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American Indian Athletes Play Through Racism January 30, 2007

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Athletes and coaches at Wyoming Indian High School say racism is nothing new for them when they’re playing teams in other towns.

A couple years ago, the Chiefs basketball team had played in Mountain View and were leaving a restaurant when someone in a passing car shouted “go back to the rez.”

Other incidents are less clear-cut. The girls basketball team was recently told at a truck stop in Worland that they couldn’t use the bathrooms there. Coach Aleta Moss says a cart was pushed in front of the restroom door as soon as the team arrived.

A supervisor at the truck stop said later that the team wasn’t allowed in because the restrooms had just flooded. Still, Moss says she interprets the incident as racism.

Still other times, team members are followed around stores to make sure they don’t shoplift.

Ron Laird is commissioner of the Wyoming High School Activities Association. He says his office hasn’t received any reports of racism at high school events this school year.

He says schools in Wyoming usually do a good job of addressing racist incidents quickly.

C.a.r.d {Citizens Against Racism and Discrimination} Source: kgwn.tv

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