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Berea touted as model for nation – Affirmative action for the poor May 28, 2007

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Berea College — and its emphasis on providing a college education to those who don’t have the means to pay for it — should become a model for the rest of the country, renowned scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. told the school’s graduates yesterday.The nation needs an economic bill of rights, guaranteeing access to a safe, good education, affordable health care and a place to live, said Gates, a Harvard professor of African-American studies and a cultural critic.

He challenged the 245 graduates to do better than his generation.

“Will you have the will to insist that the Berea ideal becomes the American ideal?” he asked.

Gates noted that Berea, which was founded in 1855, was the first interracial college in the south. He said the school has been a model for the rest of the country ever since.

The college, which admits only low-income students and does not charge tuition, awarded Gates an honorary degree of humane letters. Jean Fairfax, a civil rights leader who began her career at Kentucky State College, now Kentucky State University, was also awarded an honorary degree.

An economic bill of rights would have the effect of affirmative action for the poor, Gates said. Race-based affirmative action provided a way for blacks to enter the middle class, and he was one of those who benefited, Gates said.



Solidarity predicts end of affirmative action May 3, 2007

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A Johannesburg metro police campaign to recruit white, coloured and Indian members could be part of the slow death of affirmative action, the trade union Solidarity said on Thursday.

The scrapping of affirmative action — and discrimination against young white people — at entry-level is “a rapidly growing trend”, said Solidarity’s deputy general secretary, Dirk Hermann.

Apart from the Johannesburg metro police, several mining houses and large businesses are actively recruiting white people at lower levels, he said.

“This means that affirmative action is slowly dying from the bottom up.”

Solidarity saw the move as the first step in a process of exempting young people from affirmative action.

However, Hermann said it should not only be scrapped at the lower levels of the labour market, but throughout.

At the moment — in the metro police — minorities are being given the message that they are being recruited, but should not expect promotion.


Affirmative action ‘a new form of apartheid’ in South Africa March 6, 2007

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It is becoming increasingly clear that some in the African National Congress want to ensconce affirmative action as a permanent measure and thus enforce a new form of apartheid, the Freedom Front Plus (FF+) said on Tuesday.

The party intends asking the International Labour Organisation (ILO) to pay urgent attention to its complaint about affirmative action, handed to the ILO’s Pretoria office on Youth Day last year, FF+ spokesperson Willie Spies said.

The complaint specifically deals with the fact that affirmative action in South Africa is increasingly being given a permanent nature, and that the position is being worsened through often-repeated populist statements in this regard by Labour Minister Membathisi Mdladlana.

“Mdladlana has this past weekend once again made the news when he said affirmative action will never be phased out in South Africa, but to the contrary will be sharpened.”

Spies said that going by Mdladlana’s past statements, it is clear he not only condones black-against-white prejudice, but even encourages it. “The ILO should take note of Mdladlana’s reckless actions in this regard.”


Houston affirmative action programs questioned: Now helping the rich get richer? February 28, 2007

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Houston’s affirmative action program — it was created to stop discrimination but now it’s helping the rich get richer. If you think affirmative action was controversial before, wait until you see what a multi-million dollar mess it has become.

Drive south on the bridge to Kemah and look to your right. It’s hard not to notice an 11,000 square foot mansion. The property appraises at about $2 million. Do the owners look like they need affirmative action help from Houston’s city hall? Well, they got it — to the tune of $12 million.

We asked city affirmative action director Velma Laws, “Do you think it’s fair that people with mansions can get affirmative action contracts?”

“I believe it’s fair if they are qualified to participate in the program,” she responded.

Imagine a big icebox pie, except this one doesn’t just have lemon filling. It’s full of money — city contracts. For 22 years Houston’s city hall has used affirmative action to make sure qualified minority and women-owned companies get a piece of the pie. Contractors wanting city business have to make a good faith pledge that a percentage of the work will go there.


