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Tibetans protest against discrimination to MOFA November 14, 2006

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A dozen Tibetan residents in Taipei protested against discrimination at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs yesterday. “We protest against the government’s refusal to grant Tibetans with Indian identity certificates entry visas to Taiwan,” said a spokesman for the Welfare Association for Tibetans in Taiwan.

He said members of his association want to get their relatives in India to come to Taiwan, but Taipei’s mission in New Delhi refused to give them visas, alleging their identity certificates are forged.

“That’s discrimination, on par with the forced Sinicization China is carrying on in Tibet,” the association spokesman charged.

The Republic of China in Taiwan has the Mongolian and Tibetan Affairs Commission, a Cabinet agency in charge of the welfare of the minorities in the two regions who are considered its nationals.

The commission said the granting of entry visas to Tibetans in India “is a complicated problem.” “National security is involved,” a spokesman said.

David Wang, spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, confirmed the difficulty.

“We are dealing with the problem in accordance with the relevant laws,” Wang said. Tibetans in India are not exactly international refugees, he added.

There are specific laws governing their visits to Taiwan, Wang went on. “And in the past,” he said, “some of the Tibetans visiting Taiwan were smuggled in by snakeheads.”

C.a.r.d Source: Chinapost.com.tw

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