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Laid Off Employees Sue Circuit City For Age Discrimination April 6, 2007

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Three Circuit City employees laid off last week have sued the electronics retailer, alleging it violated California law prohibiting age discrimination. Daniel Weidler, Michael Yezback and Eloise Garcia, who worked at the Circuit City store in Oxnard, also alleged wrongful termination in a lawsuit filed Wednesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

The suit, which seeks class action status, names Richmond-based Circuit City Stores Inc. as the defendant.

The company, facing larger competitors and falling sales, said last week that it would immediately lay off 3,400 workers earning “well above the market-based salary range for their role” and replace them with lower-paid new hires. Five of those workers are in our area.

The laid-off workers would get a severance package and a chance to reapply for their former jobs, at lower pay, after 10 weeks, the company said.

Weidler, Yezback, and Garcia claimed they were let go because they were better paid than other workers thanks to their higher seniority at the store.

“The workers terminated were those with greater seniority and length of service – mostly likely the older members of the work force,” the lawsuit said. It cites California law which declares that “the use of salary as the basis for differentiating between employees when terminating employment may … constitute age discrimination.”

Weidler, 57, said he worked for Circuit City for 11 years; Yezback, 59, said he was with the company for 4½ years and Garcia, 66, said she was employed for 17½ years.

The lawsuit seeks a jury trial and an unspecified amount in damages.

An after-hours call to a Circuit City spokesman was not immediately returned.

The company has declined to say how much those laid off were paid and how much the new workers would make.

CARD {Citizens Against Racism and Discrimination} Source: wsls.com

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