Study States Affirmative Action Benefits Black Immigrants Over Black Americans February 21, 2007

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According to a recent study, “Black Immigrants and Black Natives Attending Selective Colleges and Universities in the United States”, first- or second-generation immigrants comprise a disproportionately high percentage of the Black student population at U.S. universities, with the percentage increasing in proportion to the selectivity of the institution. Using data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Freshmen, researchers found more than 40 percent of the Black student population at Ivy League colleges are of immigrant origin, despite comprising just 13 percent of the Black population overall.The report, published in the American Journal of Education by Princeton University and University of Pennsylvania researchers, raises important questions about diversity in higher education and affirmative action, says co-author Dr. Camille Charles, a faculty associate director at Penn’s Center for Africana Studies.

“For affirmative action values, it’s problematic,” she says. “It is more severe in selective schools, where immigrants are more privileged in terms of admissions. [But if] diversity is what most matters, then this is interesting… but not any cause for alarm.”

Since little research has been done on the topic to date, the report documents similarities and differences between the Black American and Black immigrant populations. The disparity in college attendance, particularly at the nation’s premier universities, first gained
national attention in 2003, when Harvard University professors Lani Guinier and Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr. noted that of the university’s 530 Black undergraduates in 2003-2004, only about 180 could claim a completely Black American heritage.

Just above 43 percent of the Black immigrants surveyed hailed from the Caribbean, with 28.6 percent coming from Africa and 7.4 percent from Latin America. Jamaica (20.5 percent) and Nigeria (17.3 percent) were the home countries of the most students.


Racist Anti-Asian Article Printed In Princeton University’s Student Newspaper January 22, 2007

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After a racist anti-Asian article was printed in Princeton University’s student newspaper, the newspaper staff defended printing it in order to supposedly “lampoon racism”:

An article in the annual joke issue of Princeton University’s student newspaper has left some readers accusing its staff of racism. The Daily Princetonian issue included a column with a byline that closely resembles the name of Jian Li, an 18-year-old Asian man who filed a civil rights complaint against the university last summer after he was denied admission.

Under a byline of Lian Ji, the article published Wednesday used broken English and spouted racial stereotypes to bash the school for his rejection.

“Hi Princeton! Remember me? I so good at math and science. Perfect 2400 SAT score. Ring Bells?” the article begins. “Just in case, let me refresh your memories. I the super smart Asian. Princeton the super dumb college, not accept me.”


Supreme Court: Uppsala University Guilty of Anti-Swedish Discrimination January 11, 2007

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Late last month Uppsala University was found guilty of discrimination against Swedes by the Swedish Supreme Court (Högsta domstolen). Three years ago, the university refused to enroll Cecilia Lönn and Josefine Milander in its Law Faculty even though they had better grades than thirty other students with a foreign background.

In 2003, thirty of the available places for the law courses had been reserved for students with a foreign background. Cecilia Lönn and Josefine Milander, both with better grades than all of those thirty students who were allowed in, were refused by the university. The two young ladies sued the university. They won twice in lower courts. Now the Supreme Court, too, has ruled in their favor and ordered the university to pay them a compensation of SEK 75,000 (approximately €8,200). The court expenses they made, about SEK 41,000 (approximately $4,500), will be reimbursed by the state.

Neither the Supreme Court nor the two women question the principle of positive discrimination, as long as it is practised between candidates who are equally qualified. Not so, however, when somebody with a foreign background is favored even though the Swede had better grades, since this is not positive discrimination, but just plain discrimination. Hence the Supreme Court wanted to set a clear example of what cannot be considered to be positive discrimination and therefore is illegal.


Racism Against Asians in Affirmative Action and College Admissions January 8, 2007

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At last an Asian American student has protested anti-Asian admission policies in private institutions. Jian. Li, a Yale student, sued Princeton in a case which could cost Princeton federal funds. He makes a compelling case that the racial admission policies of Princeton are designed to create a veneer of diversity while protecting the institution’s white elite.

