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Bermudian journalist subjected to death threat, racist calls December 21, 2006

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A mentally ill man has been ordered by a judge to write a letter of apology to a Bermudian journalist he threatened to kill.
Thomas Osborn, 27, of Concord, Massachusetts, America, sent dozens of disturbing calls – many of them racist – to Glenn Jones, now a senior reporter at The Royal Gazette.
Mr. Jones, 29, from Smith’s Parish, was one of several Fox 25 TV personalities who was harassed through calls from Osborn, Judge James McGovern was told at Dedham District Court.
Authorities said Osborn called Fox’s Dedham newsroom from a pay phone and left threatening messages for Mr. Jones – who is black – two other reporters and a weatherman.
One message stated: “This is the KKK. You stepped into Concord and now you must die.”
Mr. McGovern continued the case for two years without a finding, but imposed a string of orders on Osborn and demanded he apologise to Mr. Jones in a letter.
In a statement submitted to the judge at Friday’s December 15 hearing, Mr. Jones said: “When I got the first few voice messages from the defendant, I ignored them for the most part.
“As a public figure, I have faced hate speech before. This tirade seemed more crazed to me than threatening.
“But as the weeks passed and the messages mounted, the tone became more sinister and far more difficult to ignore.”

Mr. Jones, informed his managers at Fox who made their own inquiries before Police in Concord and Dedham joined the investigation.
Osborn, who left the messages from last December to February, was eventually arrested after officers traced his calls to a pay phone and caught him red-handed.
He later confessed, telling officers he was depressed and angry.
At the court, Mr. McGovern ordered Osborn to keep attending a mental health support centre, taking his prescribed medications and seeing his psychiatrist, as well as writing the letter to Mr. Jones.
If Osborn breaks any of the conditions, the case can be re-opened.
Speaking after the case, Mr. Jones said: “This case seemed to stretch on forever, but the delays were for all the right reasons. Mr. Osborn not only needed to be reprimanded, but clearly he needed help as well.
“I think in the outcome on Friday he got both – a stern warning from Judge McGovern that if he did anything like this again he’d be punished severely, and he’ll be spending significant time with a psychiatrist in the near future.
“So I’m grateful for the outcome and I’m grateful the whole thing is over.”
He added: “I also owe a huge debt of gratitude to my bosses at Fox, the people at the
District Attorney’s office and the two Police departments that dedicated resources to this.
“I was a little embarrassed that they were so overly concerned with my safety, but in the end, I’m glad they were such thoughtful professionals.”

C.a.r.d {Citizens Against Racism and Discrimination} Source: The Royal Gazette

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