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Tory MP denies ‘racist’ accusation November 28, 2006

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A Tory MP who seemed to suggest that “more criminals are black than white”, today strongly denied that he is racist.

Bob Spink reportedly made the claim in an email exchange with one of his constituents in Castle Point, Essex.

He was asked: “Are you saying that a lot more criminals are black than white – or that there are more black people in jail than white because they are stopped more often?”

Mr Spink then reportedly replied: “The former, and that’s what people don’t seem to like. But I didn’t enter a beauty contest when I became an MP!!!!”

He insisted that the way the comments, reported in the Daily Mirror, had been portrayed was “disingenuous” and “politically mischievous”.

He said: “In fact, I was simply repeating to my constituent the answers that the Home Secretary had put down to me in the House of Commons.

“I asked a range of questions of the Home Secretary to establish the facts about crime.

“He told the House of Commons that, pro rata, many more young black men are known to the criminal justice system than young white men. That is simply a statistical fact.”

Mr Spink told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme that he wanted to have a “serious debate” about the issue without “silly charges of racism being thrown around”.

“I think it’s an MP’s duty to be honest and truthful, to set out the facts as they are and to seek to resolve serious problems like where crime is coming from and why there are five times more young black men in prison than young white men.

“I don’t think it is racist to address that issue – in fact, quite the opposite. If the main parties don’t address that issue then we leave a vacuum that will encourage extremist and nasty parties to come in and fill,” he added.

Earlier this month Mr Spink obtained figures from the Home Office which suggested that the police database will soon hold the profiles of three quarters of Britain’s young black men.

The figures showed that by April 2007 the DNA database will hold 3.7 million profiles, including three million “white-skinned Europeans” and 257,099 “Afro-Caribbeans”.

C.a.r.d {Citizens Against Racism and Discrimination} Source: Telegraph.co.uk


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