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Human Rights Watch:Ahmadineajd states Iran now nuclear power December 20, 2006

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After little time has passed since Olmert listed Israel as among the world’s nuclear power, Iran is now claiming to be a nuclear power as well:

During a speech delivered in the Western Iranian province of Javanroud, Ahmadinejad said: ” The Islamic Republic of Iran is now a nuclear power, thanks to the hard work of the Iranian people and authorities.”

The announcement of Iran as a “nuclear power” is bound to significantly escalate tensions between the West and Iran, and marks a dramatic stage in the Islamic Republic’s nuclear campaign.

In recent days, the US military has begun to build up forces around the Gulf, in what is being seen as as a warning to Iran.Ahmadinejad was also reported to have announced that “Iranian young scientists reached the zenith of science and technology and gained access to the nuclear fuel cycle without the help of big powers.”

C.a.r.d {Citizens Against Racism and Discrimination} Source: ynetnews.com

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