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Lawyers accuse judge of racism November 26, 2006

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New Zealand – Auckland lawyers are aghast at comments made by a District Court judge as he denied bail to an Asian man. They are accusing Judge Thomas Everitt of racism, after he refused bail to a man facing methamphetamine and ecstasy charges.

The judge said the defendant would be able to get false travel documents, because “in New Zealanders eyes people of Chinese extraction or race are difficult to identify, facially and by name”.

Auckland QC Peter Williams says the comments are not acceptable coming from a judge and are not appropriate anywhere in the judicial system. Mr Williams say judges have to set an example to the public, and the comments lack discretion.

Mr Williams says Chinese people generally come to New Zealand to work hard and integrate. He also notes the accused man is actually Malaysian rather than Chinese, and has lived in New Zealand for three years.

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C.a.r.d {Citizens Against Racism and Discrimination} Source: nzcity.co.nz

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