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Ex-Klan Chief At Holocaust Conference December 13, 2006

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Iran hosted a gathering of various representatives from France, the US and around the world who claims that either the Nazi holocaust never occurred, or it was exaggerated. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said similar things several times.

Former politician and Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke traveled to Iran for the conference and according to the Iranian Foreign Ministry said the gas chambers in which millions perished actually did not exist. Nazila Fathi of the New York Times reports that Robert Faurisson, an academic from France, said in his speech that the Holocaust was a myth created to justify the occupation of Palestine, meaning the creation of Israel.

The meeting was called a “scholarly conference” in an editorial by the Indianapolis Star until “until one considers the source.” The conference was the “brainchild” of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who has called the Holocaust a myth and Israel’s existence illegitimate.

The conference, dubbed the “Review of the Holocaust: Global Vision”, is being attended by attended by rabbis and other observers, who will listen out of necessity but ought to be the ones most listened to, according to the Star. The editorial says that the Iran government and others wish to challenge Israel’s behavior toward the Palestinians, which is essentially what this affair and Middle Eastern Holocaust denial are about, they should argue state policy and spare us the transparent injection of bigotry against a people.

Michele Norris of National Public Radio (NPR) says there are two conferences on the Holocaust taking place today with two very different “aims” and in two very different places. The other conference is in Germany where it is illegal to deny the holocaust ever existed.

NPR’s Mike Shuster interviewed David Duke in Tehran where the former KKK member said “In Europe, you can ridicule and criticize and deny Jesus Christ. You can criticize and deny the prophet Mohammad. You can put out the rankest kinds of pornography degrading women, but if you simply have an intellectual view and you contest certain aspects of the official Holocaust story or historiography, then you can go to prison.”

He went on to tell Shuster “The Holocaust has been used politically. It has been the bludgeon. I think the Holocaust is one of the reasons why America’s had this pro-Israel Mid East policy. I think the Holocaust has caused many people to turn a blind eye to the crimes against the Palestinians.”

But not everyone agrees with Duke. United Press International (UPI) reporter, Joshua Brilliant, says that an Israeli legislator choked with emotion when he described his family’s fate. Israel’s foreign minister accused Iran of seeking to legitimize her country’s destruction. The Knesset`s speaker, Dalia Itzik, referred to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as ‘primitive.’

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