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Russia Plans for UN Resolution on Racism November 8, 2006

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Russia planned Tuesday to submit a draft resolution to the United Nations General Assembly that calls for an increased effort to combat neo-Nazism and racism in Europe, RIA-Novosti reported, citing a senior Russian diplomat.

Andrei Nikiforov, Russia’s representative to the UN, told the assembly on Monday that Russia was particularly concerned about “unobstructed” public gatherings of Waffen-SS veterans, the removal of memorials to Soviet soldiers and the erection of monuments to those who sided with Nazi Germany.

Although Nikiforov did not name any specific countries in his remarks, his criticism was clearly directed against two Baltic countries: Latvia, where Waffen-SS veterans have held annual marches in Riga for several years, and Estonia, where authorities have sanctioned the removal of monuments to Soviet soldiers.

Nikiforov stressed that the draft resolution would not mention specific countries.

He added that Russia had submitted a similar resolution to the previous General Assembly and to the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

The Russian representative criticized Western countries that have sought to water down the draft and then abstained from voting on the resolution.

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Source: Moscow Times

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