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Restaurant owner alleges racial discrimination by city December 22, 2006

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WOODBURY The owner of a downtown eatery shut down almost a year ago claims he has been unfairly treated in his attempts to reopen.

Man Wai Kong, owner of No. 1 Chinese Kitchen, has put his complaints in print. Two handwritten signs on orange poster board adorn the front window of the shuttered take-out restaurant. They read: “We are persecuted by city of Woodbury Mayor Leslie C. Clark’s Administration” and the other simply says, “Racial Discrimination.”

“I need to speak out and let people know about the local government,” he said in a telephone conversation from New York this week. “Why are they pushing me out?”

Since he lived above the Broad Street restaurant and cannot return until the violations are fixed, Kong is now staying with family and friends.

On Thursday, Clark said Kong is “absolutely not being persecuted.”

“We had repeated complaints coming from neighbors,” Clark said. “There were people calling and saying they were getting sick after eating there. He’s the only one that thinks he’s being persecuted.”

The Chinese restaurant was cited for more than 40 fire and health code violations after a massive inspection in late January.

Among other things, sections of flooring were missing, grease was dripping from walls and food was left out, according to the complaints.

Officials have estimated it could cost more than $100,000 to repair.

Kong, who has been in business for 13 years, was fined thousands of dollars for the violations.

C.a.r.d {Citizens Against Racism and Discrimination} Source: NJ.com

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