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Female lawyer sues firm for discrimination November 15, 2006

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A Pittsburgh lawyer has filed a sexual discrimination lawsuit against her firm.

Alyson Kirleis, a shareholder with Dickie, McCamey & Chilcote, filed the claim last week in U.S. District Court, alleging that the firm is a hostile environment for female attorneys.

As part of her allegations, Ms. Kirleis claims she is not being paid the same as similarly situated men in the firm and that there is a separate and lower employment track for female lawyers with children, or who have taken maternity leave.

She also claims that in February 2004, Wilbur McCoy Otto, the firm’s chairman of the board, told her that her priorities weren’t straight and that she didn’t spend enough time with her husband and children.

She claims that she and other female attorneys have been effectively excluded from the firm’s Christmas party because of the sexually explicit nature of the entertainment, which includes skits, songs, pornographic materials and props.

Ms. Kirleis is seeking equal pay, compensatory and punitive damages and asks that the firm be enjoined from discriminating against women or retaliating against her specifically.

C.a.r.d Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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