a freshman at Yale filed a complaint in the fall with the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights, contending he was denied admission to Princeton because he is Asian. The student, Jian Li, the son of Chinese immigrants in Livingston, New Jersey, had a perfect SAT score and near-perfect grades, including numerous Advanced Placement courses.
“This is just a very, very egregious system,” Li said.
“Asians are held to different standards simply because of their race.”
To back his claim, he cites a 2005 study by Thomas Espenshade and Chang Chung, both of Princeton, which concludes that if elite universities were to disregard race, Asians would fill nearly four of five spots that now go to blacks or Hispanics. Affirmative action has a neutral effect on the number of whites admitted, Li is arguing, but it raises the bar for Asians. The way Princeton selects its entering class, Li wrote in his complaint, “seems to be a calculated move by a historically white institution to protect its racial identity while at the same time maintaining a façade of progressivism.”

In public institutions where–like California–racial considerations have been barred, the Asian component has dramatically increased as the Black and Hispanic student numbers have fallen.A bad result only to those who want college admissions to be part of some racial spoils system in which admittedly far more qualified and hard working students are shut out.

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C.a.r.d {Citizens Against Racism and Discrimination} Source: American Thinker

Victory Against Racism: Delay of Affirmative Action Ban Rejected January 2, 2007

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A federal appeals court on Friday ordered Michigan’s universities to stop using affirmative action in admissions immediately — rejecting an agreement approved by a lower court to let the institutions keep affirmative action for the current admissions cycle. The appeals court’s analysis also suggested that groups challenging Michigan’s new statewide ban on affirmative action face an uphill climb.

The ruling was a blow to the efforts of universities to mitigate the short-term effects of the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative, adopted by a wide margin of voters in November, which bars public colleges from using affirmative action in admissions. Higher education leaders opposed the measure and some groups that favor affirmative action have sued in federal court to overturn the initiative, which is commonly known as Proposal 2.

Friday’s ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit threw out an agreement that had been pushed hard by Michigan and Wayne State Universities and the University of Michigan. Under an accord they reached with the state’s attorney general last month, the universities were allowed to push back the start date of Proposal 2 from December 23 to after the completion of this year’s admissions and financial aid cycle.


Groups can’t intervene in affirmative action suit December 29, 2006

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A federal judge on Wednesday rejected bids by two groups opposed to affirmative action to intervene in a lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of Michigan’s new ban on race and gender preferences.

The Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, Integration and Immigration Rights and Fight for Equality by Any Means Necessary is suing the governor and state universities in an attempt to stop the affirmative action ban from being implemented.

U.S. District Judge David M. Lawson on Wednesday denied requests from Jennifer Gratz’s Michigan Civil Rights Initiative Committee and Ward Connerly’s American Civil Rights Foundation to intervene in the case.

The Michigan Civil Rights Initiative, Proposal 2, bans the use of race and gender preferences in government hiring and contracting and in university admissions.

It was to take effect Dec. 23, but Lawson has given major public universities an extra six months to comply under an agreement reached between parties involved in the case. That decision has been appealed to the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.


Racially Charged Anti-Affirmative Action Carol Parody Printed in College Journal December 12, 2006

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The magazine Primary Source of Tufts University has printed a racially charged anti-affirmative action parody of a Christmas Carol. The carol is called “O Come All Ye Black Folk.” Douglas Kingman, the journal’s news editor has stated that “The Primary Source regrets that the purpose of the carol was not clearly communicated. The carol was intended as a satirical criticism of affirmative action and was, in fact, intended as an anti-racist statement.” The carol is as follows:



“O Come All Ye Black Folk

Boisterous yet Desirable

O come ye, O come ye to our University

Come and we will admit you,

Born in to oppression;

O come let us accept them,

O come let us accept them,

O come let us accept them,

Fifty-two black freshman.


University of Michigan to alter admissions for Proposal 2 November 29, 2006

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The University of Michigan will remove consideration of race and gender from undergraduate admissions by the effective date of Proposal 2, the voter-approved ballot question banning some affirmative action programs.

U-M Provost Teresa Sullivan, speaking before the university’s faculty Senate Assembly on Monday, said the changes will be in place if Proposal 2 takes effect Dec. 22 as scheduled.

