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Man sentenced for racist rant February 7, 2007

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A 19-year-old man ended up in the dock after a racist rant at police officers.

Edward Tugwell, of Test Road, Sompting, launched into the abuse while already under arrest in the back of a police car.

Tugwell, who had no criminal record, was convicted of causing racially aggravated fear or provocation of violence with his comments.


He was being taken to custody at Durrington on August 25 last year after being arrested on another charge at the Club East nightclub in Railway Approach, Worthing.

He launched a volley of swearwords at two police officers, accusing them of favouritism towards Asian minorities, who he referred to as “Pakis”.

Tugwell said: “Why do you stick up for the likes of them, coming into this country while we pay their taxes?”

At Worthing Magistrates’ Court today he was sentenced to 180 hours of unpaid community work and ordered to pay £43 prosecution costs.

District Judge Jonathan Radway told Tugwell: “Remarks like this stir up division and hatred amongst communities.

“Although there was no-one present on this occasion from an ethnic minority, the remarks were deeply disturbing to those who heard you utter them.

“You have lost your good character with a drunken outburst you have obviously failed to control.”

The court heard Tugwell regretted the comments and apologised to the police officers when he answered bail.

Though he was homeless at the time of the incident, he has since got a place to live and a £1500-a-month job.

CARD {Citizens Against Racism and Discrimination} Source: theargus.co.uk

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