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Study Finds Gender Differences Related To Eating And Body Image December 18, 2006

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In the new study of observed eating behavior in a social setting, young men and women who perceived their bodies as being less than “ideal” ate differing amounts of food after they were shown images of “ideal-bodied” people of their own gender.

Lead researcher Kristen Harrison found that “in the presence of same-gender peers, certain women eat less and certain men eat more following exposure to ideal-body images — ‘certain’ in this case referring to women and men who have discrepancies between their actual body and the kind of body they think their peers idealize,” Harrison said.

“In a nutshell,” Harrison said, “we found that, following exposure to ideal-body images, men who are insecure about their bodies eat more in front of other men, while women who are insecure about their bodies eat less in front of other women.”

Read the rest of the article at Science Daily [Link]

C.a.r.d {Citizens Against Racism and Discrimination} Source: Science Daily

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