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Subway Rider Alleges Racism Against Whites January 16, 2007

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A Bronx man says he was mocked and ignored by two MTA workers at a subway station.

Anthony Sutherland, 33, who is white, says the workers, who were black, refused to serve him. He says he was standing at the token booth at the Nereid station on the 1 and 2 subway lines for nearly ten minutes.

Photos courtesy Anthony Sutherland.

Sutherland says he approached the booth at 8am Friday morning and noticed “Black Power!” written on a dry-erase board behind the ticket agents.

After he asked them to erase the sign because -he says- it offended him, they mocked and mimiced him and laughed.

After several minutes, Sutherland says they did finally issue him a MetroCard.

After he began walking away, Sutherland decided to snap some pictures of the sign with his cell phone camera. It was then, he says, the agents turned off the booth lights, and yelled  “no pictures.

But he managed to get some clear shots.  He says he called 911 immediately after the incident, and after a few transfers, he reached an MTA supervisor.

Sutherland says the supervisor only started to take him seriously after learning about the photos. He sent them to the supervisor and was told immediate action would be taken.

Sutherland says, considering that he’s white and the two agents are black, there is no doubt in his mind that this was a case of racial discrimination.

Sutherland is an account executive for a lawyers group.

C.a.r.d {Citizens Against Racism and Discrimination} Source: 1010wins.com

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