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SAYAR’s Anti-Racism Website Proves To Be Racist January 24, 2007

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A anti-racism website that is being linked to by digg.com and other big peer submitted news websites lately is unfortunately racist itself. The website by ‘Students and Youth Against Racism‘ published an article called “WHY DO RACISTS HAVE LOW IQs?” Yet, in this article they use the racist ideology that all racists are exclusively White/Caucasian and then resort to using distinctly racist statements. We believe the best way to demonstrate this organizations true racist beliefs is to quote directly from their website. The following are all quotes from SAYAR’s website:

Many studies have explored the psychology of racism and the familial and social backgrounds of racists. Some interesting generalities can be extracted from these studies, including the fact that racists tend to be conservatives, conformists, Republicans, and hypochondriacs. The high incidence of conservatism, conformism, and Republicanism are all related phenomena. That is, one would expect a conformist to be a conservative, and a conservative to be a Republican, and a Republican to be a conformist, etc. But, why would they tend to be hypochondriacs? Perhaps they blame their body parts for imaginary illnesses in the same way they blame parts of society for imaginary social illnesses.

The arguments of racism have been demonstrated time and again to be illogical and irrational. For example, racists claim that so-called white people are “superior” to so-called black people. Ignoring for the moment the inability of science to draw a sharp line between those who are subjectively considered to be white and those who are subjectively considered to be black, lets consider the claims of superiority by racist supremacists. As we look around us in America today we see a country full of diversity in which American blacks and other citizens of non-European descent excel in all the arts and sciences, in all aspects of business, in all political arenas, and in all athletics and other social activities. From our military commanders, to our religious and political leaders, to our star athletes both Olympic and professional, to our fastest-growing independent businesses, and in all genres of the entertainments fields — art, music, acting, directing, film-making, etc. — we witness a growing disproportionate dominance of non-whites, and this in spite of centuries of oppression and the continued denial of equal opportunities. Their successes are undeniable and ubiquitous, and yet the racists of our times act as if they are completely blind to this manifest proof that superiority of whites is a dying mirage.


The problem of racism threatens us all. Uneducated white males who seek to vent their financial, social, and sexual frustrations by encouraging violence against Blacks, Jews, Hispanics, Asians, Arabs, Gays, Hindus, Muslims, or any other group will turn America into another Yugoslavia and ‘ethnically cleanse’ the country if we let them.

This is but one possible final solution to the problem of racism. Here are some of the best solutions people have made (specifically excluding all of the more violent suggestions) regarding what to do with racists:

  • Put them in the boxing ring and let them prove their superiority over blacks.
  • Make them travel. Mark Twain said, “Travel cures prejudice.” Maybe getting them out of those little white towns and trailer parks would do them some good.
  • Fine their mothers for littering society with white trash. If their fathers can be identified and caught, jail them.


The Republican Party has come full circle from the days of Abraham Lincoln and so disproportionately represents the interests of white people that it ought to be renamed the White People’s Party.



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