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The War on Christmas: Christmas Trees Banned at Airport After Lawsuit Threat by Rabbi December 10, 2006

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Christmas tree banned

There will be no more Christmas trees at Sea-Tac Airport this season after the Port of Seattle received a complaint about them.
For more than 25 years, the airport has celebrated the holidays with Christmas trees over its entrances. But now the trees that decorated the entrances to Sea-Tac can only be found down back hallways out of the public’s view, after the Port of Seattle ordered all 15 trees removed.

Rabbi Elazar Bogomilsky asked the Port of Seattle to include a menorah among the holiday decorations beginning in mid-October.

“At first we got a light yes, then we got a strong no,” he said.

Then Bogomilsky’s attorney got involved. “I did have, I did have a lawyer. Just sort of have a backup plan,” he said.

The Port of Seattle told KOMO 4 news the rabbi with the Central Organization for Jewish Learning threatened to sue.

According to airport spokeswoman Rachel Garson, the two sides could not reach an agreement before the lawsuit was to be filed.

“Since this is the busiest time of year, we decided to take the decorations down now and consider a new policy after the new year,” she said.

The sudden change left the 75,000 travelers that walk through Sea-Tac each day wondering where the trees have gone.

“I think it’s very unfortunate. Why lose the Christmas spirit? Christmas is for kids,” said passenger Lisa Jones.

And angry airport employees have started a campaign urging people to call the Port of Seattle to complain.

“It’s a Christmas tree! It’s not like they were displaying crucifixes or menorahs or anything religious, but Christmas trees that have been around here for years,” said an employee who asked not to be identified.

“If this is the evergreen state, how offensive can evergreen trees be by simply putting lights on it?” said another employee named Jim.

But the rabbi says he hopes the holiday spirit may still be saved, offenses mended and the trees returned to the front of the airport.

“Took them less than 24 hours to remove the Christmas trees, I’d hope they’d reinstall all those Christmas trees throughout the airport, and hopefully allow us to display the menorah,” he said.

Bogomilsky said there are more than two dozen menorahs displayed throughout the state.

Take Action:

Port of Seattle Headquarters
(206) 728-3000
Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
(206) 433-5388

Port of Seattle Contact Email Form

Rabbi Elazar Bogomilsky Email Form

Rabbi Elazar Bogomilsky Phone: 206-290-6301

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