A pro-affirmative action group, By Any Means Necessary, has filed a federal lawsuit challenging Proposal 2 as unconstitutional. However, legal experts and Proposal 2 supporters have noted that similar challenges in other states have failed, meaning the amendment, approved by 58 percent of voters in the Nov. 7 election, will likely take effect as mandated, 45 days after the vote.

Sullivan told faculty Monday that a group of U-M officials reporting to undergraduate admissions and the provost’s office will help in making immediate “tactical” decisions regarding the admissions process.

Some of the questions, admissions officers say, include how to continue to keep track of applicants’ race and gender information, which is mandated by the federal government, while keeping it out of the hands of the readers who judge the applications.


Ward Connerly: Affirmative Action Over November 28, 2006

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The days of the much-criticized affirmative action policy are numbered, the program’s biggest critic says.

“I think the end is at hand for affirmative action as we know it,” former University of California regent Ward Connolly told the Los Angeles Times, noting that an “anti-affirmative action wave washing over America” will bring to an end the race-based preferences used for decades to help African-Americans, Latinos and other disadvantaged ethnic groups. No one in America, he said, should receive preference in education, jobs or government contracts because of their skin color or sex.

Encouraged by his victory in Michigan, where a ballot measure banning racial preferences in public education and hiring won handily, Connerly said he is considering sponsoring similar ballot measures in one or more states, including Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Missouri or South Dakota.


BU College Republicans mock race preferences November 22, 2006

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Drawing attention to what they call “the worst form of bigotry confronting America today” Boston University’s College Republicans are offering a “Caucasian Achievement and Recognition Scholarship” as a mocking assault on racial preferences.

Applicants must submit two essays: one describing their ancestry and another describing “what it means to you to be a Caucasian-American today.”

The $250 scholarship also requires applicants to be at least 25 percent Caucasian.

BUCR President Joe Mroszczyk, a senior from Danvers, said the last requirement and the essays are based on prerequisites for the National Hispanic Recognition Scholarship.

“We think it’s silly to quantify race like that, just as it’s silly to give any scholarship based on race,” said Mroszczyk, a political science and history major. “We don’t think racial preferences are good or have a place on a college campus.”


Affirmative action is discrimination November 21, 2006

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Last week, Michigan voters overwhelmingly passed the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative and made Michigan the fourth state to ban affirmative action for minorities and women in public universities and state government. The outcome of the vote is a huge blow to those who subscribe to the religion of “diversity,” especially University of Michigan President Mary Sue Coleman. For those of us who believe all individuals should be treated equal under the law regardless of their gender or skin color, MCRI’s passage is a sign that we may be on the verge of winning the fight against the inherently discriminatory practice of affirmative action.

MCRI is similar to the ballot initiatives passed in California in 1996 and Washington state in 1998 as it prohibits “public institutions from using affirmative-action programs that give preferential treatment to groups or individuals based on their race, gender, color, ethnicity or national origin for public employment, education or contracting purposes.” Florida is the other state that banned the use of racial preferences. In 1999 Gov. Jeb Bush pre-empted a threatened-ballot initiative by issuing an executive order banning affirmative action in state agencies and universities.

Ward Connerly and Jennifer Gratz have voluntarily put the burden upon themselves to fight racial preferences. Connerly is a conservative, black businessman and former regent of the University of California system who previously led the effort in California to ban affirmative action. Gratz was the lead plaintiff in Gratz v. Bollinger, one of the cases challenging the University of Michigan affirmative action’s policy cases decided by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2003. Gratz and Ward led the small, poorly funded operation to a 58-42 victory on MCRI despite being outspent, 3 to 1.


Minority contracting up since affirmative action abolished November 14, 2006

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — Governor Jeb Bush says the state’s spending on contracts with businesses owned by minority group members and women has nearly tripled since he abolished affirmative action nearly eight years ago.

A record 761-point-2 million dollars was spent with certified minority and female-owned contractors in the last budget year, which ended June 30. According to the governor’s office, that’s 497 million dollars — or 189 percent — more than for the 1998-99 budget year.

