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East P.A. vice mayor made racist, derogatory comments to city staff November 10, 2006

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East Palo Alto Vice Mayor Peter Evans has made racist comments and has attacked the character of some city employees, according to a City Council-commissioned report released this week.

Evans, who is African American, has made derogatory comments about Caucasians and verbally criticizes employees, investigator Karen Kramer wrote after interviewing 11 staff members and the five council members.

The council, absent David Woods, voted 4-0 Wednesday to release the report to the public.

The council launched the $30,000 investigation June 27 after Assistant City Manager ML Gordon sent a letter to the city manager claiming Evans had created a hostile work environment. The council will discuss the report and possible responses at its Nov. 21 meeting.

Evans refuted the 21-page report’s findings in a telephone interview Thursday.

Evans said the report is a political witch hunt intended to keep him from becoming mayor next year. Council members take turns as mayor and Evans said he is next in line.

“This report was done to keep the mayorship from happening,” he said. “That’s not what I think, that’s what I know.”

Evans said Councilwoman Pat Foster, City Manager Alvin James and City Attorney Michael Lawson orchestrated the investigation into Gordon’s complaint.

Lawson declined to comment Thursday and Foster and James did not return phone calls for comment.

Lawson has been ridiculed by the vice mayor on various occasions, the report stated.

After giving a legal opinion on an issue at a council meeting Evans said it was “Three Stooges advice” and once told Lawson at a meeting that he was going to “run (him) out of town.”

Evans’ comments are “mean-spirited and are generally destructive,” Lawson told investigators. He said Evans makes “factual comments that are not based on facts.”

Some of those interviewed said Evans has made racist remarks about people who are not black. Evans has referred to Caucasians as “these people” and made comments such as, “those white developers.”

Mayor Ruben Abrica, who is Mexican-American, was “particularly” offended when Evans called a new market a “Mexican market,” according to the report.

Although the report stated Evans declined to discuss the race-based comments, he said Thursday he wasn’t asked about them.

When asked whether he made the racially charged comments, Evans denied ever saying them, but said, “How can a comment about a white person offend a black man?” referring to the assistant city manager’s letter.

Evans said he has not verbally attacked a white person.

“Why would I do that when it’s black folks who are messing up the city?” he said.

Evans said he doesn’t believe he has created a hostile work environment but did say he tells people what is on his mind even if it’s not what they want to hear.

“I have a job to do,” he said. “I do it my way. If they don’t like it they can vote me out of office.”

Source: Mercury News

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