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A federal judge approves Boeing’s promotion policies December 30, 2006

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SEATTLE – Weeks after a federal jury ruled that the Boeing Co. did not discriminate against thousands of black employees in promotions, the judge in the case handed the airplane maker a victory Tuesday in a separate but related decision.On Dec. 21, a jury rejected the plaintiffs’ class-action claim that they had been victims of “disparate treatment,” or intentional discrimination.In a seven-page ruling released late Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Marsha Pechman said the same plaintiffs failed to prove that Boeing’s promotion policies unintentionally hurt them.

Her ruling involved the legal principle of disparate impact, which occurs when neutral policies affect certain individuals differently than others, despite their employers’ best intentions.

Pechman said the plaintiffs did not prove that Boeing’s decision-making system for promotions was “undisciplined.” She noted that Boeing had written guidelines for promoting employees and policies for challenging the denial of a promotion to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.
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