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Father claims discrimination in Angel Tree distribution December 22, 2006

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An angry parent has accused the Salvation Army of “Angel Tree discrimination against whites.”

Dad David Hudson said he’s just as “poor as everyone else” and had hoped that his 4-year-old daughter, Gracie, would receive a good Christmas from the charitable organization.

However, Hudson said he watched Hispanics and African-Americans cart away clothes, shoes and a bike, while his daughter received play dough, a coloring book and a jump rope.

The father asserted that the family’s Angel Tree application went in on time, but when he returned the Christmas items Wednesday he was told that his daughter was a forgotten angel. “Forgotten angels” are those whose angels weren’t taken from a tree and claimed by a donor.

“He didn’t like what he received so we tried to go back and make it better,” said Salvation Army Capt. Melissa Anderson, who coordinated the Angel Tree effort. “He didn’t like that and said that we were prejudiced against white people, that the minorities got much more than what the white children received, and that just hurts my heart.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re purple. If you applied for it and need Christmas, then you are going to get Christmas,” Anderson said. “On the angels, we don’t put black, white, Hispanic. The people who pick the angel don’t know (ethnicity or race) and we’re not switching the gifts. Whatever they get for a particular child, all the gifts for that child go to that child.”

“That’s why we rely so heavily on the forgotten angels, so that we can pull from there. We had a great response for the forgotten angels this year. It’s just that there was more of a need. The need was as great as the response,” she explained.

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