispute with striking workers would be resolved through discussions.

Francis Petersen, a spokesperson for the mine in Johannesburg, said the mine was meeting with Num on Friday.

“That meeting as far as I know has already started today (Friday)… I am positive that there will be some agreement,” he said.

Petersen said discussions included wage agreements. He would not specify any details.

Tools downed

He said management had met with Num prior to the strike to discuss a list of demands. Some issues were not agreed upon while the resolution of others could not be implemented immediately.

Johannesburg-based Num spokesperson Mike Fafuli said strikers had “downed their tools” at 6am on Friday.

In a media statement issued at noon on Friday, he said the union was striking against discrepancies caused by racism in the company.

“Their gripe is the aggravating wage gap between black and white miners and the refusal of the mine management to accede to wage demands that are viewed as helpful in alleviating the wage discrepancy along racial lines.”


SAYAR’s Anti-Racism Website Proves To Be Racist January 24, 2007

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A anti-racism website that is being linked to by digg.com and other big peer submitted news websites lately is unfortunately racist itself. The website by ‘Students and Youth Against Racism‘ published an article called “WHY DO RACISTS HAVE LOW IQs?” Yet, in this article they use the racist ideology that all racists are exclusively White/Caucasian and then resort to using distinctly racist statements. We believe the best way to demonstrate this organizations true racist beliefs is to quote directly from their website. The following are all quotes from SAYAR’s website:

Many studies have explored the psychology of racism and the familial and social backgrounds of racists. Some interesting generalities can be extracted from these studies, including the fact that racists tend to be conservatives, conformists, Republicans, and hypochondriacs. The high incidence of conservatism, conformism, and Republicanism are all related phenomena. That is, one would expect a conformist to be a conservative, and a conservative to be a Republican, and a Republican to be a conformist, etc. But, why would they tend to be hypochondriacs? Perhaps they blame their body parts for imaginary illnesses in the same way they blame parts of society for imaginary social illnesses.

The arguments of racism have been demonstrated time and again to be illogical and irrational. For example, racists claim that so-called white people are “superior” to so-called black people. Ignoring for the moment the inability of science to draw a sharp line between those who are subjectively considered to be white and those who are subjectively considered to be black, lets consider the claims of superiority by racist supremacists. As we look around us in America today we see a country full of diversity in which American blacks and other citizens of non-European descent excel in all the arts and sciences, in all aspects of business, in all political arenas, and in all athletics and other social activities. From our military commanders, to our religious and political leaders, to our star athletes both Olympic and professional, to our fastest-growing independent businesses, and in all genres of the entertainments fields — art, music, acting, directing, film-making, etc. — we witness a growing disproportionate dominance of non-whites, and this in spite of centuries of oppression and the continued denial of equal opportunities. Their successes are undeniable and ubiquitous, and yet the racists of our times act as if they are completely blind to this manifest proof that superiority of whites is a dying mirage.


Texas Mayor Singles Out N-Word for Ban January 24, 2007

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It’s one of the most reviled words in the English language, but if one Texas mayor gets his way, getting caught uttering the “N-word” will hit offenders where it hurts.

Mayor Ken Corley of Brazoria, Texas, has proposed a city ordinance that would make using the word in an offensive fashion a crime equal to disturbing the peace and punishable by a fine of up to $500. But legal experts said it’s unlikely the law will stand up to the First Amendment.

“I would like to, if possible, ban all racial slurs,” Corley told FOXNews.com. “We chose this word because it’s the most controversial issue throughout the United States today.”

Corley said the city would like to go after the use of other racial slurs, “but we want to take this one step at a time, depending on public opinion.”

The 62-year-old mayor, who is a self-described “middle-class white boy,” got the idea for the ordinance after watching Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton discuss banning the N-word on TV after “Seinfeld” comedian Michael Richards used it in an act last November.

“The word is not used or abused in the streets of our town; it’s more, amongst the black community, as a term of endearment, OK?” Corley said. “But it is a national issue, and I would like the city of Brazoria to take a leadership role throughout the nation in banning the use of this word.”


Congressional Black Caucus: Whites Not Allowed January 24, 2007

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As a white liberal running in a majority African American district, Tennessee Democrat Stephen I. Cohen made a novel pledge on the campaign trail last year: If elected, he would seek to become the first white member of the Congressional Black Caucus.Now that he’s a freshman in Congress, Cohen has changed his plans. He said he has dropped his bid after several current and former caucus members made it clear to him that whites need not apply.

“I think they’re real happy I’m not going to join,” said Cohen, who succeeded Rep. Harold Ford, D-Tenn., in the Memphis district. “It’s their caucus and they do things their way. You don’t force your way in. You need to be invited.”

Cohen said he became convinced that joining the caucus would be “a social faux pas” after seeing news reports that former Rep. William Lacy Clay Sr., D-Mo., a co-founder of the caucus, had circulated a memo telling members it was “critical” that the group remain “exclusively African-American.”

Other members, including the new chairwoman, Rep. Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick, D-Mich., and Clay’s son, Rep. William Lacy Clay, D-Mo., agreed.

“Mr. Cohen asked for admission, and he got his answer. … It’s time to move on,” the younger Clay said. “It’s an unwritten rule. It’s understood. It’s clear.”

The bylaws of the caucus do not make race a prerequisite for membership, a House aide said, but no non-black member has ever joined.

Rep. Pete Stark, D-Calif., who is white, tried in 1975 when he was a sophomore representative and the group was only six years old.

“Half my Democratic constituents were African American. I felt we had interests in common as far as helping people in poverty,” Stark said. “They had a vote, and I lost. They said the issue was that I was white, and they felt it was important that the group be limited to African Americans.”


Case Alleges Discrimination and Disenfranchisement Against Whites January 17, 2007

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JACKSON, Miss. A government witness has testified that Noxubee County Democratic Executive Committee Chairman Ike Brown and his associates exploit racial tensions, using fraud and racial slurs to disenfranchise minority white candidates and voters.

The testimony came today (Wednesday) in the federal government’s first use of the Voting Rights Act to allege racial discrimination against whites.  Theodore Arrington, a political science professor at the University of North Carolina and expert witness for the Justice Department, says the situation in Noxubee County was similar to the disfranchisement of black voters in the racially segregated South of the past.

Arrington says Brown and his associates do not uphold the law and customs that prevent bias and fraud in the administration of the Democratic primary, which is tantamount to elections in Noxubee County.  The government alleges Brown and others allow unqualified black candidates to run in Noxubee County elections.


Black America – “Emancipation Revelation Revolution” January 17, 2007

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“Without question I believe “Emancipation Revelation/Revolution” to be one of the most quintessential documentaries of factual historical relevance produced in my lifetime.
In a day and time when the overwhelming majority of Americans are blissfully ignorant of the factual history of Black involvement in our two party system; ERR reveals clearly and specifically that which the whitewashing of history has denied so many.

It encourages dialogue and retrospection on a level heretofore not seen. ERR should not only be mandatory viewing, but it deserves a place in every home in America.”

-Mychal Massie-

Genocide in Darfur Page Complete January 13, 2007

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Our Genocide in Darfur page is now complete.  We have tried to both be thorough and complete in the facts, as well as, to the point.  Now you can quickly educate yourself or a friend about the ongoing genocide in Darfur.  We also plan on updating this page with the latest news so you can be aware of the what is currently transcribing in Sudan in the future.

[Link] Genocide in Darfur