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Man Argues “Ladies Night” is Sexist January 14, 2007

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DENVER — It may be a last call for Ladies Night.  A state civil rights agency is reportedly backing a man’s claims that he was discrimated against at a Denver night club hosting a “Ladies Night.”  Ladies Night — a promotion that often allows women in for free at clubs — is often used as a way to bring more men and women to the clubs on weekday nights that are less crowded.

But Steve Horner said it’s outright gender discrimination to which many government agencies have turned a blind eye.

“I think that’s what the modern-day feminist issue was all about — we’re equal,” Horner said.  He said equality became an issue for him when he said he was asked to pay a $5 entry fee at the Proof NiteClub while women were getting in free.”  I said, ‘This is discrimination.’ And he said, ‘Go ahead and file a complaint.’ And so I did,” Horner said.  Horner went to the state Department of Regulatory Services, Division of Civil Rights. Horner says he’s received a letter from the agency indicating that evidence of discrimination was found.

A mediation hearing with all sides is set for later this month. The matter could be set for a public hearing after that.  In a statement to 7NEWS, Proof owners Karen Parker and Tim Bell said, “It’s ridiculous that the Proof NiteClub has been singled out because we have a Ladies Night, when this is a common business practice among many nightclubs in Denver and has been for years. We will continue to cooperate and move through the process. The Proof NiteClub has been a successful establishment in Denver for over 25 years, and we plan to continue well into the future.”But Horner hopes the promotion ends not only at Proof but all across the state and the country.”  The promotion is sexist in nature,” he said.Horner said he plans to ask at upcoming hearings that Ladies Night be a thing of the past.”And then I’m going to ask for every dollar I’m owed to the letter of the law, which is $500. Then I’m going to get my $5 back,” he said.  The state Civil Rights Division said it can’t comment on specific cases but said such complaints are not uncommon — they have occurred in other states — and any ruling that effectively bans Ladies Night applies only to the one establishment where the violation was reported.

Horner said he plans to file complaints about other bars in the Denver area so that the law is applied consistently. Horner has a history of filing complaints in other states where he has lived.  Some states have outlawed the practice of Ladies Night specials, but the rulings are often not enforced, experts said.

C.a.r.d {Citizens Against Racism and Discrimination} Source: Thedenverchannel.com

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