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Spain Fights Against Sexism With “Gender Bender” Road Signs? November 13, 2006

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Spanish feminists rejoice, your traffic signs are going co-ed! In an effort to fight sexism, the town council of Fuenlabrada has decreed that half of all signs in the Madrid suburb must have female silhouettes. What makes silhouettes female, you ask?

Why they’re the ones with cute pony tails and ribbons, wearing skirts instead of pants (since girls don’t have short hair and never wear slacks, silly!).

The effort to battle “machismo” by enforcing stereotypical gender imagery is the brainchild of the ruling Socialist and United Left parties who have also added a clause to civil marriage contracts requiring men and women to share the housework and childcare (does this include breastfeeding?) .

As far as the street signs go, about the best thing you can say is that perhaps now male motorists will actually start paying attention to them for a change.

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Source: Blog.Washingtonpost.com

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