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Two men allege discrimination against Whites in TCC’s hiring practices December 2, 2006

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Tidewater Community College is accused of discrimination. The school will not comment on the allegations because officials say it is a personnel issue. Officials add the school policy is to hire without regard to race or color.

Ed Tompkins, a trucker from Chesapeake, and Russell Luck, who lives in Portsmouth, say combined, they’ve driven more than three million miles accident free and Luck says that safety record is no accident, “That’s not by chance. I mean you really have to pay attention.”

So it’s no wonder a friend suggested both apply to be tractor-trailer instructors for Tidewater Community College’s Portsmouth campus. Tompkins says there were a total of five applicants there, “I felt that I was probably more qualified than anybody else who was sitting there.”

But in June 2005, they learned neither man got either of the two openings. Tompkins has 15 years experience, Luck 18.

Luck says, “I’ve done everything I can in 18 years to do my best and it’s like somebody walks up and slaps you in the face.”

Luck may sound like he has an extreme case of sour grapes. But the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission determined this fall there was something rotten in TCC’s hiring process– discrimination. EEOC documents for both truckers read quote,”There is reasonable cause to believe that the charging party was denied hire because of his race, white.” The two people TCC did hire, the truckers charged, were African-American. Tompkins says,

“I didn’t feel that that would happen in this day and age.” Luck adds, “That hurts. I mean if they had the qualifications I wouldn’t have done nothing about it.”

Furthermore, both say since the determination, TCC has not apologized or tried to hire them.

“We haven’t heard a word back since,” says Luck. And that leaves leaves both drivers feeling rejected and wronged. Luck says, “Race should not be involved in it anywhere. You know pick the best person for the job and I know they didn’t do that and that’s what hurts the most.”

Luck’s attorney says she may file a civil suit.

C.a.r.d {Citizens Against Racism and Discrimination} Source: Wavy.com

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