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Black lawyers defend celebrity shrink accused of racism November 23, 2006

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MONTREAL – A Quebec psychiatrist and radio personality already under fire for telling a TV audience that black people are intellectually inferior, sparked a new furor this week by hiring a pair of black lawyers to defend him.

Pierre Mailloux better known as Doc Mailloux on his popular CKAC radio advice show announced his choice of attorneys at a weekend event to raise funds for a program that supplies birth control to women in Haiti.

Quebec’s Dr. Phil has since appeared on the news with his arms around the shoulders of Marie Carmen Nozifort and Max Stanley Bazin, who will represent him when he is hauled before a medical disciplinary panel for his remarks next month.

Members of Montreal’s Haitian community are outraged, said Jean Ernest Pierre, a lawyer, talk show host and director of the community radio station CPAM.

“People are really disgusted to see two of their own drawn into this ridicule,” he said. “They believe this suits Mailloux very well … He’s now being represented by the very people he insulted.”

But Nozifort and Bazin say they were called in to help by a friend Doc Mailloux had supported in a battle against discrimination.

“He was devastated to see his friend being treated as a racist,” explained Nozifort.

“This is not a racist person far from it,” added Bazin. “Dr. Mailloux has already shown his true colours by helping black people in the past.”

During a September 2005 broadcast, Mailloux said that blacks in America are at a “slight intellectual disadvantage” because of slavery.

He now faces five complaints before the College des Medecins du Quebec that could result in the revocation of his medical licence.

Doc Mailloux has been censured in the past by the CRTC, the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council and the College for his unorthodox views on women, sex offenders and the contestants of a Quebec reality TV show.

C.a.r.d {Citizens Against Racism and Discrimination} Source: Canada.com

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