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College Instructor Claims Discrimination From ‘Boys Club’ April 6, 2007

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CHICAGO — A long-time instructor and technician at Columbia College Chicago claims she was fired after she reported alleged discrimination from her colleagues.  Debbie Sandlin was hired at Columbia College, at 600 S. Michigan Ave., on Sept. 22, 1997 and held the position of full-time computer technician and part-time instructor at the time of her firing on May 19, 2006, according to a suit filed Thursday in federal court.  Sandlin first approached the assistant vice president of human resources at the college, Stephanie Griffin, in September 2005 to discuss her unfair treatment and the “boys club” environment that discluded her from the decision-making process because she was female, the suit said.

Subsequent to that meeting, Sandlin met with her department chair, Annette Barbier, to discuss her claims of disparate treatment. Barbier was upset with Sandlin for taking her sexual discrimination complaints to human resources, and wanted her “gone” as a result, according to the suit.

According to her attorney, Sandlin, 42, then met with Griffin again in regards to Barbier and to further discuss the earlier complaints.On Feb. 16, 2006, Sandlin was no longer allowed to teach because of her complaint, the suit said. She is currently a resident of Griffith, Ind.The suit further states that on May 19, 2006, Sandlin was dismissed from her full-time job, even though she had received above-average job evaluations from the defendants throughout her career, the suit said.After Sandlin filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, a full investigation led to the EEOC issuing a right to sue letter to the defendants, the suit said.  Sandlin is suing Columbia College Chicago to deter school officials from engaging in similar wrongful conduct in the future.  She is seeking lost wages, damages, and insurance benefits on allegations of the college deliberately violating her federally-protected rights.CARD {Citizens Against Racism and Discrimination} Source: nbc5.com

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