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Racism hype on ‘Big Brother’ January 18, 2007

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The TV and print media has been extensively covering the Shilpa Shetty abuse on British Channel 4 in “Big Brother “. Indians living here seem to have also been discussing this subject lividly. Firstly, this is a game show and some amount of leg pulling, one up-manship and sledging is a part of the game. The central idea in this game is to come out “victorious” and conquer one’s emotions. Secondly, I wonder what’s wrong in calling Shilpa an “Indian”? Isn’t she one! A lot of dust has been raised on this issue. Well, calling some one a “dog” or a “paki” may be in bad taste, but mispronouncing a name happens in our own country as well and everywhere, even amongst Indians. It’s not a catastrophe. Shilpa should be strong and yet dignified in putting such people who sledge, in place with grace. It certainly doesn’t deserve such importance that it should be discussed in British Parliament. All in all, it only seems to boost the TRP ratings of this programme and is doing a world of good to the producers by giving them free publicity to this reality game.

The producers will surely want this controversy to snowball so that they can go laughing to the bank. Coming to racism, we should ask ourselves how much we ourselves practice racism in India. Don’t we ourselves call names to whites or coloured people touring our country, tease them and pass comments? Let’s not have double standards.

Nitin G Gokarn, Mumbai

C.a.r.d {Citizens Against Racism and Discrimination} Source: Centralchronicle.com

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