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Is Religious Discrimination Turning Christmas into the “C” Word? December 22, 2006

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Liberty Counsel ask, “Is your favorite store “Naughty” (censors Christmas) or “Nice” (recognizes Christmas)? Is Christmas now the “C-word”? They have complied this list of Naughty and Nice stores:


Banana Republic – Web site has “Holiday Gift Guide” with no mention of any Christmas.

Best Buy – Web site says “Unique gifts for the season,” “Holiday gift ideas.” Spokesperson said they consider the use of “Merry Christmas” to be disrespectful.

Dollar Tree Customer reports they are avoiding the “C” word. Everything is “holiday”, though “it’s pretty obvious which ‘holiday’ they will not discuss.”

Eddie Bauer – Customer service would not recognize Christmas, they “don’t want to offend Jews, those who celebrate Kwanzaa and those who have no religious preference.”

Gap – “Holiday Survival Guide” has no mention of Christmas.

Giant Eagle Pharmacy (PA, OH, MD, WV) Selling “Seasonal wrap” for presents, no mention of Christmas, no “Christmas” items.

J. Crew Outfitters – A warehouse associate reported the retailer refuses to recognize Christmas. Has a “holiday edition” catalog, will hold a “holiday meal”, and a sign says there are X days until the “holiday.”

Lane Bryant – “Holiday Sale 2006” Customer service informed a customer that “It is politically incorrect to mention Christmas, because we don’t want to offend our customers who are not Christians.” Their Web site is designed in red and green.

Lowe’s – Customer care told us that employees cannot say Merry Christmas to shoppers except in response to the same greeting. After a public outcry in 2005, Lowe’s stated they would modify their ads and no longer say things such as “Holiday trees”. Christmas trees are sometimes mentioned on their Web site, but are categorized as “artificial trees.” Web site has “Holiday” gift cards and a “Holiday Living” section (that only contains Christmas-related items.)

Old Navy – Web site has “Holiday Gift Guide,” “Holiday gift boxes” but nothing about Christmas.

Petsmart – Has a Holiday Shop, and Luv-a-pet ornaments, photos with Santa, but no Christmas. Entering “Christmas” in their Web site search tool yields over 100 items relating to Christmas, but they are all named “Holiday” except one.

Rite Aid – Advertises “holiday savings” with all Christmas products, employees told to say “Happy Holidays.” One employee says, “These retailers are profiting from the traditions of giving that have developed out of Christianity but refuse to acknowledge the faith that feeds them.”

Schnucks Grocery Stores (MO, IL) Have “Happy Holidays” banners but no mention of Christmas anywhere.

Staples – Web site advertises “Department of Unexpected Gifts.” Sell “Hanukkah” cards and “religious” cards. Never says Christmas.

U.S. CellularCorporate office sent a person to get local stores to remove all Christmas decorations. Web site says “holiday” only.


Ace Hardware ~ Sells Christmas trees and wreaths, Salvation Army bell ringers outside.

Cabela’s ~ A customer reported he was greeting with “Merry Christmas” by an associate. The store has a “Christmas Shoppe.”

Dillard’s ~ Advertises a Christmas Catalog.

Harry & David ~ Sells baskets of Christmas goodies.

Hobby Lobby ~ Plays Christmas music and has Christmas throughout the store.

JC Penney ~ Web site has a Christmas shipping countdown.

Joann Fabrics ~ Offers Christmas and Holiday fabrics. “Christmas Celebration!” signs in stores.

K-Mart ~ Was selling “holiday trees”, now sells “Christmas trees”. Web site: “Where Christmas comes together.”

Land’s End ~ Christmas Gift Guide.

L.L. Bean ~ Christmas Catalog.

Linens ‘N Things ~ Christmas Shop and Christmas Checklist.

Macy’s ~ “Merry Christmas!” on Web site and in stores.

Menards ~ Employees have Merry Christmas on their aprons, stores have Christmas displays.

Michaels ~ Web site has a Christmas section.

Mills Fleet Farm ~ (WI, MN, IA and ND) Ad says, “Especially for Christmas;” Christmas music reported in a MN store.

M&M-Mars Candies ~ Will have red and green candies with pictures of Christmas trees and angels among other images.

http://www.Nation-Gifts.com ~ Retailer devoted to keeping Christ in Christmas. Catalogs available.

Sears ~ Stores have signs that say “Merry Christmas” and “Happy Holidays” although Web site just says “holidays”.

Target ~ Web site says Christmas Decor, though the physical store has Holiday entertaining. End of television ad says “Merry Christmas”.

Toys ‘R’ Us ~ The store moved from our “naughty” list after the company said it celebrates Christmas and disagreed with the actions of a Pennsylvania store guest relations coordinator who had written customer that the store aims to be neutral about Christmas out of respect for all their customers.

USA Drug Stores ~ (IA, IL, MO, AR, MS, TN.) Front page of their flyer said, “For Christians throughout the world, Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Merry Christmas from our family to yours.” They also printed the Christmas story from Luke 2:8-20 on the flyer’s front page.

Walgreens ~ “Holiday shop” Has Christmas and holiday gift ideas,” and “Christmas collectibles.”

Wal-Mart ~ Has a Christmas Shop, plays Christmas carols, and, unlike last year, employees can say “Merry Christmas.”

Disclaimer: We cannot always verify the current accuracy of all reports submitted to us. Stores often change their actual or stated policies in response to inquiries.

Check for updates before you go shopping – http://www.LC.org/helpsavechristmas

C.a.r.d {Citizens Against Racism and Discrimination} Source: Liberty Counsel

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