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Racism prompted neo-Nazi attack and sexual assault November 15, 2006

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The violent attack on a Hispanic teen who was beaten and then sodomized with a plastic pipe was fueled by the racist beliefs of a skinhead 18-year-old who viciously assaulted the boy, a prosecutor said today.

“He’s a neo-Nazi. He espouses beliefs by violent white supremacist groups,” prosecutor Mike Trent said in his opening statement in the trial of David Henry Tuck.

Tuck is charged with aggravated sexual assault in the attack on the 17-year-old boy who spent more than three months in a hospital recovering from his injuries. The other defendant, 17-year-old Keith Robert Turner, is set to go to trial next month.

Defense attorney Chuck Hinton did not give an opening statement.

Trent told jurors the attack occurred at an April party in the Houston suburb of Spring, where people drank and took drugs, including marijuana, Xanax and cocaine. After a girl at the party said the Hispanic teen tried to kiss her, the girl’s brother hit him, he said.

“Then Mr. Tuck decided to take matters into his own hands and teach (the victim to) never do that again,” Trent said. “What commenced was a horrific assault.”

Trent told jurors that Tuck beat and kicked the victim using steel toe boots. Tuck then sodomized the Hispanic boy with the plastic pipe of a patio umbrella “and kicked it into his rectum as he lay naked and bleeding in the backyard.”

Tuck also tried to slash something into the victim’s chest and burned him with cigarettes, Trent said. At the end of the attack, Tuck doused the victim with bleach and possibly thought about throwing him into a bayou, he said.

In a hearing before the trial began, Trent told state District Judge Michael McSpadden that he intended to introduce evidence that racial hatred motivated Tuck’s attack. Trent said Tuck used racial slurs during the attack.

“While assaulting him, he uttered the phrase, ‘white power,”’ Trent said.

Trent also said authorities found Tuck’s wallet had a swastika engraved on it and that he had tattoos of a swastika and other white supremacist insignia.

Tuck’s defense attorneys have argued the attack was not motivated by racial hatred and that introducing such evidence would be unfair to their client.

McSpadden said he would allow such evidence.

Some state lawmakers and community leaders wanted prosecutors to officially tag the attack a hate crime because of its racial overtones. Trent has said prosecutors didn’t attach a hate-crime to the attack because it would have no legal effect on the possible punishments.

The attack has fueled support for changing the state hate crime law to allow additional prison time for people convicted of hate crimes.

During the trial, jurors will not see videotaped statements from Tuck, who has been held in jail without bail since his arrest, because they were given after he asked for an attorney.

In the videotaped statement, Tuck said he was motivated by his belief the victim had sexually assaulted the sister of a friend of Tuck and Turner’s.

The victim has returned to school and continues to recover, his relatives have said.

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