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Reverse racism alleged January 4, 2007

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WASHINGTON TWP. | The Family Guidance Center of Warren County is a defendant in a federal civil rights suit filed last month by two former staffers.

Michael A. DeLuzio of Kresgeville, Pa., and Jane Evans of Kutztown, Pa., allege they were the victims of racial and gender discrimination while working at the human services agency on Route 57.

The suit filed in U.S. District Court in Trenton alleges a black supervisor subjected them to racially and gender-motivated harassment and retaliation.

Former Crisis Unit Supervisor Michele Scrubb began speaking to DeLuzio and Evans “in a degrading and harassing manner based upon the plaintiffs’ race and sex,” according to the lawsuit.

Richard McDonnell, executive director of the guidance center, said Evans and DeLuzio brought their complaints to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to no avail.

McDonnell — who did not work for family guidance at the time of the alleged harassment — said nevertheless the two former employees have a right to file a lawsuit.

Waverly, Pa., attorney Peter G. Loftus denied McDonnell’s assertion that the EEOC complaints did not lead anywhere. But Loftus declined to elaborate and said he never comments on lawsuits because he is often misquoted.

He and Trenton area attorney Kristin Accardi filed the suit on behalf of DeLuzio and Evans. Accardi could not be reached for comment after regular business hours Wednesday.

The family guidance center offers mental health and other services primarily to county residents who cannot afford private physicians. The agency gets its money to operate from the state and county governments.

DeLuzio and Evans assert Scrubb subjected them to harassment after the two filed grievances with their superiors. They also assert those superiors did not address the alleged situation.

The lawsuit did not provide any specific details about acts of racial and gender bias by Scrubb.

Evans resigned from the agency in April on her physician’s advice due to the effects a hostile work environment, stress and humiliation had on her well-being, it is alleged.

DeLuzio was fired in June under the alleged pretext of not having a license to provide therapy. The job description contained no such requirement when DeLuzio was hired, according to the lawsuit.

Evans was hired in 2000 and DeLuzio in 2003, both as crisis intervention unit clinicians.

The lawsuit asks a judge to order the agency take action to end the alleged unfair employment practices, provide back pay and the money DeLuzio and Evans would have earned if they worked at the guidance center until age 65.

C.a.r.d {Citizens Against Racism and Discrimination} Source: Pennlive.com

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