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LA mayor vetoes $2.7M firefighter’s discrimination settlement November 22, 2006

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Update: Black LA firefighter, Tennie Pierce loses $2.7 m discrimination settlement

An interesting turn of events has happened in the story of the firefighter that was awarded $2.7M in a racial harassment lawsuit (Link). After featuring the photos of the Pierce taking part in firehouse hazing pranks (Link) on this website, the radio show The Larry Elder Show featured our website and linked to them, as a result, we got a huge response to them with a flood of people viewing the pictures daily from people that heard about this new story. From our logs we could see that not only were we getting traffic from The Larry Elder Show’s website and other website links but also from people around the country emailing the link to others. We would like to officially thank The Larry Elder Show and The John and Ken Show as well as our readers and a special thanks to the user ‘A B’ that sent us these photos to begin with. We would like to thank all of these people for setting the record straight and helping justice be served as a result. Racial harassment is a serious issue and should not be seen as a easy way to collect money. As regular readers of this website know, racism occurs everyday to people in a variety of positions, yet, when a few people falsely claim racism to collect money, it makes it that much harder for the legitimate victims of racism and discrimination to pursue justice. The featured story follows below:

LOS ANGELES The mayor of Los Angeles wants the city council to rethink a two-point-seven (m) million-dollar settlement.

The award was to go to a Tennie Pierce. He’s a black firefighter who said he suffered racial harassment after co-workers served him spaghetti laced with dog food.But Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa (vee-yah-ry-GOH’-sah) vetoed the settlement after photos of Pierce surfaced on the Internet. The pictures show Pierce taking part in firehouse hazing pranks. Villaraigosa says taxpayers should be able to “demand a reconsideration with full benefit of the facts.”

Last week, the council rejected a motion to take another look at the settlement after some of the photos came up. But the issue gained more attention once a popular radio show criticized the size of the award.

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C.a.r.d Source: WRIC.com

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