The spending total includes 135-point-3 million dollars in contracts with African Americans, 158-point-8 million dollars with Hispanics, 45 million dollars with Asian Americans, 11-point-2 million dollars with American Indians and 410 million dollars with non-minority women.

Bush in 1999 did away with affirmative action programs for state contracting and university admission that gave minority group members a race-based edge and replaced it with his “One Florida” initiative.

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Is Diversity Enough? November 12, 2006

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Walter Benn Michaels asks us to consider the harm done when we worry about identity and forget about inequality
The University of Illinois at Chicago, a struggling but ambitious public university in the heart of the city, celebrates its ethnically diverse student body as a great achievement. But Walter Benn Michaels, chairman of the university’s English department, is unimpressed. The commitment of universities, corporations and other institutions to such diversity is “at best a distraction and at worst an essentially reactionary position,” he argues in his new book, The Trouble With Diversity: How We Learned to Love Identity and Ignore Inequality.

Right-wing academics and pundits have built careers taking potshots at affirmative action, multiculturalism and identity politics—pursuits that some postmodern leftists see as the heart of radical politics. Michaels criticizes diversity politics from the left. His argument represents a fundamental and constructive challenge to conventional thinking about the most important issues facing our society. But it is also easily misunderstood.

“I’ve been called a liberal racist more often than anything else in my life,” he says, sitting in his office at the university’s one towering office building, stylishly dressed in black jeans and t-shirt under a black window-pane jacket.

He argues that the pursuit of diversity is based on a flawed understanding of humanity and stands as a roadblock to confrontation with the most basic injustices in society: “The trouble with diversity … is not just that it won’t solve the problem of economic inequality; it’s that it makes it hard for us to even see the problem.”

Race, as virtually all modern anthropologists and geneticists agree, is not a scientifically valid concept. Obvious physical differences exist among humans, but the genetic variation within conventionally defined races is often greater than the variation among those races. Still, “race” is a concept that people use all the time with profound consequences, even if they can’t define it.

Race gets defined in ways that vary by time, geography and situation. Why, except for the peculiar American notion of blackness as being determined by one drop of “blood” of African ancestry, would a person of half African and half European genetic heritage, like Sen. Barack Obama, be called “black” rather than “white”—the latter a supposedly racial category that has grown more inclusive over many years?


Legal Experts: Michigan’s Proposal 2 likely to hold up November 10, 2006

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Studying California’s ban, they say legal challenges by pro-affirmative action groups expected to fail. Friends and foes of Proposal 2 are gearing up for a contentious legal battle, but ultimately the new amendment to ban government affirmative action will prevail in court, legal experts say.

One pro-affirmative action group has already filed a lawsuit alleging the law violates the U.S. Civil Rights Act and the equal protection clause of the U.S. Constitution and the University of Michigan is expected to file another.
“Although I was personally against the passage of Proposal 2, the odds of this lawsuit being successful seem remote,” said Lawrence A. Dubin, a law professor at the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law.

California voters passed in 1996 Proposition 209, a nearly identical ballot initiative to Proposal 2, which 58 percent of Michigan voters approved Tuesday.

At first a lower court deemed the California measure unconstitutional, but in 1997 the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously declared the measure lawful and allowed it to take effect.


Victory Against Racism and Discrimination! Michigan Voters Approve Proposal 2 November 8, 2006

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Michigan voters decided Tuesday that race and gender should not be factors in deciding who gets into public universities or who gets hired for government work.

By approving Proposal 2, Michigan becomes the third state in the past decade—joining California and Washington—to ban some types of affirmative action programs.

With 69 percent of precincts reporting, 59 percent, or 1,387,621 people voted “yes” on Proposal 2, and 41 percent, or 978,598 voters, were opposed.

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Michigan’s Proposal 2 Leading with 75% of Precincts Reporting November 8, 2006

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Proposal 2 Affirmative Action (75% Precincts Reporting)

Yes               1,523,063          58.49%

No                 1,080,721          41.51%

Update: Proposal two has now passed, please check out our other articles about it:

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University of Michigan to alter admissions for Proposal 2